Glossary of Terms

Displacement – The physical size of all the engine’s pistons measured in cubic inches or liters.

Hemi – Engine design with Hemispherical combustion chamber. It is a two-valve engine with domed cylinders to increase the compression ratio and drive more power.

ICE Vehicles – Internal Combustion Engines. Cars powered by an engine that uses oil-based fuel to create making an explosion inside the engine to drive pistons to move a shaft thus moving the wheels.

Locking Differential (Locker) – is designed to “lock” both wheels of the same axle together so they both move at the same speed with the same amount of force. Without a locker it would be difficult to do any rock crawling due to there would almost never be an even amount of traction.

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer. Parts that are direct replacements of the factory-made. They are the original fitted part for your car.

PSI – Pounds Per Square Inch is a unit of pressure expressed in pounds of force per square inch of area

Variable Valve Timing (VVT) – The process in an internal combustion engine where the valve of the cylinder head is programmed to open and close fast/slow, wide/narrow, and synchronized with other valves, sucking in air and out the exhaust. This process provides optimum fuel consumption, performance, or emissions.