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Car Buying VIII: What Is A Good Price For Your First Car?

Dealers love to throw confusing jargon or nonsensical terms at you to throw you off and line their pockets a little more. Follow these...

Car Buying VII: Things To Know Before Buying Your First Car (Scams)

A Continuation: Negotiating At The Dealership Part VIII
car buying dealer sales scams

Car Buying VI: Common Car Dealership Scams

Did you ever wonder why buying a car takes so long? The process is complicated especially with financing involved. To make matters worse dealers...
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Car Buying V: Should You Finance Your First Car?

There are two ways to get into a car. Pay all cash or finance it with a loan. You can also lease a car...
car buying guide should I buy new or used part 4

Car Buying IV: What Should I Get For My First Car?

Now that you've worked out the financial aspect of this equation, it's time to find out what kind of car you want to purchase....
car buying preparing for success before you buy a car at the dealer

Car Buying III: What Do I Need To Buy My First Car?

The actual buying process can vary based on where you buy a car – from a dealer or an person. Here are a few...
car buying what kind of buyer am i?

Car Buying II: How To Get Your First Car

First time car buying can be daunting. For many it can be the largest purchase of their lives. It will be something can affect...

Car Buying I: How To Buy A First Car. Where to Start??

So you want to buy a new car. Did you just spot a great deal on a 4x4 at the dealership you pass by...