Off-Roading Club helps over 50 people in PNW flooding

MILTON-FREEWATER, Ore. — A group of recreational off-roaders in Milton-Freewater banded together to help people stranded or evacuated by the flooding.

In just four days the group has helped over 50 people.

Three weeks ago Emmitt Quintal and his friend Terren Manning started a Facebook group called Tollgate Offroad & Recovery.

Little did they know their town would soon be underwater and their help more necessary than ever.

“It really showed that we needed something in this large community,” Quintal said. “That we can all work together.”

The group head out in their jeeps across Walla Walla and Umatilla Counties. They do everything from rescuing people and animals to delivering supplies and towing cars that get stuck.

“Those people no one knew about,” said Quintal. “We found them.”

The members of the group problem solve in the mountains recreationally, so helping people in the flooding came as second nature.

“We were able to use our gear, our skills, our knowledge and our resources in a real-life scenario,” said Colton McGee.

The group says they think people in the community have changed their opinions about the off-roading community.

“We’ve kind of got the bad rap for the off-roaders, but I don’t think that’s the case here anymore,” Quintal said. “I think that we pulled a diamond out of the rough.”

The group is not going anywhere. They are continuing their efforts in assisting with the flood and they’re already making plans on how to better serve in future disasters.

Have a good one and stay dirty.

Helpful Links:

Tollgate Offroad & Recovery Facebok group

Oregon Offroad Recovery Site (request recovery and learn more)

The Tollgate Offroad and Recovery Club would like to thank:

Terren Manning, Shanna Manning, Blake Ondrak, Darius Vixie, Jesse Bonifer, Caleb Quintal, Johnny Wheeler, Kyle Roff, Doug Roff, Elisha Roff, Jose Gutierrez and son, Aaron Carper, Aaron Speed, Katie Speed, Tyler Shaffer, Dillon Rhodes, Jennifer McGee, Janice Garrett, Darin McGee, Linda McGee, John Boldt, John Halleaux, Cliff Easly, Justin Brunswick, Fred Throne, Jessica Throne, Justin Stiffler, Hillary Stiffler, Holly Jo Beers, Jacylnn West, Wes Rachor, Jes Rachor, Will Thomas, Adam Woodberry, William Van Roy, Sorbenots Pendleton, Elks Lodge Milton-Freewater, Julie Owens, Jacob Murry, Aaron Coleman, Summer Hodgson, Mike Smith, Caitlin Farquhar and Nixie Krusee

The recovery club is accepting donations for fuel and supply costs through their Facebook page.


Written by Mud Flap

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