How To Tell If You Need New Spark Plugs?

Do you find yourself getting a lot of random misfires? Does your car start hard when it’s cold out? If so, you might have some spark plugs that need changing. Here are the top signs your spark plugs need to be changed Your engine is running poorly or not at all. This can be caused by dirty or worn spark plugs, which may not be … Read more

Do I Bother? Is A Jeep 4.0 Header Worth It?

The benefits of a header are pretty clear-cut; higher horsepower and torque output on top of better fuel efficiency due to improved airflow through your engine bay with less restriction from OEM parts like exhaust manifolds or catalytic converters (if you still have them). There’s also a weight-saving because these headers don’t require any gaskets or O-rings which means lighter weight versus stock cast iron … Read more

What Is My Best Paste Car Wax – Right Now In 2021!

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Do You Need A Special License To Drive With A Tonneau Cover?

If you have just installed a tonneau cover roof rack on your car or are planning to do so, one of the questions is whether you need a special license to drive on public roads if you have a tonneau cover. In most cases, you don’t need that permission, and in this article, we will explain why and say something more about it. Some Basic … Read more

What Are The Jeep Sahara Off Road Capabilities?

Jeeps are for people who don’t want to just sit in traffic. Jeeps are for adventurers, explorers, and thrill-seekers. They’re the vehicles of choice when you have your heart set on seeing what’s over that next hill or through that next mountain pass. The Sahara is a 4-door sport utility vehicle that is a submodel of the Jeep Wrangler. The wrangler, we all know is … Read more

How To Dispose Of Old Plastic Gas Cans?

An old gas can is a great way for large storage of gasoline, especially if you’re not good at remembering how much fuel you have left in the tank. However, once your container isn’t needed anymore or starts getting dirty and smelly, you need to get rid of it. Some people keep their empty containers and refill them with gas, but let’s face it: if … Read more

Chrysler 8.25 Vs Dana 35 Rear Axle Differences

The Chrysler 8.25 and the Dana 35 axles are two of the most popular rear axles for heavy-duty trucks and SUVs. Some people like to debate which is better, but it really comes down to what you want and your vehicle’s needs. The Chrysler 8.25 has a lower first gear ratio, so off-roading enthusiasts prefer this type of axle because it can get into low … Read more

What Does It Mean When Your Steering Wheel Locks Up?

When you’re driving, your steering wheel is the only thing that keeps you from careening off the road and into a tree, or worse. If it locks up, what do you do? You might panic and try to wrestle with it until one of those things happens. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this article, we’ll discuss three different ways to get your steering … Read more

How Does A Steering Wheel Lock Work? Discover Now!

Does your car have a steering wheel lock? If so, it is probably one of the most important parts of your vehicle. But what exactly is a steering wheel lock and how does it work? The locking mechanism is designed to prevent theft or misuse of the automobile by an unauthorized person. The idea behind this system was that when someone tries to steal a … Read more

What Causes A Head Gasket To Fail?

The car engine has a complex structure. Unless someone has gotten their hands dirty in the hood for a long time, it isn’t easy to figure out why the car suddenly stops working. Engine failure is a common event. So what exactly causes a head gasket to fail? It can happen due to many factors: Malfunctioning parts or damaged engine’s internal components Using the wrong … Read more

How To Dispose Of Gasoline With Water In It

Many people ask us how to dispose of gasoline with water in it. It’s a common question because we all know that water and gas don’t mix well, so the first instinct is to try and get the gas out. Well, there are two ways you can go about this: one easy way or one not-so-easy way. If you have a lot of time on … Read more

Tips on How to Ford Rivers Properly In Iceland

Fords are certainly the biggest challenge for the off-road driver. Failure to ford a river can have fatal consequences for both man and the vehicle. Not all rivers are the same. Especially in Iceland, off-road drivers have to distinguish between normal rivers and glacier rivers. Glacial rivers are easy to identify by their milky coloring. Often their bottom is difficult or impossible to see and … Read more