How To Fix A Leaking Tonneau Cover. Help Me!

  • There’s a good chance that most of those leaks can be stopped by closing up some gaps
  • The Tonneau covers are designed to be fitted with slits and adhesives at the sides, as well as a bottom seal that will immediately cover any leak
  • A Tonneau cover is most likely not going to keep your truck bed 100% dry
  • Water can lead rust or ruin if left unchecked in some cases such as bags getting wet with rainwater because they aren’t sealed off properly

Being in control of the car’s engine makes me feel powerful and confident. I love taking long drives with my family, friends, or on solo trips around town– listening to it rev as we go over hills is one of my favorite parts!

The best vehicle for road trips?

A pickup truck- they can withstand all sorts ills from treacherous roadsides that would wreak havoc upon any other type auto alike while maintaining their cool exterior demeanor at every turn; plus you’ll have plenty space inside if need be (especially when considering how many people will want seats next time)!

I don’t know about you, but when it rains I cannot help but look at the rearview mirror and glance down at my cargo bed. Is everything safe back there? Did water get inside or leak through somewhere on our truck’s exterior.

Because if so then that would be bad news for all those precious things in your vehicle! Our tonneau cover needs high-quality accessories too; otherwise, we’ll just end up with an expensive mess like last time.

Are Tonneau Covers Supposed To Leak?

A tonneau cover is a great investment for any person who needs to store their truck. The protection it provides can’t be understated and will save you from many headaches down the line!

When properly installed, your new bed liner won’t let much water get inside – usually just drops during heavy rains or something spilling out of an open door at waist height (or higher).

Even though your new liner will keep water out if you do end up with a problem make sure to know the source of the leak and not just how it got in there.

Here are some possibilities for why your cover started leaking

  • Your truck’s existing weather stripping wasn’t replaced at installation time even though its age was showing through.
  • The sealant that was used at the time of installation has since worn away and needs to be replaced.
  • You have a tear in your cover and it’s allowing water in.
  • There is a gap along the edge of your cover and the bed rail.

If you’re experiencing any kind of leakage from your tonneau cover then it’s time to get to work!

Can A Tonneau Cover Be Repaired?

With the rise in popularity of using soft tonneau covers, many people are beginning to think that they’re made out of leather. However vinyl is far more common than you would suspect and can actually be better considering its durability!

If your truck has lost some protection because of this mistake (and hopefully it won’t) then don’t worry; there’s an easy way around getting your old look back with just a few supplies from any home improvement store

The easiest solution for removing small patches/damages on these types of coverings without having them completely disappear forever…the Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit by DAP Products LLC In addition not only does repairing damage help improve aesthetics but also helps maintain resale value too if the cover is banged up so bad it needs replacement.

How Do You Fix The Leaks On Your Tonneau Cover?

If you are wondering why your stuff gets soaked behind the truck when it rains, there’s a good chance that most of those leaks can be stopped by closing up some gaps. Even with their provided seals though, water will seep through eventually.

So make sure to stop any potential for flooding by covering these unnecessary openings in between the top of bed rails and tonneau covers! There are various materials out there depending on what suits best: plastic or metal clip-on panels work well.

But if money isn’t really escaping my wallet right now then cloth tape might do just fine too (but no matter which one we go with let me help ya’ keep dry).

PVC Pipe Insulation Barrier

Water pipe insulation might be something you can find at your nearby hardware store because its material of choice is rubber, but we’re guessing it won’t take long for this solution to become popular in the marketplace since everyone needs help with their plumbing problems!

Not only does water-resistant vinyl perform well and provide peace of mind about leaks or breaks during the winter season (when outside temperatures often prevent us from turning on our faucets), these supplies also work best when applied by professionals who have years of experience insulating pipes like yours.

The Tonneau covers have already been designed to be fitted with slits and adhesives at the sides, as well as a bottom seal that will immediately cover any leaks. You just need to place them where there are gaps or around an area of leakage in order for their hard-wearing properties to come into play!

Install More Pickup Bed Seals​​​​

If you have a slightly leaky Tonneau cover, the best way to fix that can be by purchasing more sealant. With it being affordable and easy to be found in any hardware store nearby, this will surely keep your water from leaking onto car seats or other pieces of equipment inside!

Buy a new size-appropriate tonneau seal at each location where there has been significant fading on an old one (this could mean many places). Though they come in various sizes for all types of vehicles – just make sure not too large openings are left when installing since these may cause awkward shifting which leads back to even larger problems down the line

Truck Bed Seal Kits

Another sneaky and highly effective way to fix your leaky Tonneau cover is by installing a bed seal kit. Not only will it protect you from the rain, but also snow and dust with its extra seals! In just minutes this installation finishes quickly.

Just make sure that nothing gets in or around those vital parts inside of your truck’s cargo area where water could go when there are leaks on both sides like mine were before I used these kits (which ended up costing more than what they should’ve after adding onto other expenses).

Applying this may seem effortless, but the process of finding it goes in. Other than that, it is more expensive than two other kits and you won’t need anything else for your truck bed linen setup so everything will be saved time-wise with just one purchase!

Some people buy these drainage systems which keep water from gathering behind their cargo area by installing them underneath or below where they’d like to install liners/matting; rest assured knowing whatever money’s spent would get those things done right while serving its purposes too since nothing beats results!!

Tonneau Cover Repair Steps

You have to be very thorough in fixing the leaks on your Tonneau cover because if you do not, then it’s going to happen all over again. Here are some steps for how best to fix them!

A leak is one of those things no one wants – but luckily there’s an easy way around: just follow these instructions and make sure every inch gets sealed up tight so that water doesn’t get inside- nobody likes a wet mattress or truck bed right?

  1. Put cardboard on the lining of your cargo bed or have someone inside with a flashlight.
  2. Completely cover the cargo bed and use a garden hose to sprinkle water on it. This will make it seem like rain is falling on your car.
  3. First, open the cover of the pipe. Find where it is leaking. Then mark those spots with tape or a marker.
  4. Use your preferred material to cover up the leaks. Use the instructional material as a guide to avoiding mistakes.
  5. Check the bed again after you have found and covered any leaks. You should test it out to see if it still has leaks.
  6. Repeat until you have no more leaks.

Test For A Complete Seal

If you see water seeping through your Tonneau cover, the best thing to do is line it with cardboard. This will keep as much of that wetness out and help avoid any damage inside! A flashlight positioned in or near there may also reveal more leaks if the spray isn’t enough (though this might take some time). If all else fails though – just call us because fixing covers like these can get expensive real quick.

Do Roll Up Tonneau Covers Leak?

A Tonneau cover is most likely not going to keep your truck bed 100% dry. There are times when you can get some drops of water in there during heavy rainstorms but for the most part, they’ll only be able to take on one or two at max before being foiled by their silicone sealant membranes!

The short answer? When installed properly (which isn’t always easy) these covers work great at keeping puddles from forming on top and preventing rivers from pouring onto seats below–though we’re sure no one wants that anyway. Quite frankly, I’ve never seen one that can keep water out 100% yet remain easy enough to roll up and store away when not in use without needing anything else like a support system for example (which isn’t needed with these!)

Main Takeaways – Fixing A Leaking Tonneau Cover

If you want to protect your car and the things inside, buy a waterproof Tonneau cover. The reasons being that water can lead to rust or ruin if left unchecked in some cases such as bags getting wet with rainwater because they aren’t sealed off properly by another layer like an umbrella might be for instance which is just one trick I’ve seen people use along with other materials used on them according to preference.

But remember this; too much leaking will require professional help eventually! Before that though, you can always try out some leak fixes that come in tonneau cover kits at places like Amazon (and other retailers) to get the job done right while saving time and money.


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