What Is The Most Aggressive All Terrain Tire? The Breakdown

Everyone looks good in some fresh new shoes. They aren’t comfortable but you would be stylin’. If you are going out on a first date you’re going to put on a nice pair of shoes so you don’t look like a bum. You can’t show that side until at least the 3rd or 4th date. You can’t just whip out the friggin’ most aggressive all-terrain tire.

The same thing with all-terrain truck tires. When you have some stock street tires on a Ranger with a 6-inch lift and a 2-inch body lift you’re going to look…incomplete.

Put a set of some 40-inch mud crawler aggressive truck tires on the same Ranger and it will completely transform the entire ride. It would change the impression of the car. The only thing that can change the overall look of the car more would be a paint job.

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There are a lot of very aggressive tires that are almost useless on a truck. ATV/UTV, tractor, or construction truck tires put on trucks would be awesome to look at.

But their function would limit those of the polished 4×4 you have been working on over the last winter season. Today we look at the best all-terrain tire. But how? How do we break down the best all-terrain truck tire for the money?

Put on some 40-inch cheap mud tires on it and you’re going to have a lot of fun in the dirt with the most aggressive all-terrain tire.

The following is a list of some aggressive truck tires you can find that will make even a Mini Cooper look like it’s nothing to mess with.

Top Three Most Aggressive All Terrain Tires

Nitto Mud Grappler All-Terrain Radial Tire -33X13.50R15/6 109Q
BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3 All Season Radial Tire-28x10.00R14NHS/8PR Q 96Q 8-ply, Black (33172)
Cooper Discoverer STT Pro All-Season 35X12.50R20LT 121Q Tire
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Nitto Mud Grappler All-Terrain Radial Tire -33X13.50R15/6 109Q
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BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3 All Season Radial Tire-28x10.00R14NHS/8PR Q 96Q 8-ply, Black (33172)
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Cooper Discoverer STT Pro All-Season 35X12.50R20LT 121Q Tire
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Nitto Mud Grappler

Jeep Nitto Mud Grappler Tires 4x4 1 E1596894810213

Nitto Mudgrappler  18984.1506379533 E1585318560570My choice as the most aggressive all-terrain tire on this list is the Mud Grappler. These mud tires for trucks offer reliable off-road traction over various terrains, whether it’s dirt, rocks, or mud. I think the designer of these tires has an unhealthy obsession with knives or maybe lightning bolts. They are very apparent in these bad boys.

The massive side-lugs and 3 ply polyester sidewall construction add more protection to help prevent sidewall punctures when facing the most challenging off-road obstacles.

Engineered using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes this ensures optimal tire uniformity and quality.

17x9 Helo Maxx 791 Black Wheel 35x1250r17 Nitto Mud Grappler Tire E1585322261542While it may be bumpy, noisy, and gas-guzzling on the street it will more than make up for it on the dirt. It can be the best off-road set of mud tires for trucks money can buy even though it is designed specifically for mud.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or you’re signing up for a rock crawling competition look no further than these bad boys.

Or if you only want to polish your latest rebuild with a set of awesome-looking tires these are the choice as best all terrain tires 2020. These aggressive truck tires will make even a smart car look like it can handle the great outdoors.

BFGoodrich Mud & Terrain T/A

MBP JA 2018 07 23 À 21.26.37

10152 E1585319813622

BF Goodrich Radial Mud Terrain T A is an aggressive tread tire. It is another tire that has been designed for strictly off-road capabilities. The on-road performance will be lacking and that is fair. They have different lines of all terrain truck tires if you’re looking for an all-terrain tire. This surely isn’t one of them.

The grooves on this tire are wider than most. They are designed to shed mud and water while maintaining whatever traction they can. Contact surfaces quickly change and with a wider groove pattern it can accommodate this better than most other tires.

In the sand, the same idea applies. This tire was designed to be at home in extreme terrain.

10152 6 L E1585321128978Ideally, these tires would make a great spare set to carry with you when you want to strictly play in the mud. Or equipped on a designated rock crawler these can perform well.

If you are looking for an all-terrain tire that will perform adequately in a variety of terrains this tire is not for you.

If you are looking for a designated set of off-roading tires that can handle some serious terrain and get you out of a lot of problems then these aggressive truck tires are right up your alley.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

most aggressive all terrain tire, What Is The Most Aggressive All Terrain Tire? The Breakdown

most aggressive all terrain tire, What Is The Most Aggressive All Terrain Tire? The BreakdownIf you enjoyed the performance of Cooper’s original STT, you’ll love the new STT Pro. It’s difficult to identify a single flaw with this tire. Sure, it’s not a true mud tire, but it also doesn’t pretend to be one. It does, however, compare favorably to the BFGoodrich KM2, Goodyear MTR Kevlar, and any other top model.

Naturally, looking at this aggressive mud-terrain tire makes you think it’ll be loud on the road. In reality, given its profile, the STT Pro isn’t all that loud. The 3-2 rib pattern’s changing sizes, angles, and the number of ribs around the tread is designed to cancel out excessive road noise. Flex grooves also aid to reduce the jarring effects of potholes and bumps on the road, resulting in a smoother, more stable ride.

most aggressive all terrain tire, What Is The Most Aggressive All Terrain Tire? The BreakdownOne thing to keep in mind is that, due to its construction, this tire is heavier than others in its class. However, a number of drivers have mentioned how simple it is to balance this tire.

Overall, the Cooper STT Pro is one of the best tires in this category if you’re looking for a robust MT tire that can handle anything off-road while still being able to drive it along the highway without having to blast the radio or visit the chiropractor later.

Maxxis Creepy Crawler


Maxxis Tires Creepy Crawler M 8090 E1585274830195

The Creepy Crawler is common in competition. A rock crawling tire is virtually puncture-resistant so run at very low tire pressures when off-road or during competition. Road and Track tested these aggressive truck tires in the California desert and they performed like a soft fluffy pillow at 8 PSI.

Combined with the extra soft and sticky tread compound, the oversize shoulder lugs, wrap-around sidewall tread, and rugged tread pattern gives the tire an unsurpassed grip on the trail and in the rocks.

The Creepy Crawler does extremely well on all terrain except for the asphalt where it rides how you would think a knobby extreme off-road tire would perform. This is part of the design. As with one of the most aggressive all-terrain tire, they will perform poorly generally on the street. But that will only give you more motivation to spend more time in the dirt.

Image E1585321915571Undoubtedly one of the best off-road tires available, the Creepy Crawler should be considered an off-road only tire. That means to bring these in your trailer or truck bed and switch them out when you’re not driving on pavement the majority of the time.

Riding on pavement will be noisy and don’t expect MPG to be anywhere near your normal daily levels. The ride over 45 MPH would resemble a ride on Disneyland’s Thunder Mountain more than a comfortable weekly commute (It’s a family-friendly mild roller coaster. Lots of fun when you’re 6 years old). If on-road driving isn’t an issue then you can’t get much better than these all terrain truck tires for a lot of applications.

Yokohama Geolandar X-MT

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2 1 E1585263220313

Yokohama all-terrain tires are known for on-road tires and high performance. But the Japanese company also makes some pretty awesome and unique all terrain truck tires for when you want to leave the pavement.

Yokohama has pulled out all the stops with the all-new, ultra-aggressive Geolandar X-MT extreme mud-terrain tire. It says mud in the name but look at the tread. It is an all-around tire that will give you an edge if you want to hit any type of terrain.

An excellent all-around tire it will perform great wherever you want to go. Its quiet on-road ride makes it ideal for the weekend warrior.

The Geolandar has one of the more unique tread patterns than the rest on this list. It utilizes more of a pod structure than the more common diving streaks. This type of tread breaks up any liquid build-up by creating chaotic rough breaks in the flow of water or mud by the pod design eliminating any smooth lines liquid can easily flow through.

The tread also gives excellent grip with crawlers while maintaining excellent on-road function which is unheard of in a tire.

Yokohama Geolandar X MT G005 Side E1585320554316Yokohama is slowly building out the entire X-series line so if your size isn’t out yet stay tuned because it will be. These are some of the most diverse all terrain truck tires money can buy. That also doesn’t mean they are lacking in function in any one area.

They are more than capable in just about any terrain. Looks-wise they can make your neighbors frothing at the mouth as well.

On the road, they are not as loud as one would expect so for everyday driving they are steps ahead of many competitors. While, off-roading, the sidewalls will add grip when you are driving in loose soil and climbing crazy angles, and shed water and mud from the tire’s face.

Off-road and on-road these truck tires may give you the best all-around function though they won’t be spectacular in one arena. But the differences probably will only be felt if you drive your truck to its limit which is not what most do.

Gladiator X Comp M/T

20171029165037 Daeee811 Me 300x200

1 1 E1585263986730

The Gladiator X Comp M/T is a knobby monster. You can’t help but be impressed with its rugged looks. Beyond looks though, this tire does a solid overall job in the roughest of terrain.

The tread clears out very well, and aired down it performs well on rocks and in deeper mud. The knobs will naturally add to the on-road noise so don’t expect it to do you any favors there nor with your MPGs.

Also, there have been issues with tire balancing as well. These flaws may make this tire the quickest one to pass over on this list.

We do keep it on this list, though, because we’re searching for the most aggressive truck tires. Performance is not an afterthought but it’s second in importance.

Xcomp 331217 Triton 2 9f3b5d9e Ea3f 47d4 9ccd 2f2a9edc8457 1 E1585321610715Due to the balancing issues, we do not recommend using these off road truck tires on the street. Any driving over 30-40 MPH will likely make you want to drive your truck into the nearest lake. The vibrations can be that bad.

The ideal use for these tires would be to take the wheels and tires to a wheel shop and let them balance them. Then use them as an extra set when you’re in the hills.

Switch them out when you’re planning on staying on the dirt. Switch them out and store them in your garage for a rainy day. Easy as that.

Nitto Ridge Grappler Mud Terrain

20171030175631 5f9fd534 Me 300x200

Nitto Ridge Grappler 2 E1585318909141

Maybe the most sought-after tire in the off-road aftermarket scene the Grappler is a unique hybrid tire that merges the benefits of a proper mud tire with an all-terrain tire, but with none of the drawbacks! These tires are great general tires for off-road & all-terrain tires performing very well in all scenarios.

The Ridge series is very similar to the Terra and Trail series. These two tire lines are more focused on off-road riding, insane approaches, and sticky treads. These should be a more dedicated “second set” of all terrain truck tires. The Ridge is a more balanced version and more rounded that can be an everyday tire.

Take them to the sand and they’ll slowly pull you through. Take them up some rocks and they’ll slip and scrape up the face. Then simply return home stopping at the supermarket to pick up a 12 pack and some ribs. Park the bad boy in your garage and forget about them until Monday morning when you head to work.

Considering the price point of the Nitto Ridge Grappler, it quickly became popular because it ticks all the right boxes in terms of all-season, all-weather performance, and rugged style.Nitto Ridge Grappler Tire E1585320911379

The Nitto Ridge Grappler is perfect for light trucks and ¾ ton diesel rigs.

It comes with a revolutionary dynamic hybrid tread pattern that simply looks awesome. The Ridge Grappler won’t offend anybody but it won’t blow you away either. They designed it aesthetically for the masses and functionally for all types of terrain. And if you’re thinking chunky tread blocks and aggressive tread designs will give you a jolting and noisy ride, think again.

Pit Bull Rocker

20171102081323 44f5230a Me 300x200

Pbt Pb2250rc Xl E1585264114294

Made right here in the USA Pit Bull Tires has been a family company for 70 years. If you need a tie-breaker for any of these all terrain truck tires you may choose I can’t think of a better reason to choose these.

Usually when a company calls its product something like “Pit Bull” I would cringe and expect it to be more bark than bite. This is not the case with these tires. Looks, functionality, and price for what you get there is a lot to yap about with these aggressive truck tires.

Years ago they designed the Rocker with an even more aggressive look. But since then they have tamed it down to improve on-road performance.

Their “Fang technology” adds extra strength on the side walls by increasing the support from the shoulder to the sidewall almost touching the outer rim. The staggered lugs also reduce on-road tire noise making for a smoother and quieter ride. Now you need a different excuse to blast some Skynyrd at stoplights…

UnnamedWhile the mud tires for trucks are 100% made domestically they do cost more overall but these all terrain truck tires save jobs. It is Pit Bull Tire’s belief that if they all look out for one another, then everyone wins (damn commies). They are willing to spend more money to have their tires produced in the United States and they feel that many Americans feel the same way since they are shelling out over $500 per tire.

Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT

most aggressive all terrain tire, What Is The Most Aggressive All Terrain Tire? The Breakdown

most aggressive all terrain tire, What Is The Most Aggressive All Terrain Tire? The Breakdown

Achilles tires are made in Indonesia for the aftermarket. They are slowly becoming used by OEMs so the brand is earning some trust. Their all-terrain Desert Hawk X-MT tire is no different.

The Achilles Desert Hawk X-main MT’s selling features are its aggressive aesthetics, outstanding off-road performance on all types of terrain, and low cost compared to big guys.

It’s also pleasant enough to drive on the street on a daily basis. At highway speeds, there is some extra noise, but that’s to be anticipated with a mud terrain tire. Treadlife is greater than expected, and dry traction and handling are excellent.

The wet traction and braking performance of this tire are our main concerns. Several people have mentioned that the traction is manageable in the rain.

most aggressive all terrain tire, What Is The Most Aggressive All Terrain Tire? The BreakdownOverall, the Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT is a 35,000 mile plus, all-terrain, low-cost tire that provides excellent traction, grip, and handling on most road surfaces.

Although it may not match the performance of the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain TA KM2, Cooper Discoverer STT Pro, and a few other MT tires, this Achilles model is a solid alternative for anyone seeking a budget-friendly, everyday driving all-terrain truck tire.

Toyo Open Country M/T

20171102074026 5972619d Me 300x200

Mud Tires Open Country Mt E1585266301527

The Toyo Open Country MT (Mud Terrain) isn’t designed for only the traditional hardcore rock crawler. It will survive the toughest backcountry challenges and perform well in almost any circumstance. It excels in a comprehensive suite of conditions. These tires may be the best general tire off-road & all-terrain vehicle tires. 

Weekend warriors would be very happy with a tire such as this. It will make you happy picking up some milk from the store. Simply, hop the shoulder and drive through the mud and skip your exit if you get stuck in traffic on the freeway.

Then invite your friends to the backcountry with you on Sunday and impress them by kicking up mud all day and comfortably making it back to civilization without a hitch.

439cda D5b5afc1fb644766943cb975be1877fe Mv2 E1585322199346It’s deep siping, open-shoulder design and tread-block stabilizers improve grip. Inside it has two wide steel belts, and two spiral-wound nylon cap plies.

It comes with abrasion resistance in the sidewall. Each tire can handle up to 3,960 pounds and it hit 100 MPH on the open road.

For all-around performance, this tire is at the top of its class. Few tires can match its all-around performance. It might not be the most aggressive all-terrain tire but anybody would be happy with this tire if they are looking for something they don’t have to worry about in almost any circumstance. And the Toyo Open Country MT price makes it very competitive.

Is it the end of the world? Casually head to your nearest tire shop and pick up a set of these. Zombies and demons won’t be able to catch you!

Honorable Mentions

Black Bear M/T

20171102182244 0e1f9ce8 Me 300x200

BlackBear MudTerrain E1585266730600

The tire offers excellent all-weather traction. The tread design’s large, staggered tread blocks and high void ratio increase the year-round grip on the road surface, while the compound upgrades the tire’s rubber flexibility in colder temperatures. The tread’s shoulder pattern is pinned for studs that boost traction in ice and snow.

The tread’s upper sidewall pattern heightens the tire’s side-biting edges, which enables the tire’s forward motion in deep mud and loose dirt.

The staggered tread blocks and high void patterns maintain a clean footprint. They disperse mud and snow and eject rocks. This avoids stone retention from damaging the tire and better traction on the pavement.

S628563533233624023 P2145 I3 W2048 E1585321868295Inner construction features high-strength steel belts and a three-layer polyester carcass which work together to maintain the tire’s optimal shape.

The tread’s constant terrain surface contact upgrades its load-carrying capability, control, and durability. The intended purpose of mud terrain tire types is off-road use. They are not designed for regular highway driving.

That means if you are looking for an all-around daily driver these aggressive truck tires are not for you. They will work but not as well as some other tires specifically designed for all-terrain capabilities.

Genius Ignorante

Genius Tyres Extreme 4x4 14 300x200.jpg

Beasts. That’s the best way to describe these mud tires for trucks. Straight from the jungle, they are designed not only to get you through the places where these tires are made but to thrive there!

The 40 inch and above sizes are re-used aircraft tires. They are such good quality that they will last through 4 or 5 re-treads! These handcrafted Brazilian-made mud tires are made for serious off-roading. They are exactly what you need when trekking through Brazil’s endless jungles.

Thanks to the 10-acre rain forest backyard They were able to build, test, modify, and perfect the tires on the spot. This gives them the ultimate advantage.

Making each tire by hand ensures each is given a certain care large tire manufacturers surely cannot match. With an emphasis on quality assurance, each tire will leave the rudimentary factory identical in fit and quality.

Their website is currently down as of March 2020 but they can be contacted through their Facebook page. Brush off your Portuguese and see what they have to offer!

If you live outside Brazil you may be the only person you will ever meet that will sport these all terrain truck tires. The look, exotic value, and functionality of these bad boys will surely draw attention from almost anyone and everyone. They are one of our tops picks for the most aggressive all-terrain tire.

Read a full write-up about one man’s trip to the factory to embrace the manufacturers’ story. It is a great read with some great photos. It is a feel-good story about a few Brazilians that will make you will appreciate mud tires for trucks in general much more after reading.

Which Is Your Favorite Tire?

Main Takeaways – The Most Aggressive All Terrain Tires

Which tires do you like the best? Or do you have a completely different take on the above? Any of these tires are way too aggressive for the average joe. They function and look the part of some aggressive-looking all-terrain tires. Luckily you also know the best all-terrain truck tire for the money.

Any of these tires will drastically transform your 4×4 into an aggressive off-roader that will be sure to turn heads on and off the pavement. Look at me, I am trying to sell you a set of these! I just get excited and want to load up my truck with a fresh set. Anyway…

Complete Ratings

Thanks for reading and stay dirty

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