Are Beadlocks Worth It?

Beadlocksare specific wheels that are used for very demanding off road terrain. Beadlocks are perfect for that but they come with some problems. So for some Beadlocks are a necessity. For others, they are not worth it. So are Beadlocks worth it for you?

Regular tires and rims rely on air pressure to hold a tire’s bead and tightly push it against the inside edge of the rim. That prevents air leakages and allows the rim and tire to move together without slipping.

In most cases, keeping a tire’s required air pressure is all that’s needed to keep it from slipping off the rim. Also, it requires lesser pressure to lift the bead off the rim when aggressively braking or accelerating. However, this is not the case for off-road trails.

If the air pressure placed on a regular wheel is reduced, it will result in the bead of the tire having less air pressure. Thus, there will not be enough pressure to press it against the rim.

As a result, the bead will begin to slide against the rim, posing the risk of the bead slipping off the rim. Also, it will unintentionally cause the tire to slip off the wheel completely. But this is when Beadlock rims come in.

What is a Beadlock Wheel?

Beadlock wheels consist of two rings. The inner ring is fastened to the inner part of the rim with a set of bolts. And these bolts are lined up to the outer ring, which is attached to the outer rim. The tire beads get locked between the inner and outer rings.

Manufacturers do that by pressing the bolts and securing them in place. Thus, when you air down the pressure below the advised levels, it prevents the rim from slipping off or separating from the wheel.

Even when subjected to heavy loads or when performing rough movements, the rim stays in place.

Advantages of Using Beadlock Wheels On Off-Road Trails?

There are several off-road advantages to having Beadlock wheels:

Beadlock Rims Let You Air Down Your Tires

Drivers often “air down” their tires to achieve more traction in loose soil, snow, gravel, sand, uneven rock, and other rough terrains. But letting the tire air down too low can be extremely dangerous. That is because it could result in losing control of the car.

Beadlocks Handles Great With Low Tire Pressure

Thus, it helps create a larger footprint, which results in more traction. It is especially useful when you’re driving on the sand or snow. It will also let your tire mold and conform to the surface.

Beadlocks Give A Softer & More Comfortable Ride

Beadlock rims give you a more comfortable ride. It allows the tire to act more as a suspension component and absorb some of that shock from bumpy roads.

Beadlocks Are Bulletproof Off Road Rims

When you’re traveling off-road, and a rock hits your rim, it can dent the edge of your rim. And that will create a gap on your tire’s bead letting all the air out and causing a flat tire. But Beadlocks provide extra protection from any damage along the edge of your rim. Plus, it will also protect the valve stems.

Beadlock Rims Can Be DIY

You can also mount and install your Beadlocks completely on your own. You don’t need to take them down to a tire shop to swap out a tire. If you have a flat tire, you can easily use your spare Beadlocks. To do so, pull the tire off, bolt-on the new one, and you are all set to go.

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