What Is A Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar? The Rundown

Currie is a known name in the field of off-roading and is especially famous for the Currie anti-rock bar for TJs. The need for balanced car weight distribution while moving through rocky terrains and rugged conditions prompted Currie to invent this anti-rock sway bar.

The Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar is a clever little device that will help you maintain control of your vehicle. It looks like a small shock absorber and attaches to the front axle. The sway bar works by applying pressure to the opposite side of the suspension when one wheel moves up or down, so it’s always working in tandem with springs and shocks. What this means for you is more stability, even during off-roading adventures!

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Truck sway bars and kits will help you keep your vehicle more stable on and off the road. Your off-road truck will benefit from an anti-rock say bar by reducing body roll, allowing you to maintain control in turns and when off-roading.

The Currie anti-rock sway bar is designed for the front of your truck or Jeep Wrangler and will greatly reduce body lean during turns giving you better handling in all conditions. By reducing body lean also helps reduce stress on your vehicle’s springs and shocks which can increase their lifespan.

Currie Anti Rock sway bars are available in a variety of sizes and prices to suit your needs. These sway bars will bolt onto any front axle setup you have, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility with your current equipment.

And if you’re looking for something more than just an anti-sway bar, Currie has sway bar kits that include their adjustable Panhard bar and Currie Johnny joint that will reduce axle wrap.

What Is A Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar?

Though off-roading is done in any place with no roads like the beach or in the hills, usually rock-crawling has the reputation of being the most extreme version.

A Currie antirock bar is meant to replace the factory-built sway bars that hinder your Jeep’s flex. Built from high-strength heat-treat steel providing the same strength and quality as factory-made sway bars.

For increasing the vehicle’s flex, Off-roaders have to disconnect the sway bar and connect it again for daily use purposes. These sway bars ensure that vehicle does not roll over while turning on roads and the body remains connected to the frame.

But this characteristic limits the car’s balance on rocks while off-roading and that is the reason sway bars are disconnected. Driving the vehicle with disconnected sway bars poses an extremely high risk of car rollover as the frame is not connected to the chassis anymore. One can easily notice the lack of stability even while driving on a straight road with disconnected sway bars.

Imagine getting under the car while it’s filled with mud to connect the sway bars and while starting your off-roading. But the Currie Antirock bar frees you from this discomfort as they don’t need to be disconnected once installed.

Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar, What Is A Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar? The Rundown, Mad Digi

How Does Currie Antirock Sway Bar Work?

Curie Antirock bar work provides you the same level of flex while off-roading over rocks that disconnected sway provides. The sway bar, also known as the torsion bar, ensures that both the front and rear axis get equal distribution of weight and work in a synchronized manner.

For example, if the front wheel lifts 7 inches into the air, the opposite wheel of the rear axis would be dip 7 inches. And this will happen in the same manner while rear dips too. The coordination between wheels increases the traction between tires and rocky surfaces, make off-roading far more adventurous. This provides much-needed stability to drivers while maneuvering over rocking terrains.

The Currie anti-rock bar provides you the much-needed “useful flex” almost equal to “maximum articulation”. Maximum articulation means the flex the tires provide upon disconnected sway bars. This articulation doesn’t really convert into anything useful while offroading as it results in no weight on the tire. Though it really provides really good pics for Instagram the utility of maximum flex is almost nada.

But the “Useful flex” is the maximum flex that has traction between tires and ground taking into consideration the surface and other surface variables.

The Currie anti-rock sway bar has been receiving good reviews from users who are surprised by the maneuverability over rocks and rough terrains.

Some users reported that they could not even feel the difference in body sway while driving on road. All of them are happy with the increased off-roading experience and call the Currie antirock bar worth every penny.

The Currie anti-rock bar contains the following components:

  • the sway bar
  • semi-gloss black powder coated bolt-on steel frame brackets,
  • bushings,
  • semi-gloss black powder-coated arms
  • adjustable length sway bar links
  • necessary hardware,
  • and step-by-step instructions.

Unit bolts into existing holes in the bottom of the frame rail and attach to the stock mounts on the vehicle’s axle housing.

To get the Currie antirock bar installed, it is best to take your vehicle to the experts though there are several manuals and DIY videos available over the internet. There is no need to do any drilling in the vehicle’s frame for removing the factory-built sways bars and connecting the Currie anti-rock bar.

Once connected, you won’t have to disconnect the bar for driving either on roads or while off-roading. This provides would provide you huge relief from getting under the car for connecting and disconnecting the sway bars.

Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar, What Is A Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar? The Rundown, Mad Digi

Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar Advantages

More even tire wear and handling. The stock sway bar acts as a torsion spring between the frame and axle which twists when the front end is pushed away from the frame (body roll). The Currie Anti Rock sway bar resists this twist and does not allow body roll to take place, thus preventing the wheels from following the contour of the road, keeping them on track. This will increase tire wear and handling abilities.

Decrease chassis twist (wheel hop). The Currie Anti Rock sway bar keeps the front end planted which eliminates wheel hop or traction roll regardless of whether you are accelerating or braking. Keep in mind that the stock sway bars act like torsion springs so when the front wheels are pushed towards the frame, the sway bar twists and reduces chassis stiffness which causes wheel hop.

Increased suspension performance. The Currie Anti Rock sway bar immediately locks up on initial turn-in for high-speed cornering that cannot be achieved with OE or aftermarket torsion bars. This will produce faster lap times, increased steering response, and driver feedback while keeping the front tires firmly on the ground.

Decreased roll center migration. The stock sway bar can track the road while at the same time push the axle towards the body creating a very undesirable handling characteristic called roll center migration.

This is where an increase in caster angle actually pushes the wheels down into the ground or toward the center of the road when cornering. This reduces front-end grip and causes the vehicle to sway (roll) excessively in high-speed turns.

Increased ride comfort. What? You’re rock hopping or flying through some dunes. But it is a more comfortable ride? The Currie Anti Rock sway bar isolates body roll to a single rearward arc making it much more controlled and easy on your back and neck, especially on a long highway drive.

Increased overall vehicle stability. Increased front roll stiffness equals increased rear roll stiffness, resulting in a flatter and more planted feel while cornering. This will also increase the feeling of being “glued” to the road.

Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar, What Is A Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar? The Rundown, Mad Digi

Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar Disadvantages

In general, the Currie Anti Rock sway bar is a great upgrade for jeeps. The disadvantages vary from person to person and no serious damage has been reported from these defective sway bars yet. ​

One of the major disadvantages was bad welding between links in some cases, meaning that it wasn’t an actual anti-rock link but merely a regular sway bar. There have been reports of people putting the sway bar through stress tests and having it fall apart within a couple of months.

People who did not stress test their link generally reported no problems with it and did not experience sway bar failure (at least for over a year) if they did the proper torque specs on the bolts that connect it to the axle and chassis.

Another disadvantage is that they do not perform as well as their competitor’s sway bars such as the JKS or Superflex under high stress. This includes wheeling at high speeds on rough terrain over rocks etc. They are designed to drive on roads comfortably, but if you want a greater offroad performance then other sway bars may be a better option for you.

The last disadvantage is the price of this sway bar compared to other options on the market. At around $249 plus shipping, it’s not a cheap upgrade by any means. Even if you factor in the welding cost, hardware, and general labor required to install this sway bar it’s still relatively expensive. It may not be the best bang for your buck, but if you want to give your jeep a more comfortable ride then it’s worth every penny.

Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar, What Is A Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar? The Rundown, Mad Digi

Main Takeaways – Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar

So, this Currie anti-rock bar could be one of the most important accessories you can buy for your offroading passion. You can shop online or contact your nearest dealer to buy one. We hope your knowledge of Currie anti-rock sway bars has increased and you can decide for yourself to get this or not.

The best parts of a Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar are its sturdy and lightweight material. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Will give you maximum clearance. Adds to the off-road capability of your 4 by 4 vehicle.

It will certainly improve your jeep’s undercarriage angle if installed properly with good components and is reasonably easy to install at home too (DIY). It reduces body roll in hard cornering and feels a lot more stable on the road.

I am sure you have also been thinking of offroading your vehicle from time to time, so I hope this article will help allay some of your fears when it comes to buying a Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar

We hope you can buy this product with confidence and can enjoy your drive on the road.

Thanks for reading and stay dirty