Truck and SUV engines are a unique group of four-stroke automotive powerplants.

Truck and SUV engines have gained popularity over the years for their tremendous towing capacity, hauling capabilities, brute strength and durability. Many trucks today have more horsepower than cars from just a few decades ago!

What makes truck and SUV engines different from a typical passenger car engine?

In general, truck and SUV engines are naturally aspirated, sometimes supercharged or turbocharged, very large displacement V8s. This fact usually allows for more horsepower and torque. There is also a higher level of compression in these engines to ensure that they will fire on diesel fuel which has a much higher octane rating than gasoline.

Truck and SUV engines are typically paired with a heavy-duty transmission and rear axle to handle the increased weight and power. 4×4 systems are also popular in SUVs and trucks for their off-road prowess.

The bottom line is that truck and SUV engines are built to do one thing: get the job done!