4×4 Fundamentals

, CategoriesStart here to read about all the basics of 4×4 driving and off-roading. If you are new and you are scared to ask basic questions, don’t! I was a newb for a long while. Learning about off-roading is a lifelong experience.

I will always meet new people that know much more about 4×4 driving than I do. I know more than the next person, but that does not stop my thirst for understanding the ever-changing landscape of off-road driving.

It is very fun to find out the way off-road machines work and how they can work better! That really is the name of the game here. It is what this website is all about, learning and sharing that knowledge with the world for all to enjoy!

Buyers Guides

, CategoriesI have created a buyer’s guide section here so you can understand the basics needed to make the right decision on your off-roading accessories. As off-road truck enthusiasts, we are constantly looking to upgrade, change, or simply try out new truck parts.

But with new technology and advancements in materials, we are struggling to find accurate information companies can show us that is little more than marketing fluff.

The real answers, trial and error parts testing, and real-world use is the best way for you and me to understand how an off-road suspension works, or if new lockers are what you are looking for, or if there is just a lot of the same stuff being recycled into new products with a higher price tag.

This buyer’s guide will give you the essential information to make a purchase that will make you happy. The wisdom written here is from experience and real-world examples. And don’t hesitate to share yours!

How Tos

, Categories

The “How To” section of this site shows you how to fix a problem with your off-roader, or how to drive off-road, or how to understand how a part or accessory works for your 4×4 vehicle.

This is a good place to browse topics and see what holes there are in your knowledge and how to plug them! I share experiences and issues that have happened in the past and how to fix them so you don’t make those mistakes.

Not A Jeep

, CategoriesThis category is all things not jeep-related. Off-roading and 4×4 driving has a history so connected with Jeep that I need to have a section that is outside of this relationship. More and more trucks are copying Jeep and there are things that they do better but not one is a Jeep.

So all Toyota, Mopar, GM, Ford, and the rest are discussed here independently of Jeep. Jeep with the first and longest-lasting off-road legacy. We are not talking about this brand though.

On Road

, CategoriesMad Digi is a website about off-roading and 4×4 truck driving. Now, most of this type of rough and fun driving happens off the pavement, in the hills, backcountry type os places.

Now, that doesn’t mean it ALL is off-roading. There is some overlap and we discuss the things that happen to occur on-road as well. And there are many people that buy trucks and trick them out that make them look like they are ready to scale a rock or jump a sand dune, but in fact, they never leave the comfort of the pavement.

So we discuss those types of off-road trucks here.


, CategoriesOff-roading trucks and parts reviews and scores. I share what you should know, how each product, accessory, off-road part, 4×4 truck, pickup truck rig, or any other thing discussed works and performs.

All off-road parts are honestly discussed and reviewed without any bias towards any certain company or style. I lay out exactly the strengths and weaknesses of each item and if you need them.

Most of the time each off-road part has a better or cheaper competitor and you are better off going with them. But from time to time I review a great product and it will be perfect for your 4×4 pickup truck.

Truck Parts

, CategoriesHow to and tips on choosing the right off-road parts for your truck. Information about basic understanding of how truck parts work with each other and how you can gain from years of experience instead of buying a truck part without knowing what you need.

I disclose exactly what you need to know to make the right purchasing decision. I give you the confidence to buy the right truck accessory so you can go offroading and not have to worry about if the suspension you just installed and spent $5,000 on is not what you want.

Or if you need the right tires for mud riding but you bought some all-terrain rubber that is designed for a more rounded driving experience.

Don’t be a homer. Hit a homer!

Wheels & Tires

, CategoriesThis section is dedicated to all things off-road wheels and 4×4 tires. Tires will be the things you buy the most when driving offroad.

So you will need to stay on top of the different types of tires for different types of driving, the different styles of driving that require tire and wheel setups, and how to get the right shoes for your badass pickup truck.

Wheels are almost as important, and with each tire size you change, you will have to buy wheels to go with them. Some are cheap and some wheels are very expensive, so making the right choice here is crucial. Luckily I am an expert in all things offroading so saddle up and take a good read on.

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