Really, Is Monroe Shocks A Good Brand?

Is Monroe shocks a good brand?, Mad Digi

Key Points

  • Monroe and Gabriel are the ones that are known to offer excellent shock absorbers
  • Monroes can handle a load of up to 1,100 lbs without the need for sagging or rebound
  • Gabriel’s 49235 is equivalent to Monroe’s Sensa Trac
  • Monroe shocks have been made in the US since 1992

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Is a stock shock absorber not working optimally? Are you looking for an aftermarket replacement that will not only absorb and dampen the shocks of the road but also will enhance the overall stability of the car? Want a suspension system that comes preassembled?

Among all the suspension manufacturers, Monroe and Gabriel are the ones that are known to offer an excellent shock absorber to the market. The quality of aftermarket shock absorbers used in your vehicle will have a significant impact on the life of your vehicle. Poor quality shock absorbers can lead to poor handling and poor performance. But is Monroe Shocks a good brand?

What Is A Shock Absorber?

A shock absorber is a part of a vehicle’s suspension system that absorbs road imperfections. Monroe’s Sensa Trac 58620 absorbers are known for their ability to handle a wide range of road conditions and still maintain a high level of ride quality.

Is Monroe shocks a good brand?, Really, Is Monroe Shocks A Good Brand?, Mad Digi

This shock absorber can handle a load of up to 1,100 lbs without the need for sagging or rebound. The Sensa Trac absorbers combine a high-quality spring with a piston that can respond very well to road conditions.

What Are Quality Shock Absorber Characteristics?

Shocks are filled with nitrogen which is ideal for use in almost all weather conditions. This fluid also reduces the overall friction and allows the piston to actuate optimally. You should have a consistent riding experience in all but the most extreme weather conditions.

Is Monroe shocks a good brand?, Really, Is Monroe Shocks A Good Brand?, Mad Digi

The nitrogen gas will help in enhancing the overall handling and comfort of the vehicle. This way you will have more control over your vehicle. Additionally, it has self-lubricating fluid seals that keep the struts moving smoothly for a long period of time.

They are an important part of your vehicle’s safety system, so make sure to keep them in good working order. A shock absorber is designed to absorb the energy of an impact, so they need to be replaced after they have served their purpose for a while.

Monroe Shock Absorber Pros

They love to advertise your semi-unique special fluon-banded piston design. It maximizes strut life and working capability while most other brands comparatively don’t. You will like the ride quality that is delivered, which was generally better than the Gabriel model.

They are among the most popular on the market because they are both affordable and high quality. Monroe shocks are known for their quality and reliability.

Is Monroe shocks a good brand?, Really, Is Monroe Shocks A Good Brand?, Mad Digi

Gabriel’s 49235 model Shocks are the equivalent model range to Monroe’s Sensa Trac shock absorbers, but their basic design is very different. They do not use a spring, but rather are fully enclosed air-charged shocks. This design allows the shocks to be precisely adjusted for different loads.

When towing a heavy load, the internal pressure can be increased to stiffen the shocks and reduce the loss. The chamber is pressurized with nitrogen gas. These shocks work on floating piston technology. They have a tube design that keeps them cool and doesn’t cause heat-related problems. They have a 46mm bore.

Monroe Shock Absorber Cons

The biggest problem you may encounter is the fact that their shock absorber can become noisy sooner than expected. It caused by the spring’s exposure to the elements. It will eventually lead to the drying of the lubrication. Once that happens, the characteristic squeaks and groans of an aging shock absorber begin.

Is Monroe shocks a good brand?, Mad Digi

Still, You may experience the kind of premature squeaking that other customers claim. We’d driven on the shocks for much longer. These are specifically recommended to buyers who will be towing significant loads and want the smoothest ride possible when they aren’t towing. The Sensa Trac shock absorbers can work great with light or heavy loads together.

So Which Is The Best Shock Absorber Brand?

Monroe is known for better customer reviews than Gabriel. Both the Monroe and Gabriel brand shock absorbers are quality products, about equal in price, and offer high-quality products. Customers have found fewer factory defects, and they get something closer to what they expect when they buy a set of Monroe shocks.

Are Monroe shocks made in the USA?

Yes, they have been making shock absorbers in the USA since 1992.

Do Monroe shocks have a lifetime warranty?

They do offer a lifetime warranty for their shocks. In fact, they are one of the few companies that will cover normal wear-and-tear. Many companies limit lifetime warranties to factory defects.

How long do Monroe shocks last?

They begin to lose their capacity to smooth out bumps on the road around 50,000 miles, and that’s when they recommend that owners replace their shocks as well.

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