ATRAC Vs Crawl Control – Is Toyota TRD Genius Or The Devil?

What is the Crawl Control system? Developed by Toyota, Crawl Control controls your truck or SUV in low-speed off-road conditions where traction is minimal. Similar to all-wheel drive crawl control goes further where it automatically controls each wheel with throttle and brake to give you create the most control. It will minimize your tires digging deep in sand and water.

It is sort of a dumb autopilot where you can focus only on steering. The traction and acceleration parts are completely automated until you deactivate them by pressing on the brakes. Crawl Control has been around for a while. It is a feature pretty much only offered on TRD or Limited Toyota trim packages.

What Year Did Crawl Control Come Out?

Crawl Control was developed and debuted in 2008. 5th generation 4Runners were equipped with Crawl Control starting in 2009.

How Does Crawl Control Work, ATRAC Vs Crawl Control – Is Toyota TRD Genius Or The Devil?

How Does Toyota Crawl Control Work?

Crawl Control is very similar to all-wheel drive and cruise control. It takes power from wheels that don’t have traction and send the power to other wheels. Crawl Control does this automatically while maintaining a constant speed. It uses numerous sensors to monitor traction, speed, and braking.

How Does Crawl Control Work, ATRAC Vs Crawl Control – Is Toyota TRD Genius Or The Devil?

So you are essentially riding through the sand or mud with your feet on the dash steering through the many surprises that come along. Your truck’s Crawl Control will maintain a constant speed and traction (if possible) through demanding terrain. This way you can concentrate solely on steering and maneuvering instead of trying to keep the wheels from spinning constantly.

Does The 4Runner Have Crawl Control?

The fifth-generation 4Runner (2009-current) was the first to offer Craw Control. It started is available in the “Trail Edition” (now part of the TRD line) with some other off-roading features that let you drive off-road in luxury:

“The new Trail Edition offers Toyota’s Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) and Crawl Control which had previously only been available to premium Toyota vehicles, as well as a rear locking differential like the previous Trail Package.” – Wikipedia

Toyota has had over a decade of experience tweaking its Crawl Control feature to get it just right. It is not perfect but Toyota keeps improving since it was released in 2009.

The TRD line makes up only about 4% of the 4Runner’s total annual sales, so it would be rare to hop in a 4Runner with Crawl Control. Out on the trails, it may be less uncommon overall.

How Does Crawl Control Work, ATRAC Vs Crawl Control – Is Toyota TRD Genius Or The Devil?

Does SR5 Have Crawl Control?

No, the Toyota 4Runner SR5 trim does not have crawl control. Only the TRD package has Crawl Control, which is a step above the more basic SR5 package. The TRD trim is basically the SR5 package and Toyota adds off-road focused features to the existing platform such as:

  • Dynamic suspension
  • Electronic locking differential
  • Level type transfer case
  • Running boards

What Does TRAC Do On A 4Runner?

Active Traction Control or A TRAC is a feature used when off-roading. It transfers torque to wheels that have the most grip on the ground by actively braking each wheel that does not have any traction with the ground.

It optimizes power sent to wheels so the driver can have the most control over the SUV. It is ideal when in snow or mud-type conditions. Some like to call it a “brake locking differential” which is sort of accurate. It is an active process that acts in the same way a locking diff does.

How Does Crawl Control Work, ATRAC Vs Crawl Control – Is Toyota TRD Genius Or The Devil?

All 4Runners have A TRAC. It should not come as a surprise either. It is a simple system that has been in 4Runners for ages. It adds an immense amount of control to the vehicle, almost as much so as going from 2WD to 4WD.

The Toyota 4Runner has been an offroading staple since the early 1980s. It is almost as common as a Jeep in the hills. With this type of history, the amount of attention and experience off-roading would be hard to beat.

Toyota proves that with its features if offers in the 4Runner. From A TRAC to Crawl Control to other luxury 4×4 features, there isn’t a shortage of comfort.

The technology behind these features is not too complex, though few other automakers have it. If you wonder how does crawl control works it is not too different than locking differentials or all-wheel drive.

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