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What Is The Difference Between All Wheel Drive And 4×4?

Some SUVs have 4 wheel drive. Others have “all-wheel drive”. OK, cool, aren’t these basically the same thing? Or are they different? Why should you know the difference between all-wheel drive and 4×4? Well, let me give you a little knowledge brother.

All-wheel drive (AWD) is what most people need. It is basically traction control for all four wheels. When you are driving your AWD vehicle will be pulled with the front two wheels most of the all wheel drive works AWD explained

BUT, when the front two wheels slip and break traction, your vehicle’s computer will sense that and say, “Hey, we’re losing power to this wheel. Send power to another wheel!” So the computer will enable another wheel or two to be powered by the motor.

So when one tire slips another tire makes up the difference so you’re always getting maximum traction to potentially every wheel.

Is AWD The Same As 4×4?

No! AWD is not the same as 4×4 or 4WD. AWD is an automatic adjustment of power to the wheels that get the most traction. 4×4 or 4WD will send power to all 4 wheels equally.

Take a Toyota RAV4 or any Subaru. These vehicles have all-wheel drive. Take them offroading and drive on some crazy uneven roads. If you start driving on only three wheels, the fourth wheel that pops up off the ground will do one of two things:

  1. With all-wheel drive, the wheel in the air will stop spinning and the computer will send the power to the other three wheels that have traction.
  2. With a 4×4 or 4-wheel drive, the wheel in the air will keep spinning at the same speed as the wheel on the opposite side, or the same as all four wheels depending on what type of locking differentials you have.

So which is better between all-wheel drive and 4×4? Well, it depends on what you want. Some drivers claim they have more control with a 4×4 and others like the hands-off ability of all-wheel drive. Typically the casual weekend warrior will do just fine with AWD. But if you are attempting more challenging terrain a 4×4 may get you the performance you may need.

What Are The Disadvantages Of All Wheel Drive?

All-wheel drive can save lives. It can help you drive safer. But it’s not a perfect system. There are some disadvantages with AWD you need to consider:

  • Typically 1 MPG worse
  • AWD means more parts which mean more maintenance and more potential failures
  • Higher vehicle purchase price

It is up to you to decide whether these factors are worth more than the value of AWD.

What Happens If You Drive In 4 Wheel Drive On Dry Pavement?

4 wheel drive on dry pavement is a bad idea. You can’t drive as fast and when you turn your truck you may dramatically speed up tire wear and uneven tire wear. Or worse yet you can even put enough stress on your differentials where they could be damaged or just simply break. That is not ideal.

When you are switching between off-roading and driving on the pavement you will want to switch back from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive immediately.

Does AWD Help On Ice?

Yes, AWD does help with ice. But if you are driving on ONLY ice, pure ice, AWD will not help you. You will just slide downhill or where your momentum will guide you. AWD will help if you can get any type of traction. So when you have AWD instead of 2 wheels struggling for traction you have twice as much opportunity to get some grip on the road.

AWD usually gives you better handling on icy conditions. Pure ice, once again, will require additional traction from your tires in the form of chains. But in icy conditions, you will be much more prepared to safely handle traversing those conditions. It would be wise to carry a set of chains that fit your tires.

What about the rain? How does AWD help in rain? All-wheel-drive will instantly give your car a dramatic improvement when driving in the rain. Any type of incline will cause your car to skid out in the rain. You can slide out easily turning especially if you are driving a heavier truck.

You will also notice the all-wheel drive helps with hydroplaning. All-wheel drive will send power to all four wheels and will give your car an effortless driving experience. Driving with AWD in rain will feel like you are driving in sunny weather. An all-wheel-drive vehicle really does give you that much more control in rain.

Is AWD More Expensive To Maintain?

Yes, AWD is more expensive to maintain. Compared to 4×4, AWD has fewer parts, but some AWD is computer controlled and this can cause issues if you have reliability issues or if you bought a lemon. Most AWD is reliable and maintenance is minimal.

AWD compared to 2WD has extra parts and fluids needed to change every few years depending on mileage. There is fluid in the extra differentials and transfer cases that need to be changed. There are additional sensors and tubing that deteriorate. If damage occurs you would need to replace drive shafts etc.

In the grand scheme of things, the additional AWD maintenance is minimal. It usually requires fluid changing during an overhaul or scheduled maintenance occurring around 100,000 miles. Reliability across most brands is solid. If you are weighing the benefits versus the added cost, the scale would be pegged in favor of the benefits.

Is It Bad To Drive In 4 Wheel Drive On The Highway?

Yes, you can but it is absolutely not recommended. When you are on the pavement you want to switch from 4WD to 2WD pretty quick or you could risk damaging your diffs or axles. 4WD high is better than low otherwise you can overheat and really ruin your diffs quickly.

How Do You Rotate Tires On AWD?

Unless you have different sized tires for the rear and front you can easily rotate your tires on AWD as you would for front/rear-wheel drive or AWD or whatever:

  • Left rear -> right front
  • Right rear -> left front
  • Right front -> left rear
  • Left front -> right rear

Switch the backs to the fronts and opposite sides. Easy peasy.

Do AWD Tires Wear Faster?

Yes, AWD tires wear faster because they are all being powered directly from your vehicle’s engine. When they are powered and not free-spinning tires they are using more energy overall and this causes the tire rubber to wear quicker. You will have much better handling when driving but understand this comes at a cost in MPG and usable tire life.

Can You Turn AWD On And Off?

No, AWD is pretty much 100% in vehicles. AWD works independently through the computer to manage traction between 2, 3, or 4 wheels. So AWD will not always be a 4 wheel powered system. This way AWD is always on and available when you need it.

There are some drivers that have removed or added a fuse to disable their AWD system. If you are interested in this search online (Not here, I don’t advocate things like that) for your specific make and model to find out if it can be done safely.

Can 2WD Tow More Than 4WD?

Yes, 2WD can tow more than 4WD models because with a four-wheel-drive system you have an extra drive train going to the front wheels (on modern vehicles). This extra weight adds to the weight of the truck, therefore lowering the towing weight limit. Sometimes the difference can be hundreds and hundreds of pounds.

All-wheel drive and four-wheel drive are both instant upgrades compare to two-wheel drive operations for the majority of drivers. You will have so much more control AWD and 4WD, no question. There is not a huge difference between all-wheel drive and 4×4 but there are some things you will need to take into consideration if this is the deciding factor when deciding on a vehicle.

Generally for off-road use, you may want to choose 4WD instead of AWD. You will have more control and generally more power available. Four-wheel drive is heavier and costlier to maintain and it does not perform on pavement nearly as well as 2WD or AWD.

So, if you are driving minimally on unpaved roads AWD is a much better option. You can have it on all the time and forget about it. It will automatically switch on when you need it and turn off when you don’t.

So take all these things into consideration when weighing the difference between all wheel drive and 4×4 and how these types best fit your driving style and habits.

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Are Pintle Hitches Safe To Use With My Truck?

are pintle hitches safe

If you are new to car racing and would love to go faster, you may have already heard of how important it is to utilize a pole and ball device that will assist you to increase your speed.

Is a pintle hitch better than a ball

So, I am certain that you will agree that a pole and ball system is one of the best ways to go faster. The problem that some people run into, however, is finding the ideal type of device for their particular vehicle and driving conditions.

So, I will show you just what you will need to look for in these kinds of pole and ball systems to help you decide whether a pintle hitch or a ball is best for you. Here are the things you need to understand:

If you need to go very fast a ball and chain combination isn’t likely to give you the best results. What will allow you to get much faster is a pintle hitch on each wheel that attaches to the middle of the car and allows you to attach a bigger chain to the rear of your truck. This will allow you to use much larger rims on your automobile since they’ll be able to handle more weight.

To make this system work best, however, you will also have to have the ability to drive at very high speeds and to drive in very tight turns. So, you will also need to understand what kind of roads and conditions you’ll be driving on most often.

You can tell if a particular system is best for you by taking a test drive and comparing it to the specifications on the manufacturer’s site. Bear in mind, the wheel size is only one aspect of a great product. Be certain you get all the features that you need from your new kit!

How Do I Use A Pintle Hitch?

How do I use a Pintle truck Hitch

How do I use a Pintle truck hitch? A Pintle hitch is a rugged locking truck hitch that attaches to your truck via a steel hook that runs along with the frame of the truck. It offers great security as well as an efficient means to transport and disassemble huge loads. You can use it for just about whatever you want to be able to do with your truck.

How do I use a Pintle truck hitch on my truck? First, if you do not know how to use it correctly, you are probably better off not getting one. Second, should you know how to use a hitch, there are some terrific kits available on the market today that will allow even new trucks to have the ability to use them effortlessly.

The important thing when you are learning how to use a Pintle hitch is making certain that the instructions you follow are specifically for your type of truck. Some kits will work for older model trucks, but others may not work at all with certain make and models of trucks.

So if you are wondering how do I use a Pintle truck hitch to transport a trailer, or load a boat, the best thing that you could do is a test drive. Make certain that you set the hitch on the truck properly, and use the appropriate restraints so the hitch doesn’t twist and cause damage to your truck.

If you do not feel comfortable with how to use a Pintle hitch, then do not purchase one, or don’t purchase the Pintle hitch kit that you will need to use with your automobile.

How Does A Pintle Hitch Work?

How does a pintle hitch work

A Pintle Hitch is one of those truck accessories that most people have heard about but few understand how it is used. The name itself brings some mystery to the item since it is a piece of rope with two rings on each end.

It can be tied around the necks of animals, such as cats or dogs, and is usually fastened between the collar and the dog’s neck or behind the ears. The ring on the other end is attached to a loop on the puppy’s collar, so once the animal steps on the rope the leash tightens immediately, stopping the animal instantly.

The actual mechanism of how does a pintle hitch work is very straightforward and fairly easy to understand. There are basically two parts to the apparatus, the ring on the ends.

What Are The Advantages Of A Pintle Hitch?

The advantages of one truck hitch are so many and I will let you figure them out by yourself. First off you have the ability to tow a canoe, bicycle, or boat without having to have both hands free.

You also will have the ability to use the trailer as a tool trailer when hauling smaller loads such as cans. Another great thing about this trailer is that it will work for whatever you need it for, whether it’s fishing, camping, moving logs, or anything in between.

What are the advantages of a pintle truck hitch

The next advantage is that using this trailer hitch you will have the ability to get your vehicle hooked up to the rear of your truck or car without having to raise the hitch or place it in an additional installation.

This means no additional parts and no excess expense. Lots of men and women wish to install a trailer crossbar to their truck, but they do not have room under the hood. That’s where the little trailer is useful and it can be installed easily, saving you even more money.

The last benefit is the trailer itself is easy to assemble and set up. It will require a small number of extra gear to do it properly, but it will still require no more time than mounting a standard truck trailer.

So now you know the benefits of a single trailer hitch and hopefully, you will make the choice to buy one of your own. Just remember to look online to see what businesses in your area carry them. You might end up with the perfect trailer to get what you want from your RV.

Is It Illegal To Drive Around With A Trailer Hitch?

No, it is not illegal. There are no laws that restrict you from driving with a trailer hitch. There are some states that require you to display a flag or warning object while driving. Check with your individual state to verify if there are any laws that affect your driving.

If you’re requesting a buddy that doesn’t own a truck, they might have some good advice but might advise you to get a hitch instead of a trailer so you can carry more things in the back of your vehicle.

If you are requesting a local police officer, they may tell you to avoid driving around with a trailer hitch since it can make you stand out like a sore thumb and you will be seen by any other drivers. This can enable you to get a speeding ticket or find yourself stopped on the side of the street with a huge ticket hanging over your head.

Is it illegal to drive around with a trailer hitch



But, there are exceptions to this rule. If you are hauling cargo that requires extra protection from the elements like lumber, pallets of heavy material, or drums or cylinders, you might be able to find a trailer hitch after you install it on your vehicle.

If you’re simply hauling little items like groceries or tiny kids in the back of your vehicle, you might still be able to find a trailer hitch without installing one on your car.

Since many folks feel it is illegal to drive around with a trailer hitch on their vehicle, they never even attempt it. You might be the next person to ask the question” is it illegal to drive around with a trailer?”

If you’re like most people, you won’t bring up the subject of a trailer until you’re pulled over and ticketed for reckless driving or caught drunk driving. If you’re fortunate enough not to get a ticket for either of these two offenses, you may still be wondering why you would need a trailer hitch to start with!

Can You Grease A Pintle Truck Hitch?

Do you grease a pintle truck hitch





Among the most important parts of having a pickup truck is the hitch, while it’s on a normal pickup or a dump truck. I have had many folks tell me they hate the idea of going to pick up their car and finding out that the tailgate has rusted out and the truck is now leaning back in the mud with the whole bed in place.

Not only does using a dirty tailgate make an uncomfortable situation for anyone driving, but it can also be harmful too. Rusty areas on metal parts of a vehicle will rust and then they’ll be extremely dangerous to drive. So if you are like me, You’re probably asking yourself”Do you grease a pintle truck hitch?”:

The answer to your question is yes, you should. Many men and women who have a truck like this are just concerned about “keeping it from rusting”. I know that the notion of “keeping it from rusting” is a good one, but it does not solve the problem of having dirt and oil everywhere when you go to load or unload your items.

The oil and dirt will just get monitored across the surface of the ground and then it will all collect in one spot, which is not so nice for your clothes, spray, pump, chainsaw, whatever you might be working on at the moment.

Some people don’t consider grease in their trucks because they do not use anything like the sort of equipment that I mentioned previously, but I am sure you use something similar like an air compressor with a blower attached to it during your workday.

Are Pintle Hitches Safe?

Are pintle hitches safe? That depends upon the type of trailer, where you are going to use it, and even who you use to install it. Before you think about getting hitched, you need to know about the different kinds of hitches available to ensure you choose the one that is best for you.

Are pintle hitches safe

Pintle hitches are one type of hitch that is safe to install on most trailers. They come equipped with eyelets so it is possible to tie the bottom two together. Pintle hitches with eyelets, however, have limited maneuverability. They’re terrific for tight spaces and narrow trailers.

Stand-off hitches aren’t as popular because they don’t provide much support or comfort, but they do offer more safety. A stand-off hitch is installed from under the trailer’s body, so it is fastened in place and hidden from onlookers. This sort of hitch is a bit harder to install than a hitch with eyelets, but it provides more safety.

Tie-downs and dual cable are popular options when it comes to securing your trailer to a truck. These are all viable options, so the question”Are pintle hitches safe?” It does depend on the situation. older models. Take the time to learn what years are suggested for your model to use before deciding to purchase one. It may save you some headaches later on!

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How Dark Should I Tint My Windows?

How Dark Should I Tint My Windows

You might have already heard people discussing the importance of tinting or window tinting in your windows. However, have you any idea how much they actually mean when they say “tint”?

Many men and women use the term tint with a wider meaning, but some refer to it as a film that is applied on your windows. How dark should I tint my windows?

How Dark Should I Tint My Windows

If you wish to tint your windows to make them darker, there are a number of options available to you.

The disadvantage to using this approach is that it will only work properly when the tinting has been applied correctly – meaning you may wind up with an odd tint that doesn’t look anywhere near dark.

If you don’t need to go through all of the trouble of installing it yourself, then purchasing a window tint kit is going to be your very best option. These kits are relatively simple to install, and once you have completed the process, it is a simple matter to apply the tint on your windows.

Another advantage of buying a kit is that you can get discounts. Some stores offer discounts for regular clients, so you can save a lot of money. Plus, if you get multiple windows, you can usually get a fantastic discount.

Finally, if you change your mind sooner or later, most stores offer guarantee/guarantees. The majority of the time, they’ll also allow you to return the tinted glass if you are not pleased with the results.

Will 20 Tint Get You Pulled Over?

Will 20 window tints get you pulled over? This is something that most people who have tinted windows wonder about. When it comes to driving and being pulled over, there are some things that you ought to know. The first thing you will need to know is whether tinting is legal in your state.

Will 20 window tint get you pulled over

Some cities and counties may have different laws when it comes to tinting your windows. Although, you might not assume that it is, particularly if you live in a sunny area.

Oftentimes, the officers which pull you over will only look through your window tint to see if anything is out of the ordinary. If they see something out of the ordinary, then it can be cause for them to pull you over and ask you questions. If you don’t have any tint whatsoever and you are pulled over, the officer might decide to write you a ticket for not wearing your window tint.

Regardless, you don’t want to get your window tinting while you’re out on the street. You may be concerned about getting caught by the police because this could mean trouble. That is why it is important that you be sure you have the movie applied while you’re away from home. Be sure that you have it applied the correct way, or you could end up getting serious consequences.

Ticket For Too Dark Of Window Tint

In the event you were wondering if it would cost you anything to have it done, you might be amazed to learn that it doesn’t cost anything. However, you might still want to consider getting it done, just to be on the safe side. Getting traffic school can be quite costly, but it is usually worth it in the long run.

If you do not want to pay for traffic school, then you can attempt to prevent speeding and parking in areas where it is illegal to do so. By slowing down on you’re driving for no reason, you are making certain that you will not receive a traffic citation.

Another question that you might be asking is why you would need tint in any respect. There are actually many reasons that you would wish to use tint. By way of instance, in case you’ve got a fancy car, chances are that someone is going to notice.

If you would like to hide the fact that you have tint on your vehicle, this is the best way to do so. However, this doesn’t mean that you should run right out and buy a few cheap car window tint. It’s important that you ask yourself if you actually need the tint on your car.

Will a cop pull you over for tinting your windows when you’re out on the street? The reply to the question will 20 window tints get you pulled over? Yes, it will, provided that you have it correctly installed. There are many unique types of tint to select from, so make sure that you choose one which is accepted by your state.

Is 35 Percent Tint Dark For My Truck?

Is 35 percent tint dark

No, 35 percent window tint is not too dark. It would be combined with sunglasses enough for sensitive eyes and without you can see out at night no problem. It is about the right percentage for all around function and most states use this as a starting point.

States like California or Alaska you can have 70% window tint. In Florida or Wyoming it is 32%. For a complete list of each states legal tint shades click here.

If you’re considering getting new headlights, it may be a good idea to find out whether the vehicle you select has been made available with a fully self-lit option called Is 35 percent tint dark.

This feature automatically turns on its light when the driver puts on the blinker. The device automatically adjusts itself based on the lighting conditions and the sort of vehicle it is being used in.

For example, if there’s a lot of oncoming traffic or it is night time, the automatic system will turn the headlights on higher than usual.

It is absolutely crucial for these vehicles to have auto darkening headlights so that their drivers have the ability to see their environment clearly even at night. The question is, why is 35 percent tint dark?

In fact, it is much better to have any tint at the very least and fully self-lit headlights would be perfect. But auto darkening systems do have their uses, and in this case they’re highly recommended.

Despite the fact that the light is on, no one can see the vehicle in the lighted area. If the vehicle wasn’t tinted, some drivers could swear that they could see well past the oncoming traffic because there’s a thick fog bank ahead.

This is exactly why some drivers prefer auto darkening technology over conventional headlight solutions. For one thing, the auto darkening lights help cut back on the amount of glare that gets in the eyes of other drivers.

As there isn’t any oncoming traffic, the amount of warmth should be minimal. Some people even choose a light across the fog to enhance visibility during the night, and that is where the word”half moon” comes from – when there’s just enough light for you to observe a few steps in front of you.

Other Window Tint Factors To Consider

However, that is not all there is to these solutions. Additionally, there are other benefits also. As an example, if you’re an adventurous driver, then you might have a need for tinted windows during certain weather conditions. This may help prevent damage to your windshield in the event of a storm or hailstorm. You can even buy auto darkening windows if you would like to decrease your emissions.

There are a number of reasons why you may find yourself asking”why is 35 percent tint dark?” The truth is, there are lots of reasons why you might think tinting is a fantastic idea. However, each person must decide for him or herself what benefits they might get from tinting their windows.

The bottom line is that it all depends on what you would like to accomplish with it. If you can safely do this without jeopardizing your vehicle, then by all means, do it!

What Percent Is Factory Window Tint?

What proportion of tint applied to a car is really factory window tint? Most companies and people will say it is ninety-five percent, but this varies depending upon the type of tint you are purchasing.

High-gloss paint tends to be more difficult to eliminate than plain old dark tint, which takes a different kind of cleaning agent. Additionally, window tint may be more challenging to apply if the window is quite dirty or not properly attached. So as to answer the question what percentage is window tint?’

what percent is factory window tint

So how do you find out what percentage of tint is in your car windows? The easiest way to discover is to look at the sticker on the window.

If it says something like”2.5 inches,” that means that percent is about fifty percent window tint. Anything lower or higher than that should either be removed or cleaned. If the window sticker is missing, do not worry. Many auto shops replace these decals with an updated version.

As soon as you’ve determined what window tint has been applied, you can ask a local merchant or auto store employee how much tint is typically used in a vehicle. Generally, the dealer will have an estimated percent based upon the year, make and model of the car.

Tinted windows on the driver’s side might not give you as much privacy as tinted windows on the passenger’s side, so keep that in mind while you’re creating your calculations.

The Internet may also be helpful in determining what percent is factory window tint? Be sure to do a bit of research on your own, and always take your measurements with you when shopping. When you receive your estimate, take some time to read it carefully.

Make sure to understand the calculations, and request a break up in case you’re unfamiliar with them. It’s also a good idea to find out what the window tinting percent is before you even request a quote; the sticker doesn’t tell you that information, just the proportion.

Don’t forget to ask about what grade of tint is currently installed on your car when you buy it. Some window tint materials are better than others. A higher-grade tint will provide a greater degree of privacy, but may also require more frequent cleaning or re-tinting due to its higher strength and endurance.

If you’re still unsure, find a friend who has just added tint to their vehicle. Ask them how much tint they currently have and learn what they use to determine that amount. Once you’ve figured out what percent is factory window tint, you’ll know whether it’s ideal for your car.

Reasons Not To Tint Windows

reasons not totintcar windows

If you’re looking for an excellent way to make your car look more stylish then it might be time to consider using some not so popular but excellent reasons to not use to tint car windows.

They are a recent addition to the market and have been designed for high security purposes only. They are made from stainless steel, which is also the reason they are only used on the windows of vehicles in the security market.

There are many reasons why people don’t use to tint car windows on their cars. First, they are rather expensive. You can get them for about $300 and with that price tag you aren’t likely to receive a good quality product.

Second, it is important to notice that the windows themselves are bulky and take up a lot of space in the vehicle. This means that if you want to match them on your own then you will need a whole lot of room in your car or truck. Perhaps you will need to hire a particular pair of tools to be able to fit the windows without any problems.

There are several more reasons why people do not opt for this type of car windows. One of the primary reasons is because of the way they’re designed. It’s hard to break into this type of security system since the window frame is strong and cannot be readily broken or scratched. This strength comes from the very design of the security system itself, which ensures that once the safety system is fitted to your windows are as secure as your own doors.

Windows will also block other car windows, making it harder to see other drivers coming up on your car or truck. So, if you are in an area where you get a great deal of lousy road rage then maybe you would be better off using something else. If you are driving at all times though then to tint car windows are worth using.

If you have had a previous accident or you live in a high crime area then you might also be better off having a darker window tint. A few of the windows on the market have a small amount of tint so that they are excellent for areas where crimes are more prevalent.

But to tint car windows are far too strong to take care of and this means that they offer far better security. They are also offered in an assortment of styles and you can install them yourself if you are confident enough. All in all there are loads of reasons not to use to tint car windows on your vehicle and this should convince you to buy one for your own vehicle as well.

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Are Hitch Extenders Safe? | Should You Use Them? 

A hitch extender is a special towing accessory that enhances the hitch receiver opening of a vehicle. It fits right with the hitch receiver, and you can easily tow anything without restricting access to the tailgate.

Are Hitch Extenders Safe?

Yes! Using a hitch extender is safe, provided you use it properly. There are several benefits of using a hitch extender, such as it curtails the risk of the trailer bumping into the tow vehicle on tight turns.  

I also use a hitch extender to tow a bike rack, as it helps me with the tailgate access without removing the rack. In this post, you’ll find everything you need to know about using a hitch extender.

Does a Hitch Adapter Reduce Tongue Weight?

Yes! Using a hitch extender can reduce the tongue weight to up to 50% in some cases. When you use a hitch adapter, it increases the existing hitch’s length, which then increases the leverage on the hitch receiver. (Answer to the subtitle goes first).

Courtesy of Kerri & Bill at

There is much more movement around the receiver with an extender around it, which is the reason for the reduced capacity.

If the trailer hitch is rated 2,000 lbs tongue weight, you can only two 1,000 lbs weight with it after using a hitch extender. For specifics enter your exact weights and dimensions in this trailer calculator. It would be wise to add in a 10% safety margin or more for older vehicles. Read below for more external factors to consider when hauling close to max capacity.

How Close to Maximum Tow Capacity is Safe? 

If you want to tow max load at a time, you should only tow 70-80% of your vehicle’s maximum tow capacity for safe driving.

The maximum towing capacity refers to the GPW or gross pulling weight a vehicle can successfully tow behind it. It is essential to understand how much weight you can tow with the vehicle, as towing more load can rip apart the frame while damaging the suspension and voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. 

There are a lot of misconceptions going on around when it comes to how much weight is safe for hauling with your truck. Some people say you can tow close to the 100% towing capacity of the vehicle, whereas some say 50% is acceptable.

It depends on what you are hauling, so if the load is secure and not moving around you can get to 100%. Weather will lessen your towing capacity. If you are driving through crosswinds you may want to limit what you haul. A simple gust could make you lose control at 100% weight.  

Other safety factors with hauling trailers consider are:

  • Road conditions 
  • Road grade 
  • Vehicle condition (is it up for new brakes or some type of fluid change?) 
  • Driving ability 
  • Passengers causing a raucous

When you use a hitch extender, the vehicle’s towing capacity gets reduced, and you can even tow fewer loads with it.

50% of the towing capacity gets reduced with a hitch extender, and you can only use its 70-80% if you want to tow the trailer using an extender.

Tips for Driving Safely with a Big Load and Hitch Extender  

Start Slow (Start Driving Your Loaded Trailer Slowly) 

Always start slow when you have a big load on the trailer. Pressing the gas pedal can create difficulties while driving. Start slow and then achieve good speeds gradually when you hit the highway roads. 

Set the side mirrors (Set Your Side Mirrors To See Your Travel Trailer And Road Conditions Behind You) 

Set the side-view mirrors correctly, so you get an unobstructed view of the vehicles coming from behind. Try to avoid carrying a load that can block your view, as it is not safe for driving. 

Check the tires (Check Your Tires After Loading Your Trailer With An Extender) 

Inspect the car and trailer tires thoroughly before moving. Sometimes the tire pressure gets reduced due to the big load. Driving with a flat tire can be extremely dangerous. 

Don’t Overload The Trailer 

Never overload a trailer, no matter if you are using a hitch extender or not. Always carry a load that’s 20-30% lesser than the recommended weight you can carry on the trailer.

What Happens If You Tow Something Too Heavy? 

You will experience difficulties in taking tight turns as the trailer will wobble vigorously due to the heavy load. There are many other things as well that happen to your truck when you tow something beyond its capacity. 

Carrying something beyond the maximum towing capacity can result in several mishaps, including transmission overheating. Furthermore, the heavy load can damage the vehicle’s suspension system and can rip off the entire frame of the trailer.

In some cases, the hitch receiver can also rip apart from the car’s frame, and it can have severe consequences. Always carry a load that’s lighter than the maximum towing capacity of your truck.

Hitch Extender With A Height Discrepancy

Sometimes your trailer coupler height is higher lower than your truck’s hitch mount. With so many models of trucks and trailers standards are not met so you may need a mount with a certain sized drop. There are many and you will need to find out the length of the drop for your current setup.

trailer hitch extender height drop calculator dimensions

There are many solutions for any situation. Be sure to measure correctly and you won’t have any problems finding a high-quality extender (for this article) with a drop. For a detailed description for you to geek out on, Torklift Central explains it better than most, so I won’t.

This post rounds up the basics of using a hitch extender and how it impacts the towing capacity of a vehicle. It is essential to buy a good-quality hitch extender that can bear the load and other wear and tear. 

A simple error that often occurs with newer haulers is to secure the extender properly to the receiver, and then attach the trailer with it to have a safe driving experience. Lastly, if you aren’t sure how to use a hitch extender, check out this video and learn it quickly: 

Thanks for reading (and watching) and stay dirty

What Are Some Good Jeep Wrangler Carpet Alternatives? Best Carpets For Jeep

Most Jeep owners think that the only purpose of a carpet is to rest the feet! Well, that’s not the only purpose. A good carpet enhances the aesthetics of your car, acts as a barrier against water, and helps your car remain clean.

However, the carpets can get soiled quickly, as a result, they become unfit for use! So, what to do if the carpets of your Jeep Wrangler have worn out and are not in good shape? jeep wrangler dirty carpet replacement

The only solution is looking for the best carpet alternatives. But what are some good Jeep Wrangler carpet alternatives? Below is my choice for the most recommended and used specifically by veteran Jeep Wrangler owners.

The 4 Best Carpet Alternatives for Jeep Wrangler  

ACC Replacement Carpet Kit for Jeep Wrangler

acc jeep carpet replaceemnt wrangler

Made using doeskin, this carpet will surely enhance the interiors of your Jeep Wrangler. Offering precise fit, the carpet kit comes with all the required parts you need to cover the entire floor.  

Furthermore, the carpet is thick and prevents dust and other clutter-causing elements from reaching the vehicle’s floor. You can use any type of mat on the carpets, so be rest assured about its compatibility.  

acc jeep wrangler carpet alternativeEntirely made in the United States, the quality is top-notch, and the carpet feels soft and is durable. You may require to do a bit of cutting and trimming to achieve a great fit.  

The best thing about this Jeep Wrangler Carpet kit is the wide color selection. You can embellish the whole car’s interior by using these qualitative carpets.acc new jeep carpet change

Max Motosports Full Set Black Carpet Kit for Jeep Wrangler

max motorsports jeep wrangler carpet replacement

Here’s another high-quality carpet for your Jeep Wrangler that will surely compliment the interiors. Installing the carpet is easy, and the manufacturer recommends using 3M Super 77 -aerosol adhesive to ensure the carpet sticks properly. 

As the carpet fits various Wrangler models, so a bit of trimming and cutting may be required. It is a thick carpet with a heel pad on the driver’s site for better support.  

Furthermore, the material is cleanable and doesn’t get dirty easily. If you love driving your Jeep Wrangler off the highways, using this carpet kit is a great idea. However, the only downside to using this carpet is the color. You only get it in one color option. 

Rugged Ridge 13690.01 Deluxe Carpet Kit

Looking for a rugged and durable carpet kit that lasts longer and doesn’t smell at all? Get this carpet kit from Rugged Ridge and make the car interiors look even better.  

Made using mild and stain-resistant material, the carpet retains its shape for longer. Even when it’s wet, there will be less or no foul smell at all. Rugged Ridge has manufactured the carpet using electronically surging machines, and the edges will not unravel over time.

There is little or no trimming required as the 6-piece carpet kit offers an excellent fit. It even deadens the sound and acts as a strong sound barrier due to the thick material. 

Lastly, you get three color options in this carpet kit, including black, honey, and grey. 

Hex Autoparts 6 Pieces Full Set Carpet Kit

Hex autosports jeep wrangler carpet replacement stock upgrade

Another carpet on the list is here to offer excellent durability and an amazing fit. Specially designed for Jeep Wrangler, the carpet fits easily and is compatible with different models.  

The material is a high-quality doeskin that feels soft and lasts longer. You even get a heel pad on the driver’s side for more support when driving the car.  

Installing the carpet kit is easy, but it involves removing the seats and gear knob. Trimming may also be required in certain places, and you trim the carpet for a perfect fit. 

Use good adhesive to ensure the carpet sticks to the car’s floor properly and stay attached for years.

MuchKey Custom Car Mat Replacements

custom jeep wrangler fllor mats carpet replacement

As a bonus, I wanted to throw this one in because it was an in-betweener. It is a set of mats that covers the carpet completely. So if you want to you can simply cover your existing carpet with these guys.

They are reasonably priced on Amazon and they look pretty sleek. The quality is there and for the price with full customization, you are hard-pressed to find something of more value.

The only bad side if you will have to wait up to 6 weeks with some orders. But if you can, the wait is worth it. You can even custom engrave “Truckwit Beau” or Lauren’s Mall Crawler“. Doesn’t sound like a badass birthday or Christmas present?

Jeep wrangler carpet replacement custom

They look sharp and they are made of odor-resistant materials that should last longer than the OG carpet that came in your Jeep. Just make sure if you want anything too custom they may not be on top of it the first time. But order through Amazon and you can send them back as many times as you want. That’s the best/worst thing about Amazon.

Should I Replace My Jeep Wrangler Carpet? 

You might be wondering what’s the need to replace the carpet when I can cover it with floor mats? Well, the purpose of a carpet is entirely different from mats. Here are a handful of reasons why you should consider these Jeep Wrangler carpet alternatives: 

Jeep Wrangler Carpet Is Worn Out

Just like everything, the carpets have a limited lifespan, and they wear out after some time. If you see holes and the edges of the carpet are unraveling, it is time to replace the carpet. 

The Jeep Wrangler’s Stock Carpet Doesn’t Suppress The Sound  

If you feel that there’s a lot of noise inside the car when you take it off-roading, it is another sign the carpet needs replacement. Just look at these carpet alternatives and choose one accordingly.

Your Jeep Wrangler Smells Like The Underside Of The Fridge In Your Garage

Cleaning the carpet will help in removing the smell, but after some time, the carpet will small continuously due to mold and mildew.

Mold eats up the carpet, so you only have one option, and that’s going for an alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Take The Carpet Out Of A Jeep?

A: Most folks think that they cannot remove the carpet or mats without professional help. However, you can remove the carpet at home.

To remove the carpet, you can unscrew the clips and remove them. Once you remove the clips, you’ll be able to pull off the carpet from the floor. In some models you will have to rip away a part of the carpet that can be glued in place. It can be completely hidden so it looks professionally done, like most things on a Jeep.

Still not able to take the carpet out of your Jeep Wrangler? Check out this YouTube video to find out the right method to remove the carpet:

2. Why is the floor of my Jeep Wrangler wet? 

A: There are many reasons behind the soggy floor: 

  • The clogged cowl 
  • Damaged water seals 
  • Leaks in the hard-shell top 
  • Spilled beverage 

There is nothing grosser than a soggy and wet carpet that stinks. But why does the floor of your Jeep Wrangler get wet? One of the core reasons behind wet floors is clogged cowl. The cowl is the drain plug at the front of the Jeep. If it gets clogged, the water finds its way to the floor and makes it wet and soggy.  

The damaged water seals on the window also allow water to seep inside the car whenever you pull the Jeep through a puddle or water crossing. If the problem persists you should contact your local Jeep service center to get assistance regarding the wet floor.  

3. What Caused Water On The Passenger Side Floor In My Jeep? 

A: If only the passenger-side of your car is wet and the rest of the floor is dry, it’s due to the HVAC system of the Jeep. Sometimes the AC line gets clogged, and the water starts entering the passenger’s side making the floor wet. 

Get your Jeep Wrangler inspected at a reliable workshop and get the leaky or clogged AC fixed. Other reasons can be a leaky Sky one-touch power top and damaged seal of the passenger’s side window. Seeing a mechanic is the only solution to get rid of the issue. 

4. Should I Replace The Jeep Carpet With Rubber? 

A: Rubber carpets are extremely durable and easy to clean. Also, they are non-slip and can withstand exposure to direct sunlight.

If you love off-roading and want your Jeep’s interior to remain clean all the time, it would be great to invest in rubber carpets or floor liners.

Make sure to purchase a high-quality rubber such as Rugged Ridge 12988.04 Floor Liner for Jeep Wrangler to experience longevity and convenience. If you throw in a rubber liner you will protect your carpet almost from the start.rugged ridge heavy duty rubber interliner liner jeep wrangler

This way you will have to replace the carpet after a decade or two instead of after a few years of abuse. These liners cover 95% of the surface you will expose to the elements and your kicks and jerks. This is by far the easiest and quickest interior upgrade. 

These are some good Jeep Wrangler carpet alternatives you can opt for to keep the floor dry and clean. All the carpets are easy to install, just put them on the floor, a few adjustments, and you are good to go. It is critical to ensure that the carpets are compatible with your specific Jeep Wrangler to get a perfect fit.

Thanks for reading and stay dirty

How Do You Know If Your Engine Is Damaged Without Oil?

If you have ever driven your vehicle with the oil light on for a while and your car drives normal you should count your lucky stars. Low oil can easily brick an engine or cause a number of issues.

Maintaining clean oil in your engine is the cheapest and simplest form of preventative maintenance you can do to your car. Most people wait to change their oil when in reality spending $20 on an oil change can add hundreds of thousands of miles to your engine. It really is a commonly neglected service. But how do you know if your engine is damaged without oil?

What Happens If You Run An Engine Without Oil?

If you run an engine without oil a number of things may happen:

  • Crack the engine block
  • Blow a manifold
  • Crack a cylinder, bearing, crankshaft, or many other interior engine parts
  • Worn cylinders and rods
  • Seize the engine

Imagine sliding down a waterslide and you reach the bottom and there is no water. There is no water. You will land in a pool going 25 MPH on a dry pool bottom. Your skin will just… you get the idea.

Running your car without oil will eventually lead to a seized engine. The head and friction will cause the engine block and the cylinders to stick together and possibly even weld together. Seized engines could possibly be unseized but not without some expensive repairs down the line. I discuss this further below.

How Long Can An Engine Run Without Oil Before Damage Occur?

Your engine can run for approximately 30 minutes maximum without oil before damage occurs. If you have absolutely no oil your engine can seize in under one minute. Your engine is a highly precisioned collection of metal moving incredibly fast. Oil lubricates and cools your engine so it can run in optimum condition while causing very little wear.

Most people do not realize their engine is low on oil for a bit of time. Ideally, your engine should warn you but turn on the oil light on your dash. Once you see this light on it is imperative you add oil. In an emergency, you can add oil not suited for your car.

Watch this video to see how 3 different cars perform with their engines drained completely of oil and redlined. I was shocked by the differences in times between each car and how little or how long each lasted. It makes me more proud of my old Honda Civic I was determined to drive into the ground. I ended up selling it 100,000 miles later because the thing just would not die:

The weight can cause damage if it is much lighter or heavier than what your car allows. But if you have no other options you can add a different weight. If you have the option I would go with weight as close as possible to your recommended weight aiming slightly higher than lower.

Pro Tip: When your engine wears it is common practice to add a slightly heavier weight oil. As with ring wear a heavier weight oil will compensate for this wear.

Later when you can, get an oil change and add the correct weight oil. Flushing the engine is also a good idea to get as much of the incorrect weight oil out of the engine block as possible.

Then you will want to find out why your engine has little or no oil and get that fixed so you don’t have this happen again. An engine running without oil for as little as 30 minutes or an hour can cause it to seize and ruin it completely.

How Far Can A Car Go Without Oil?

A car can go many miles without oil. If it is an emergency you can drive for 20-30 miles without oil but you risk completely ruining your engine due to the excessive rubbing and heat caused by a lack of oil in your engine block.

If you drive slower and keep the engine’s RPMs low you can drive farther without oil. This will minimize the stress put on your engine though any time your engine is running and it has no oil, every single mile counts as hundreds of miles in terms of wear and tear to your engine.

If you have a manual transmission you should coast when possible, this will keep your engine idling and lessen the severity of the damage.

What Does A Car Sound Like When It’s Out Of Oil?

Your car will make a lot of sounds when it’s out of oil. It will run very rough. It will make clunking, knocking, and sometimes grinding sounds. With time your rods will break. A broken rod or two will cause your engine to sound like a sword fight under your hood.

Your crankshaft will start to rattle and will bang against the bearing. Then your engine will stop working and it will eventually stutter and seize completely. Watch this video of a fun experiment and listen to something you will hopefully never hear in real life.

Can You Fix An Engine That Ran Out Of Oil?

Yes, you can fix an engine that ran out of oil. If the engine is not completely seized and it was not driven for too long you have a great chance of fixing the engine and using it as a daily driver again. If the engine block is not damaged i.e. no cracks, no excessive wear, no pitting, you can rebuild the engine and replace what is damaged.

If the engine is seized you may be able to salvage it. All parts are replaceable in the engine. If the block has damage you may also be able to weld material on the block and work it until it is in a useable condition. This takes a lot of know-how and special tools. You will have to get the block within very tight tolerances for it to function normally.

You would take advantage of the damage by increasing the bore of the cylinders. The bore is the diameter of the cylinders and if there is damage you can increase the bore until you have a smooth cylinder chamber.

There are many upgrade kits for engines to increase power by increasing the cylinder bore. Of course, this takes advanced knowledge and is not easily done. A professional is needed and the cost of this type of upgrade can be much more expensive than simply replacing the engine with a low mileage used motor.

Can Seized Engine Be Fixed?

Yes, a seized engine can be saved! Not all seized engines can be saved but if the damage is not severe then you can certainly save it. Fill the sucker with B’laster or lighter weight engine oil and let it sit for a few hours (or more likely a few days). B’laster is expensive and to fill an engine with it would cost a lot. But if you can this is your best chance of unseizing your engine.

Then take a breaker bar, the longer the better, and try to turn the crank. You will need a lot of elbow grease to unseize it but is it is possible it will come unstuck. If it starts to move you’re in luck! If the crank moves your engine is salvageable and you won’t need to repla e it (most likely). Just get ready for a lengthy and pricey rebuild.

Can Marvel Mystery Oil Unseize An Engine?unseize engien with marvel mystery oil

Yes, you can use Marvel Mystery Oil to unseize your engine. Depending on the severity of the engine Marvel Mystery Oil can work in many ways, and using it to lubricate a faulty engine will be a great start. It will not be a long-term solution, of course, but for single really tough uses Marvel Mystery Oil can be a marvel to use. Using more than you think is a good idea.

If you cannot use this stuff B’laster is an excellent choice as discussed earlier in this article. If either does not unseize your engine you will most likely have a giant paperweight instead of a salvageable engine on your hands.

How Much Does A New Engine Cost?

$1,000-$10,000 and up. A new engine varies wildly. A Honda 1.8L VTEC engine straight from Japan can be bought for under $800 shipped. While a Dodge Viper 8.3L V10 SRT10 engine with 700 HP goes for over $20,000 used. So the range on engines is great. But you can always find a deal, and the best deals can be found at your local junkyard or on eBay.

Why Does My Car Run Out Of Oil So Fast?

A car will leak oil any time there is a leak in the engine. The two most common ways for an engine to leak oil is with worn piston rings and a leak in the cylinder head gasket. Other leaks to watch out for are:

  • Oil pan gasket
  • Oil drain plug
  • Oil filler cap
  • Oil filter

Work piston rings leave small spaces in the cylinder cavity and oil can leak out and burn up with the exhaust. If your car is smoking out of its muffler regularly you may have at least one cylinder that has worn rings and is leaking oil.

This is a pricey fix, but it can be done easily at most auto shops and it can keep your car running for many more years. The investment can be worthwhile assuming your engine is not prone to other pricey fixes in the years to come.

People learn quickly if their engine is damaged without oil. Engines can run for a while, or seize within seconds of running without oil. There are many factors at play. But the most important thing to remember is once you realize your engine has low or no oil you will want to stop driving immediately. Pull over and turn off your engine as soon as you can to minimize the damage.

Thanks for reading and stay dirty

Should Shocks Extend On Their Own?

Are you worried about your suspension? Your car or truck’s shocks should extend on their own. But they can be fickle. Some extend very slowly appearing like they are stuck.

Others are not designed to extend fully and you may be looking at them thinking, ” I bought some bum shocks.” But in reality they are working just fine. So, should shocks be extended on their own?

Yes, but some gas-fired plants do not extend as far as others. If these do not, they will need to be primed.

Monroe shocks states:

“Piston rods on low gas units can take up to 2 minutes to extend, while non-gas units will not extend on their own.”

A shock absorber is a device that is attached to the top of your vehicle’s frame, and at the bottom of your vehicle’s suspension arm. Each wheel has its own shock absorber, and the shock absorbers are attached to each other by a pair of pistons. A shock absorber is simply a cylinder that slides up and down.


The piston is like a rowboat’s oar; it can’t be pulled through the water. It moves up and down in the cylinder, resisting oil pressure, which is sealed in by a spring. If the piston seal breaks or the oil gets out, the engine will need to be rebuilt.

The car that I have described is certainly not a comfortable one for the passengers to ride in, for it is liable to bob up and down and shake its passengers’ heads; it is also liable to cause shocks and rattles.

Should Shocks Rebound? Do Mine?

It os common to think, “hey, I bought a new set of shocks from you, but one of them didn’t work”. This new shock has hydraulic action only in one direction.

Shock experts will tell you that it’s not uncommon for customers to be concerned when they first receive their new shocks. If you’re not sure about the condition of your shocks, it’s a great idea to talk to your service provider to find out if he or she can help you determine the cause of the problem.

It’s a good idea to check your shocks regularly to make sure that they are in good working order. Here’s the deal:

More than 85% of all cars are fitted with twin-tube shocks and struts are prone to failure. The fluid pressure inside the twin-tube shock and struts can build up to dangerous levels, resulting in a loss of control of the vehicle. To reduce the risk of this happening, you need to inflate the twin-tube shock and struts with nitrogen gas.

If you buy a coil over assembly you can prime the strut with the spring attached. You will have to do this to attach the spring if you continually buy a spring and strut combo separately of if you like to lower your suspension using lowering springs. This is the best spring compressor I found and its available on Amazon.

The shock is designed so that it can be used in vertical as well as horizontal applications. The shock is installed vertically when the part is on the shelf and horizontally when the part is on the workbench.

As soon as the shock is released, the nitrogen in the reservoir will push back against the force of the shock, pushing the hydraulic fluid back to its original position. Hold the shock vertical and then stroke it to fully compress it, and then to fully extend it several times.


The first few times you drive your vehicle with the shock installed, you may experience a little bit of vibration. This is normal and should not be a problem. Once the shock has been installed and the vehicle has been driven for a while, the vibration should subside.

Is There A Break In Period For New Struts?

Yes, 2-4 hours depending on the weight of the vehicle and the design of the strut. After you drive your car or truck a few times the suspension should feel like it did when you first ought it assuming there are not other issues with your suspension. You should have a little bit of awkward handling for no more than 4 hours.

Here is a video of a mechanic with a custom built strut compressor using a pneumatic gun to break in the bad boy. There are many cheap strut compressors readily available at Harbor Freight or Amazon. Take a look:

If it persists you should take your vehicle to the shop you bought the struts from and have them take a look and see if they installed the struts wrong, if they are the wrong size, or if there is another issue with your suspension. It is much safer to find out at the auto shop than it is to find out passing slower cars on the freeway late for work with your kids in the car. Anything can happen.

Again, shock priming is not needed, but it is quick and easy, and can help reduce the break-in period of your new shocks. If you are installing the shocks yourself then priming may be a good idea if you want to skip the breaking in phase. Just have some patience if your car drives a bit funky for the first few days or so.

Thanks for reading and stay dirty

What Is The Best Electric Trailer Tongue Jack??

Sick of manually setting up your trailer? An electric trailer tongue jack can take you from a hardy weekend camper to a luxurious millionaire. Well, it won’t give you millions, but it will make you feel like your seriously upgraded your camper only those in the upper tax brackets have.

A lot of drivers are looking for ways to drive their RVs without getting out of their cars. An electric jack is a tool that can be used to raise or lower a trailer. There are many different types of electric jacks on the market, some of which are cheaper than others. Look for the best one for your needs.

An electric trailer tongue jack is a much safer and simpler way to move a heavy load than using a manual one. There are many electric trailer jacks to choose from, so you can find the one that’s right for you.

These jacks have a reputation for being very dependable and safe, so you can rely on them to get you to your destination safely. They’re also stylish, so you’ll probably be pleased with the way they look.

1. Lippert 285318 3,500 lb

The Lippert 3,500 lb Power Tongue Jack is a top overall choice for electric trailer tongue jacks This electric trailer jack is available at an affordable price. I personally like it because it comes with everything you need to install it. You don’t need to invest in any additional tools for the job.

This electric trailer tongue jack can be used with any A-frame trailer. The jack has a rocker switch that can raise or lower the trailer automatically. It does require a 30-amp circuit and comes with four lights that shine down onto the trailer coupler.

These lights make the job of connecting your travel trailer much easier and relatively safer. Plus, it comes with a textured case to protect it from damage by dirt and debris while you are driving. It is just a little extra accessory that is needed big time. Check the current price on Amazon.

What I like:

  • It comes with everything you need to install it
  • It is made of a textured case to prevent electronic parts from being damaged
  • LED lights allow you to connect or disconnect your trailer at any time
  • This jack can handle trailers up to 3,500 lb

What I don’t like:

  • This jack is designed for use only with A-frame trailers

2. Husky 82022 5,000 lb (Remote)

The Husky is my pick for the best heavy-duty electric trailer tongue jack.
This trailer tongue jack can carry a maximum of 5,000 pounds. This jack comes with an 18-inch stroke, so you can operate it from a safe distance.

It is rated for a six-inch up and down cycle and requires a maximum travel time of 60 seconds. The electronic box which controls this jack is equipped with soft trigger switches which make it simpler to operate.

The panel on the back of the box is backlit with LEDs so you can see it in low light.
The jack on this unit is 2.25 inches in diameter.

Inside the ball, you’ll find a 20-millimeter screw design with superior lifting capacity.
This design also reduces the amount of wear and tear on the motor and reduces the total amperage drawn by this powered jack. In fact, this jack only draws a maximum of 25 amp at full load.

The remote control which comes with this jack will work up to 40 feet from the Jack itself. It also comes with a second key for safekeeping, in case you lose your primary remote. And that remote control is linked to the jack’s power alert warning system, which lets you know if it’s not being supplied with plenty of power. Check the current price on Amazon.

What I Like:

  • This tongue jack can hold a maximum load of 5,000 lb
  • The stroke of this jack is 18 inches long
  • This makes it easier to see the buttons of the electronic box when the light is fading
  • The six-foot-long power cord is a great length to use with your car

What I Don’t Like:

  • It is one of the more expensive RV jacks on the market
  • These tongue jacks are made for use with A-frame trailers only

superhandy rv power tongue jack

3. SuperHandy 3,500 lb

The SuperHandy power tongue jack may be the most versatile trailer tongue jack. This tongue jack can be used with A-frame trailers, RVs, camper trailers, and boat trailers.

It has a maximum load capacity of 3,500 lb and a draw of 25 amps This Jack also has a Water-Resistant, One-Piece Housing Around The Motor And All Electronics. It requires a 7 pin trailer connector and comes with a 48-volt power cord.

It is also capable of reaching a maximum vertical height of 18 inches and has a retractable height of 29.2 inches. At the bottom of the stroke, this jack has a footpad that measures six inches in diameter and the vertical tube of this jack is two and a half inches in diameter.

It also has an emergency detachable handle that can be raised or lowered manually. All of the metal parts of this trailer are powder coated for rust resistance. It’s also equipped with a number of LED lights to assist you in pairing or un-pairing your trailer after dark.

This jack is also a very light 24 pounds, so it won’t add a lot of weight to your trailer. It also has a 25-amp circuit breaker. Check the current price on Amazon.

What I like:

  • You’ll be able to use the tongue jack with a variety of trailers and RVs
  • Water-resistant homes protect all electrical components from damage caused by water
  • An emergency crank handle can be used to raise or lower the jack
  • LED Work Lights: Make it safer to pair or unpair your trailer after dark

What I don’t like:

  • With only four feet of cable, you won’t always be in a position to connect your specific vehicle-trailer combination.

4. Husky 4,500 lb Brute

What I think is the most durable against the elements is the Husky 4,500 Brute. Another great electric trailer tongue jack for larger trailers is the Husky Brute power jack.

This jack features a weather-resistant trailer connector storage bracket and a durable hammer-gray finish.

It also includes hardened steel gears that have been soldered together for extra strength. It boasts an 18-inch full stroke with a six-inch adjustable dropdown leg. This design reduces the amount of time needed to operate the jack.

On the front of the hitch tongue, you’ll find a three-way LED lighting system. Inside the jack is a friction-reducing ball screw that smooths out the movement of the motor. It is also one of the most powerful RV jacks on the market, with a maximum speed of 10 inches per second.

SmartStop technology is also included in this jack, which will shut down the motor if it senses the jack extends fully. This is not a common feature that more electric jacks can easily incorporate and extend their useful life. Check the current price on Amazon.

What I like:

  • The trailer tongue jacks have a weather-resistant storage bracket
  • This tongue jack can be used for trailers that are over 4,500 lb
  • Reduces operation time and motor wear and tear
  • Reduces friction and smooths operation

What I don’t like:

  • This is one of the more expensive electric tongue jacks on the market
  • This jack has a 5.5-inch diameter footpad

Libra power trailer tongue jack the best or not

5. LIBRA 26042 3,500 lb

Unlike most other electric trailer tongue jacks this bad boy includes a detachable emergency crank handle if you need a workout, or if the electric motor fails. This fail-safe can be a lifesaver for those that like to brave the offroad with their trailers.

It features a slim design that saves room and a speed of operation that is 20% better than the competition. It has an adjustable drop-leg system that can be adjusted from eight inches down to five inches. At the bottom of the power jack is a drain hole.

Oh, and we’d be remiss not to mention that this car has a maximum payload capacity of 3,500 lb. A 14-inch stroke combined with an 8-inch drop leg makes a jack that can be raised up to 22 inches high. It needs a 12-volt power supply and has a cord that’s 55 inches long. At the top of the stroke, all the electrical components are encased in a motor cover.

This cover also has a bright LED light for nighttime operation. It also has a powder-coated outer tube and a zinc-plated inner tube. Check the current price on Amazon.

libra power trailer tongue jack with manual crank operationWhat I like:

  • Simply attach the handle if you want to operate it by hand
  • Helps to save space at the front of your trailer’s tongue
  • It has five different locking positions
  • One-piece motor cover that protects electrical components from dirt and water

What I don’t like

  • Power jacks should only be used on trailers that are A-frame

the best offroad power trailer tongue jack

The top 5 will apply to 95% of the market. These guys are the best of the best and they meet the needs of almost everyone.

If you are not sure what you need to know or how to make a confident buying decision continue reading to figure that out. I hate making a buying decision blind and I always go a little overboard with the research and comparisons especially when an electric trailer tongue jack average cost is about $150 and up.

So read on to get the basic information to make an educated decision so you won’t have to take advantage of Amazon’s 30-day return policy.

How Do I Pick An Electric Tongue Jack?

Whether you choose to use a manual or an electric jack, it’s important that you use the right one for the job. If you’re using a manual jack, make sure that you know how to use it; if you’re using an electric trailer tongue jack, make sure that you know how to operate it. It’s important to remember that a manual jack will probably be easier to use than an electric one.

Make sure that the jack is strong enough to support the weight of your tongue, and that it also has the ability to lift a portion of the tow vehicle’s back end. You can’t overdo it, but you certainly can under-do it.

Not all jack stands are equal in terms of their capacity to support loads. You need to choose a jack that can handle the weight of your vehicle’s trailer.

This is going to be one of the most challenging parts of the whole process, as you will need to find out the correct tongue weight for your vehicle. If you don’t know this, you won’t be in a position to make an educated decision on what tongue weight to buy. It’s suggested that you measure the tongue weight of your vehicle and compare it with the weight of the trailer.

What Is The Right Weight Capacity For My Trailer Tongue Jack?

The tongue weight of a trailer should not exceed 15% of the total weight of the trailer.

It is easy to over-estimate the weight of a trailer when you do not take into account the weight of all the heavy items that are placed in the back of the trailer. You can estimate the weight of a trailer by taking the weight of the trailer and subtracting the weight of all of its contents. The tongue weight of a trailer is the total weight of the trailer and all of its contents.

If you do not know how much tongue weight you will need, do not worry about it. The weight of the trailer and the weight of the load on the hitch should be equal. This means that you should also know the weight of the back of your truck. You will not be lifting the truck off the ground.

Check with your vehicle’s manufacturer to find out how much weight your vehicle can carry. Once you have an idea of what your tongue weight is plus a portion of what your truck end weighs, you can decide on how heavy-duty of a hitch you need. It’s always better to have too much of a good thing than not enough of a good thing.

Do you need to do Jack Leg Extensions? Some jacks have a drop leg which brings the bottom of the jack closer to the ground before you even begin lowering it. The reason for this is to save power. Some people stack boards or levelers underneath the jack.

This seems like a good idea, but you should think twice before you do it. The trailer will be unstable if you put it on the ground, so be sure to put it on a level surface when you are ready to move it. The trailer will tip over if it is not on a level surface. Just ask Marshall, hahaha)

Therefore, a leg curl is a good general rule. Some jackshafts come with extensions, such as the Kelly’s Husky Super Brute. Other jackshafts do not. If you like to stay in one spot, you could get an after-market drop leg, such as the Fastway Flip.

Jack feet are an important part that is often overlooked. Some manufacturers try to cut costs by not including a foot in the jack. The jack is simply a hollow tube with a hole in it.

Exactly, it is going to sink again. There are after-market feet that you can buy and put on your own jack. If you do a lot of off-pavement camping, you could also use these feet.

What Are Some Of The Advantages Of An Electric Jack?

When you have a vehicle that needs to be moved around a lot, an electric vehicle jack is a great tool to have in your toolbox. If you have a lot of vehicles that need to be moved, an electric vehicle jack will make the job much easier. It’s also a great idea to have an electric vehicle jack if you’re moving a lot of vehicles.

Black A-Frame Jack with the powered drive is a unique trailer tongue jack. You can raise and lower the trailer using the push of a button. Also, the jack has an easy-to-use push-to-start switch. This jack comes with a 1/2-inch roller bearing for increased durability.

What are some of the common mistakes that people make when they buy a jack?
Do not make the mistake of using the wrong sized electric jack when you are working on your RV. It is important to use a jack that is large enough to support the weight of the trailer. The tongue weight of your trailer should always be taken into account.

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What Is The Purpose Of Rock Sliders?

jeep rock slider is worth buying

Rock sliders are at times a very necessary part of your truck. They can be a cheap and simple mod that can really save your undercarriage and truck frame. Specifically if you are building a rock crawler and you plan on climbing some pretty hairy walls a rock slider is an absolute rock slider great ground clearance

It is basically a long plank that runs under your truck where running boards would go. So when you are climbing very uneven terrain and your frame scrapes against the ground you are scraping your rock sliders instead of your bare frame. So you should ask yourself if you need these suckers. Are rock sliders worth it to you? Is it worth the added weight if only for looks?

If you are a weekend warrior and you like to camp more than climb up these treacherous slopes you may want to focus on other accessories that would serve you better and make your truck more suited to how you drive right now. Maybe a simple lift kit is an easier and more appropriate mod.

Are Rock Sliders Worth It?

If you are like those you see on YouTube or those madmen successfully climbing seemingly vertical walls with their trucks, it is a good idea to invest in rock sliders. Rock sliders are worth it if you will be in terrain that may need them. And really, do you ever know before hand when you may need them?

It is a good idea to install a set of rock sliders if you hit the hills all the time, or if you have that crazy friend that always wants to test the limits of his and your truck. Rock sliders are worth it if you see yourself heading down this path.

They are a simple mod that anyone can do. You can find a simple bolt on kit for your Jeep you can install in one afternoon. You just drill a few holes and screw the bolts directly into the holes. You can remove the rock slider and the holes would not be seen afterwards if you are worried about causing a permanent change (or just plug the holes and add a touch of spray paint and no one will be the wiser).rock sliders are worth it and necessary to protect your truck

Rock sliders are worth it. They don’t interfere with a lift kit, snorkel, or most other mods. You can use them as a step to clean your windshield, or hop into your seat if you raised your truck a bit. They help for passengers and your car alike. For only a few hundred dollars they can save you thousands on frame or door repairs.

Are Rock Sliders Necessary?

Yes! Rock sliders are necessary if you are driving through very uneven terrain where your undercarriage will scrape the ground. They will save you a lot of potential damage to your undercarriage and frame rails without giving up much of any ground clearance.rock sliders protect your truck frame and body

They are necessary if you drive offroad a lot because you never know what the terrain looks like. If it rained beforehand it could shift sand or dirt from well known paths to create a nice bulging obstacle where you can only pass over and not around. They offer cheap protection because damage to the truck’s frame is a lot costlier than a pair rock sliders for $250.

Rock sliders are necessary because you want to never know. I would want to have them on my truck and not need than rather than have to pass through some huge ruts or rock passes and possibly damage my truck. They can also be used as an extended jack point if you are stuck too far in the rock slider side step nerf bar

Can You Use Rock Sliders As Steps?

Yes, you can use rock sliders as steps if they come with the rock sliders. Some rock sliders have steps where they are basically a running board with extra coverage extending under the truck. These types of rock sliders are more referred to as nerf bars. These steps can act as a jack point where you can get yourself out of some danger if you do not have a winch.

rock slider is a jack supportRock sliders can serve multiple purposes. They can be steps, jack points, tire and rim protectors, door and frame protectors, and even a weapon if need be. For some they are a great accessory that will save the owner a lot of money in the long run. And some act as running boards that don’t shave ground clearance so they can improve the look of your car too!

What Is Kick Out On Rock Sliders?

A kick out on a Rock Slider is a small wing on the rear end that extends out further than the body and sometimes the wheel. When you are moving past a taller rock the kick out will essential “kick’ your truck away from the rock as you drive forward so the rock will not  continue to rub against your car, or tire, or rim, or fender, or another expensive part of your expensive truck.rock slider kick out

Kick outs are not too common though they should be. They offer more support at the back of your rock slider, and they only help. But I think some people to no like the look of a kick out or they are overly confident in their driving abilities. I would take a kick out any day of the week.

Rock sliders are worth it. They are a necessary mod for your truck if you are offroading a lot. Terrain is not trustworthy. They can get you out of a jam when you least expect it and save your doors and truck frame at the same time.rock slider kick out is worth the money

You don’t think you need rock sliders until you come back from the trail and see the damage done to your door and chassis. Don’t learn the hard way. Get them and get them now!

This is my absolute favorite. It is more of a nerf bar. But it is excellent quality, it has a side step, and it doesn’t kill your ground clearance. And it is priced cheaper than other inferior products. I’ll get it every day of the week:

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Are Skid Plates Worth It For My Offroad Truck?

are skid plates worth it? Yes

Skid plates, AKA splash shields, AKA under-engine covers, offer you one of the best ways to protect the sensitive underside of your truck. Without them, you run the risk of denting, crushing, and even ripping off important equipment down there or damaging it beyond use. A cracked gas tank is no fun, nor is a bent suspension or damaged transmission.

It’s not just the driver’s responsibility to keep their vehicle safe; it’s also the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner to keep it in good working order. The majority of accidents can be avoided if you keep your vehicle in good working order. If you want to keep your vehicle safe, make sure to maintain it with regular maintenance. You could protect your vehicle’s value by installing a set of skid plates on your vehicle.

What Is The Point Of A Skid Plate?

A skid plate is a simple and effective way to protect your vehicle’s undercarriage from damage caused by rocks or other objects. The best way to protect your vehicle is by installing a skid plate.

A skid plate is a great way to protect your vehicle from damage if you happen to be hit by a rock or other object. A skid plate is a great way to protect your vehicle from damage if you happen to be hit by a rock or other object.

Anything on a vehicle’s undercarriage can benefit from a skid plate, from the gas tank and oil pan to the transmission and transfer case. The factory skid plate can easily be replaced by installing a skid plate of your own. You can choose from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and even wood. A skid plate can even be painted or powder coated to match the color of the vehicle or stand out with a crazy color scheme.

What Are Some Skid Plate Benefits?

There are many other benefits to using skid plates, such as improving the aerodynamics of your vehicle. If you have a vehicle with a flat floor, you can use a skid plate to improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle. Skid plates can make your vehicle’s ride smoother, especially if you have a vehicle with a flat floor.

It’s not a bad idea to add a few speed bumps to your off-road adventure, too. For that reason, skid plates prevent a lot of damage from being done to your vehicle.

There is a lot of misinformation about skid plates and off-road vehicles. If you’re looking to drive your vehicle on the open road, you should consider installing a skid plate. A skid plate can help protect your vehicle from damage caused by rocks, roots, and other obstacles.

However, some skid plates do not have an effect on the aerodynamics of your vehicle at all. A skid plate is just one of the many things you can do to protect your vehicle from damage in the event that it is involved in an accident.

A skid plate is just one of many things you can do to protect your vehicle from damage in the event that it is involved in an accident. A Bull Bar is another accessory that can directly benefit your truck. That and a skid plate your will do an excellent job protecting the front end of your truck.

Which Is Better: Belly Pan vs Skid Plate (Or Bash Plate)?

Belly pans, also known as skid plates, are sometimes confused with each other. However, they serve different purposes. A skid plate is a deflector plate that protects the body of a vehicle.

Belly pans are a lot more difficult to find than skid plates, but they’re also much more expensive. You’ll need to invest a lot of time and effort in order to build a quality belly pan. The majority of vehicles come with a belly pan installed by the manufacturer. If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle’s performance, then you should consider a belly pan.

Hamer bash plate made for bashing rocks and ex-wives

Or you can opt for a bash plate. A truck bash plate is a beefy-looking plate that is used mostly for offroading. They make the front of a truck instantly look tough and can make even a mall crawler look like it has left the pavement once or twice.

billy goat bash plate for tough trucks
Billy Goat bash plate will make your dirty junker look pretty badass (for Aussies only tho)

They are usually custom-made for your stuck and can be expensive. But if you take your truck off-roading you may be replacing a skit plate or belly pan more often than one single bash plate. They will add more weight to your vehicle so if it is a daily driver your MPG will decrease.

What Are Skid Plates Made Of?

The skid plate is typically made of two materials: aluminum or steel, depending on the vehicle’s make and model. There are pros and cons to both materials.

Aluminum skid plate by Murchison

Aluminum is lighter and cheaper than steel, but it is not as strong as its steel counterpart. Aluminum skid plates, however, are not as strong as steel ones. Aluminum skid plates will break, crack, and shear, which is why they should be replaced. Aluminum is a very strong metal, but it is not as strong as steel or even some other metals.

However, it can be used to make a good skid plate. Aluminum is a good material for a skid plate because it does not rust. Aluminum can still corrode, but not as easily as steel or iron.

Coastl Offroad Toyota 4runner skit plate made of steel powdercoated
Coastal Offroad complete drivetrain skid plate (powdercoated steel)

Steel plates are heavier than aluminum, but they’re still quite strong. This means that they can be used to slide over obstacles without getting damaged. Steel is also much easier to repair if it gets damaged.

Do Skid Plates Help Fuel Economy?

The best way to improve the performance of your car’s engine is to make sure that it is well lubricated. Lubrication is essential to the proper functioning of your engine, so make sure to keep the oil in good working order.

The best way to do this is to keep the engine clean and free of dirt and debris. The best way to keep the engine running smoothly is to keep it clean and free of debris.

Can You Take A Skid Plate Off?

Yes, you can take off a skid plate with little effort on most trucks and many cars. You should take a skid plate off only if it is interfering with the car’s ability to function. IF you do take a skid plate off you should get a new skid plate installed right away. Most people do not take a skid plate off because it is not ideal.

Is it safe to drive without a skid plate? Road debris can easily damage the undercarriage and the components in your engine bay. This means you can hit a rock or a sheered piece of metal and it can sever your oil tank.

This slow leak will drain oil from your engine and if you don’t catch it soon enough you will have to rebuild or replace your engine. That is not an inexpensive repair.

Also when your car is parked, rodents love to climb in and make a temporary home inside your engine bay to escape the colder weather in some areas. For more than one reason you can take a skid plate off but under few circumstances should you ever do it.

Which Are The Most Important Skid Plates?

The most important skid plates are the ones that directly protect the most vital (AKA most expensive to replace) components of your underbelly. The skid plate that covers the transmission and transfer case is probably the most vital part of your vehicle’s armor.Which Are The Most Important Skid Plates?

A skid plate that covers the majority of your truck’s underbelly is best, though it will add more weight. So judge how you value the trade-off.

How Thick Should A Skid Plate Be?

Most steel skid plates 1/8″ or 3/16″ thick, while aluminum is made at ¼” or greater. Steel is much stronger (about 2.5x) and more durable than aluminum. If it is not stainless steel it will corrode with time. You can coat it but it will only last a short while when you scrape the crap out of it (and you will even if you are driving on pavement).

Aluminum is lighter and much weaker. It will eventually break while steel can last as long as the car since the majority of parts on most cars are made out of steel themselves.

Is a DIY Skid Plate That Hard To Make?

You can easily make your own skid plate. For those with a little bit of knowledge and tools, a DIY skid plate can be fabricated in an afternoon. Of course, the larger you make a skid plate the more complicated it can be to fold and cut.

But if you need a simple DIY skid plate then you can make one very quickly. Check out this video of a young buck with his DIY skid plate he made for $20:

A skid plate is a very necessary part of your vehicle. Even a cheap Honda Civic has a plastic skid plate installed because it is much cheaper and less time consuming to replace a piece of plastic than it is to replace an expensive transmission or oil pan or another expensive part accessible from your under carriage. A simple skid plate can save you a lot of time and money.

So, are skid plates worth it? Yes, the answer is always yes. Skid plates are absolutely worth it every time.

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What Do Locking Hubs Do?

Locking hubs were made to engage and disengage the front wheels from the front shafts. The idea was to keep the parts that weren’t needed in 2WD mode from rotating, thus increasing gas mileage.

To use the brakes, you must first stop the vehicle, then shift the transmission into a 4-wheel drive. If you try to start the vehicle while the brakes are applied, the transmission will lock up and the brakes will not work. It’s best to wait until the brakes have stopped working before starting the vehicle.

Freewheeling Wheel with no locking capability

Freewheeling hubs or locking hubs engage or disengage the front axle half shaft from the hub of the front wheels.

Part-time four-wheel-drive vehicles come in a wide variety of forms, with a wide variety of ways to select 4WD. Older vehicles often come equipped with freewheel hubs that allow the driver to choose between 4WD and AWD. It can be tricky to find the proper setting for your vehicle, especially when it’s raining or snowing.

What Is The Difference Between A Manual And An Automatic Locking Hub?

There is no limit to the speed of a vehicle that can be driven on a public highway. However, you should not exceed the posted speed limits. You should keep your vehicle within the safe speed range of 70 miles per hour. So you can keep up with your limit when your hubs lock, but it isn’t a rule.

Automatic wheel locking hub what does it do?
Automatic wheel locking hub

If the 4WD is engaged and the hub locks are disengaged, nothing much happens. But that rotation will not be transferred to the back wheels.

The purpose of the locking hub is to prevent the transfer of power from the rear to the front when the vehicle is in 4WD mode.

I would suggest that you disconnect the locking hubs when you are not using them. The noise level will be lower, and you will be able to drive more quietly on the road. If you need to use 4WD, you can lock the hubs, but do not unlock them until you are ready to shift into 4WD.

Mercedes AMG locking wheel hug technology
Modern auto wheel locking hub on an AMG modified Mercedes

Is A Locking Hub The Same As A Diff Lock?

No, a locking hub is not the same thing as a differential lock. In 2WD, a locking hub does not lock the front axles together, it locks both driveshafts together. The front and rear wheels are still turning, but the rear wheels are no longer pulling. Red lines indicate rotating parts.

The most common cause of a locking hub not engaging is rust, dirt, or poor workmanship on the part of the manufacturer. If this is the case, you should have the car inspected by a professional mechanic. If the problem is with the transmission or transmission case, you should have it checked by a professional.

They aren’t doing anything but locking the axle to the hub. Locked is locked as long as they are not broken. In special cases, changing the direction of travel will temporarily unlock the hubs. I’m not sure if our hubs work like this. If they do, then manually locking them will stop this moment of unlocking.

If your automatic hub system is properly working, the hub will lock. If you have an open differential in the axle, power will go to the wheel that has the least traction. If you have a limited-slip differential, the power goes to both wheels.

If you have a “locker” in the axle, it will lock both axles together like a solid rod between the wheels and both wheels will turn. (OK, they can unlock when needed in a mechanical and when you turn them off in the case of air or electric locker).

Can I Use Wheel Locks Instead Of A Diff Lock?

No. None of this has anything to do with the hub locks (manual or auto) to have true 4wd where all wheels get power, you need lockers or solid axle front and rear… but that’s not very friendly on the street. That’s why they have differentials.

Solid or locked axles each tire to spin the same speed on that axle and that’s bad in turns because you need the outside tire to rotate faster than the inside or the wheel will slip on the inside (the chirp from an axle with a locker in a corner or sometimes a spin-out).

A no open or LS differential allows each tire to rotate at different the case of my truck, I have 2-3wd in a sense. LS in the rear that will hold spinning to a point (1-2 wheels) and an open front differential that give me 1 more wheel with power. 3wd until the rear LS lets go and only 1 spin giving me 2wd.

So you don’t have to get out and turn the hub lock. why are there manual hub locks on automatic hubs? when they don’t work automatically, you can get out and lock them manually and get unstuck.

Do I get better 4×4 action or true 4 wheel drive is there a manual way to lock my auto hub? No (OK in some cases yes). In the case of No… If your hubs are locked, they are locked whether it’s the internal auto-lock working or manually.. they aren’t doing anything but locking the axle to the hub. Locked is locked as long as they are not broken.

In special cases, changing the direction of travel (forward to back, or back to forward) will momentarily unlock the hubs for example a ’97 Ford Ranger does this.

You’ll find that your vehicle will turn out to be more maneuverable and you’ll have more control over it when you’re on the move. You can also increase your gas mileage by keeping your windows and doors closed at highway speeds.

Locking wheel hubs are great. They are necessary for certain applications and some people need them for their older trucks. For the 4x4er with 2 or 3 locking diffs, you may want a locking for looks or for additional protection against the elements. So what do locking hubs do? They lock your wheels from free spinning.

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Why Do Jeeps Hold Their Value? Are Jeep Owners Right?!?

classic jeeps hold their value better than other trucks

A 2020 Jeep Wrangler has a forecasted 5-year depreciation rate of 3%. In 5 years its value is expected to decrease approximately $1,012 from its new price of around $33,747 down to $32,735.

Not only is the Jeep Wrangler as reliable and durable as a pickup truck, but it surpasses most top brands when it comes to off-road driving. Here is the official list for comparison, together with percentages after the five-year mark.

We estimated Jeep Wrangler models on average depreciate 10 percent in the first three years when new. Our estimated confidence is 92 percent.

Jeep Grand Cherokees, like most new vehicles, lose a lot of value once they have left the shop floor. A Jeep Grand Cherokee will depreciate by 30% after the first year and up to 56% after 5 years.

Also, the two-door Jeep Wrangler had a 31.5% depreciation rate. This was better than the Toyota Tacoma, which depreciated at 32.5, and the Toyota 4Runner that depreciated at 35%.

Jeeps Hold Their Value Compared To The Biggest Brands

Truck-based SUVs such as the Toyota 4Runner continue to be popular with buyers who need a vehicle that can tow or be driven off-road. After five years, the 4Runner has a resale value of 56.1% higher than when new.

The Ram 1500 pickup is one of the most popular full-size pickup trucks on the market today. It is also one of the best-looking pickups in its class. The Ram 1500 has a great resale value after five years of ownership.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is expected to introduce the next-generation Jeep Gladiator at the Los Angeles Auto Show in late January.

The Toyota Tacoma is one of the best-selling pickups in the U.S. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a dependable vehicle that can handle the rough and tumble of the off-roading world. After five years, the Toyota Tacoma is expected to return 60.6% of its original purchase price.

Jeeps Hold Their Value Due To A Mix Of Value And Quality

Why Do Jeeps Have Lower Depreciation Rate? Jeeps are the most reliable vehicles in the world, and their reputation has made them acquire the largest market share.

Why Do Jeeps Hold Their Value Well? According to market research, jeeps are the only vehicles that usually hold their value so well when compared to their competitors.

Do Jeeps Hold Their Resale Value? Jeeps, especially Jeep Wranglers, happen to be the best suit, and the most beautiful part is its unshakable resale value.

Not only are Jeeps reliable, but they hold their value really well throughout the years. How is it that Jeeps can go through so many years with less depreciation?

And what makes them so appealing as both offroaders and family cars? How Well Do Jeeps Hold Their Value?

The most beautiful thing is the reliability both on and off-road. The beast can conquer different terrains despite the weather condition safely.

Jeep Wranglers are known for having a very low depreciation value. The fifth-year model can be sold for as little as $2,500, which is a lot less than other vehicles of the same make. If you’re looking to get rid of your Jeep, you can get a great deal on it if you decide to buy a used one.

Jeep Owners Are Loyal To A Fault And Choose To Pay More

The four-door Jeep Wrangler is a great choice for off-road use because of its roomy interior and spacious cargo area. It is also a good choice for those who need to carry a lot of gear because of its roomy cargo area. The seats are also very comfortable and provide good support.

The interior of the new 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee is very comfortable, with a lot of room for passengers and cargo. However, the backseats in the Grand Cherokee are not as spacious as they could be.

Jeep Wranglers are sold at a much higher rate than Jeeps produced by other manufacturers. Because of this, the demand for Jeeps is much higher than it would be if they were produced at the same rate as other vehicles. Off-road enthusiasts and Jeep enthusiasts are among the most loyal customers.

Jeep is one of the most popular off-road vehicles on the market today. Off-road enthusiasts flock to the brand because of its off-road capability. Off-road enthusiasts can also be found online.

The internet is a great place to find information about your favorite vehicle. There are many forums where you can find information about your vehicle and how to make it better.

There are also many aftermarket companies that offer products and services to enhance your vehicle’s performance and appearance. When you upgrade your vehicle, you can expect to see an increase in resale value. It can also be very expensive because the Jeep itself isn’t cheap.

Jeeps Hold Their Value Because Of How They Are Driven

Jeeps are known to be a great choice for those who like to drive on the open road, even though they are not the most practical vehicle for the job. They can handle rough terrain and can even outlast many other cars.

Jeep is a car made by Ford Motor Company. It is one of the most popular car brands in the world. Jeeps have a lot of features that make them very popular. They also have a lot of resale value.

The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most popular off-road vehicles on the market today. It has a reputation for being reliable and easy to maintain. It can be driven in almost any weather condition.

High-end materials and superior workmanship combine to make a high-performance off-road vehicle. Off-road vehicles that are made of high-quality materials are also very durable.

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