What Is The Best Electric Trailer Jack? Husky Vs. Bulldog

Trailer jacks have changed significantly over the past decades, thanks to new technology and design. Over the past few decades, manufacturers have developed new patented technologies that improve their trailer jacks significantly.

Unlike the traditional trailer jack, modern designs offer more versatility, easier installation, and maximum loads. Depending on your specific needs, preferences, and budget, you may find a manual unit more suitable. However, if you want to take the trailer jack to the next next, an electric model is a must.

Husky Vs Bulldog Trailer Jacks

Husky and Bulldog are among the top brands in the trailer jack market. Both companies continue to deliver premium-quality trailer jacks that sustain minimal damage with hourly, daily, or weekly use. Ensure you get your money’s worth from this investment by opting for an electric trailer jack by Bulldog or Husky.

What Is The Bulldog Electric Trailer Jack?

The Bulldog name is registered to the Horizon Global Corporation. The company opened for business in 1920. Over the last 10 decades, Bulldog has made significant changes in its traditional trailer jack design. These changes are part of an effort to ensure Bulldog Trailer Jacks meet the needs of modern businesses and consumers.

Today, the Bulldog product line consists of premium-grade gooseneck hitches and couplers, powered and manual trailer hitches, and the wedge latch coupler. All Bulldog products are designed to deliver maximum quality, strength, safety, reliability, durability, and longevity.

More About Bulldog Electric Jacks

Bulldog is one of the leading manufacturers of trailer jacks. It offers a wealth of products ranging in power and capacity. Regardless of the model you choose, you can rest assured knowing that Bulldog is a reputable company. You’ll receive a great product for the price.

The Bulldog 500199 is a powered drive A-frame tongue jack with a capacity of 4,000 pounds. Thanks to the single-axis level, level deployment is simple and convenient.

Plus, the jack features an emergency manual override so you can continue using it when the battery has been trained. It features 3 LED lights so you can easily attach and detach the coupler day or night.

Again, it is vital to understand that the parameters and characteristics vary significantly from one model to the next. Therefore, consumers will need to evaluate each make and model before picking the best one for them. You’ll also need to compare different models from several manufacturers.

Emergency Manual Override

While it would be very unfortunate, there is always the possibility of a drained battery. Again, this would be inconvenient, prohibiting the operation of an electric-powered trailer jack. However, if your electric jack is a Bulldog, there will be no interference with the operation, even if the battery dies.

Some Bulldog models are integrated with a manual override for emergencies, such as a dead battery.

LED Lighting

It is not unusual to find yourself loading or unloading a trailer filled with equipment, weighing several thousand pounds. Low-light conditioning can compromise your safety when loading and uploading a trailer.

Do not fret, Bulldog has you covered. The company took consumer safety into consideration when designing its 500199 Electric Tongue Jack. The jack is embedded with LED courtesy lights that illuminate the coupler area. Load and unload safety in the pitch dark, thanks to the Bulldog’s LED coupler lights.

What Is The Husky Electric Trailer Jack?

You do not need to be a carpenter or handyman to have heard of Husky. Since 1924, Husky has advanced in the tool industry as one of the most prolific brands. Today, the company makes everything from utility knives to screwdrivers to toolboxes to trailer jacks.

Whatever you are looking for in the tool industry, you can just about find it with the Husky logo. In addition to an extensive tool product line, Husky is becoming more notable for its competitive and fair pricing, efficiency, reliability, durability, and longevity. All of this, you will see in abundance with Husky trailer jacks.

More About Husky Electric Jacks

The Husky Electric Trailer Jack is virtually what its name entails. It’s an electric-powered trailer jack that automatically lifts and lowers most utility trailer(s). Whether, you are hauling a boat, compressor, equipment, or an ATV, you can use this jack to automatically lift up and lower your trailer smoothly, quickly, and effortlessly.

While there are a variety of Husky electric trailer jack models available, most of them just have one wire that delivers power from your vehicle’s battery to the unit.

Depending on the existing setup, an electric wire runs to the 12-volt accessory circuit on the 7-way plug of your trailer’s wiring. The jack normally grounds at the mounting hardware, eliminating the need to run a ground wire. If you are currently utilizing a 4-way trailer plug, you will have to upgrade to the 7-way.

Remote Capabilities

While there are many things to like about the Husky Electric Trailer Jack, there is one unique thing that makes some models stand out above their top competitors. The remote capability is drawing more and more consumers to Husky trailer jacks because there is no need to be anywhere near the trailer to control it.

In fact, you can lower it down on the ball hitch, while you are sitting in the front seat of your pickup truck. Talk about making life easy. In addition to this, it also makes the process much safer. Without the need to be anywhere near the trailer jack, bodily injury due to mishaps will never be an issue. You’d be surprised how many mishaps occur when loading and unloading trailers on hitches.

Most of Husky’s remote-capable models come with an additional key fob and work within a range of up to 40-feet. Basically, you can be 40-feet away from the trailer and raise it up and lower it with the remote. For models without remote capabilities, manual operation via a switch is required. You simply flip a switch to lower and raise the jack. While this works just as well, it will not be nearly as efficient.

Maximum Lifting Capacity With Ball Bearing Design

Whether you are going to be lifting, lowering, and towing to the max or not, it pays to have a model capable of going the distance. This is something Husky prides itself on. The brand has several models capable of hoisting 4500 pounds, which is considered a heavy-duty jack in the towing world.

Also, some models utilize a 2.25-inch steel tube and a ball screw assembly, allowing the ball bearings to roll through the shaft’s threads and nuts. Unfortunately, this is not possible with some competitor brands because they do not utilize the standard ball screw.

Because Husky chose to take advantage of the ball screw, the wear and tear will be minimal. The ball screw works by utilizing rolling friction instead of sliding friction. This design works more efficiently by minimizing the amount of amperage drawn, resulting in less heat and extended life of the unit.

Simple Installation

No one wants to burn an entire day installing an electric jack. No one wants to pay a professional to do the job either. Unfortunately, this may end up being the case with some brands. That will, however, not be the case with the Husky Electric Jack. Installation requires very little mechanical expertise because it’s simply a direct replacement for the crank-up jack.

Electric Trailer Jack Similarities

Although there are many differences between these companies, they share many similarities as well. Therefore, it is a good idea to gain a better understanding of the similarities and differences.

One thing they have in common is versatility. Whether you buy a Husky or Bulldog, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to use it for many applications. It may work for RVs, trailers, and other vehicles. In addition to this, consumers need to realize that both jacks are manufactured in China.

There might be a few exceptions to the rule, but most jacks from both companies are made in China and imported elsewhere.

The appearances of the two are similar. The primary difference is the small logo place on the jack. If it weren’t for the logo, you likely wouldn’t know the difference. Finally, both companies are respectable.

Bulldog products come with a one-year warranty, but some products have lengthier warranties. As for DTS Manufacturing or Husky, the company offers a good warranty. The Husky Brute Power Jack is protected by a one-year warranty.

Regardless of the brand you pick, you can guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the results.

Which Would You Buy?

It can be difficult to decide between a Husky trailer jack and a Bulldog jack. Ultimately, the best product for you depends on what you’re after. With a Bulldog electric jack, the system will use a conventional screw-drive feature.

As for the Husky, it will most likely use a ball screw set-up which means it consumed less battery power. Many will agree that the drive system of the Husky is better. Still, this doesn’t mean it is the best for you. It is wise to carefully consider your options before picking one brand or the other.

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