Air Lift Loadlifter 5000 Air Helper Springs Review – The Rundown

Have you ever been stuck with a flat tire and had to call for roadside assistance? If so, your car probably sat on the side of the road while you waited hours for help. But what if there was a way to fix that problem without waiting on someone else?

The solution is simple: get an air lift! Air lifts can be installed in any vehicle and will keep it off the ground when it’s up against something like a curb or another car. This eliminates the need for roadside assistance calls and also prevents scratches from occurring on your bumpers.

Air Lift Loadlifter 5000, Air Lift Loadlifter 5000 Air Helper Springs Review – The Rundown

Let’s take a look at one of my favorite models: the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus Axle Air Springs Review!

Air Lift Loadlifter 5000 Review

The Airlift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus is the world’s first and only air conditioning system for trucks. It uses an innovative design, generating cold air from within its frame that helps keep your ride cool on hot summer days without using any electricity!

The input was about how this product can help you avoid spending money with electric bills by cooling off during peak hours when demand exceeds supply – but what if there were other ways we could save? According to research (and some interesting data points), drivers spend 23% less time at traffic stops which leads them back onto their regular route sooner where fuel consumption rates drop as well!

Then, on the front end, it’s actually pulling up and causing a teetering effect. The headlights are misaligned so we lose steering ability as well as braking power! In addition to that tires aren’t making contact with what they should be which will diminish how fast or far you can go in your car if anything were ever happen

If there was an accident then lookout for these warning signs:

  • Your car doesn’t seem like it is running as fast as it usually does, or it seems to be slower than what you think.
  • Warning lights turning on and off without explanation.
  • A loud squealing sound that comes and goes (could be a blown tire).
  • Strange bumps or ridges coming from your tires.
  • Your car seems to be bogging down, not accelerating as you’re used to.

Don’t wait around till it happens! Call a mechanic as soon as you see these warning signs and save yourself the trouble of being stuck in your car without knowing what’s going on or worse, getting into an accident!

It’s going to fit in between the frame and axle, providing us with support whenever we have a heavy load like a trailer or fifth wheel. With the airbags installed on it now though – not only do we get an improved ride quality but also 40 psi less pressure for that back end!

Air Lift Loadlifter 5000, Air Lift Loadlifter 5000 Air Helper Springs Review – The Rundown

Air Lift Loadlifter 5000 Front Suspension

The front is right where you want her to be; headlights are shining bright as ever without any sagging whatsoever thanks mainly due to these great new shocks which will make driving so much more enjoyable.

The springs are going to have the best of both worlds. They’re adjustable with airbags, but also come equipped with an internal jounce bumper that will prevent any bottoming out in case you lose fluid or have low pressure for whatever reason!

We’ll install these babies internally so there’s no maintenance required once they’ve been put into place and their urethane material means it won’t wear quickly either. Running over this high-quality two-ply reinforced rubber is like hitting your car lamppost on purpose – nothing can stop YOU now!”

The airbags are going to be the talk of everyone’s garage! They come with stainless steel roll plates, as well as hardware and brackets. There is also a black powder coat finish that will resist rusting or corrosion for long-lasting use in your car kit – no more worrying about those pesky nylon lines getting damaged over time as we did before (don’t worry though; they’re giving us some new ones).

Do I Need A Air Lift Loadlifter 5000?

The nice thing about the airbags is that they are going to be compatible with most goosenecks and fifth wheels, because of how the bracket mounts. The brackets keep the bags stable in all sorts of weather conditions so every time you pull up next door or out onto an adventure there’s nothing stopping this ride!

Air Lift Loadlifter 5000, Air Lift Loadlifter 5000 Air Helper Springs Review – The Rundown

Our drivers can count on us for safety as well; we’re designed for 5K pounds plus at speeds over 75 mph (120 km/h). These high-tech machines come equipped not only with automatic inflation valves but also manual settings up until 100+ PSI.

The output should read more clearly and sound like:

“Our springs and shocks are going to make for better ride quality and more stability, while our airbags will save you from sagging headlights and provide some peace of mind. Our installation kit is also going to keep your truck in tip-top shape with its stainless steel roll plates, brackets that mount solidly to your car, and hardware that will not rust or corrode over time!  

Our airbags are designed to be compatible with most goosenecks and fifth wheels, can carry 5K pounds plus at speeds over 75mph (120km/h), have automatic inflation valves with manual settings from five psi up until 100+, are high tech machines that will keep your truck up in tip-top shape, come with… etc.”

The Airlift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus line is the best! Now, it can be connected as one system so you won’t have any awkward moments when trying to connect both of them at once.

You’ll also have two separate inflation valves for those few times where somebody needs a side-to-side adjustment on their load – which isn’t always possible if they’re in an inconvenient spot near some buildings like we see all too often around these parts.

And lastly but not least importantly… There are even more options now with this trucker: An option that allows us to adjust pressure without ever having to get out of the cab thanks again to a new Compressor Kit ($350). That should finish up your long list of benefits…! We’ll install your new kit in your backyard for a grand total price of $1785.

Air Lift Loadlifter 5000, Air Lift Loadlifter 5000 Air Helper Springs Review – The Rundown

Main Takeaways – Air Lift LoadLifter 5000

The Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus Rear Axle Air Springs are different from other air springs because they put the weight of your load on a separate set of shocks, which allows it to be distributed more evenly.

This translates into less strain being placed on your suspension and driveline components – meaning you’ll have a smoother ride with no downshifting to compensate for sag or bounce in the rear axle! You can also adjust these airbags by adding up to 100 pounds per bag, so if you need an extra jolt when hauling heavy loads this is definitely something worth checking out.

The Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus Rear Axle Air Springs is a great product for anyone looking to increase their vehicle’s load capacity, improve on-road handling and stability, or enhance the performance of heavy-duty trailers.

These air springs are easy to install as they can be mounted straight onto your factory leaf spring perch with no drilling required. They also provide adjustable ride height which allows you to dial in exactly what level of support you need from these rear axle air springs depending on the weight of your load and other factors such as terrain type and driving style.

All things considered, we think that this is one of the best options out there if you’re shopping around for an upgrade for your truck suspension system.

Thanks for reading and stay dirty

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