What Is The Purpose Of Rock Sliders?

Rock sliders are at times a very necessary part of your truck. They can be a cheap and simple mod that can really save your undercarriage and truck frame. Specifically, if you are building a rock crawler and you plan on climbing some pretty hairy walls a rock slider is an absolutely necessity.

jeep rock slider great ground clearance

It is basically a long plank that runs under your truck where running boards would go. So when you are climbing very uneven terrain and your frame scrapes against the ground you are scraping your rock sliders instead of your bare frame.

So you should ask yourself if you need these suckers. Are rock sliders worth it to you? Is it worth the added weight if only for looks?

If you are a weekend warrior and you like to camp more than climb up these treacherous slopes you may want to focus on other accessories that would serve you better and make your truck more suited to how you drive right now. Maybe a simple lift kit is an easier and more appropriate mod.

Are Rock Sliders Worth It?

If you are like those you see on YouTube or those madmen successfully climbing seemingly vertical walls with their trucks, it is a good idea to invest in rock sliders. Rock sliders are worth it if you will be in terrain that may need them. And really, do you ever know beforehand when you may need them?

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It is a good idea to install a set of rock sliders if you hit the hills all the time, or if you have that crazy friend that always wants to test the limits of his and your truck. Rock sliders are worth it if you see yourself heading down this path.

They are a simple mod that anyone can do. You can find a simple bolt-on kit for your Jeep you can install in one afternoon. You just drill a few holes and screw the bolts directly into the holes.

You can remove the rock slider and the holes would not be seen afterward if you are worried about causing a permanent change (or just plug the holes and add a touch of spray paint and no one will be the wiser).

rock sliders are worth it and necessary to protect your truck

Rock sliders are worth it. They don’t interfere with a lift kit, snorkel, or most other mods. You can use them as a step to clean your windshield or hop into your seat if you raised your truck a bit. They help passengers and your car alike. For only a few hundred dollars they can save you thousands on frame or door repairs.

Are Rock Sliders Necessary?

Yes! Rock sliders are necessary if you are driving through very uneven terrain where your undercarriage will scrape the ground. They will save you a lot of potential damage to your undercarriage and frame rails without giving up much of any ground clearance.

rock sliders protect your truck frame and body

They are necessary if you drive offroad a lot because you never know what the terrain looks like. If it rained beforehand it could shift sand or dirt from well-known paths to create a nice bulging obstacle where you can only pass over and not around. They offer cheap protection because damage to the truck’s frame is a lot costlier than a pair of rock sliders for $250.

Rock sliders are necessary because you want to never know. I would want to have them on my truck and not need than rather than have to pass through some huge ruts or rock passes and possibly damage my truck. They can also be used as an extended jack point if you are stuck too far in the elements.

jeep rock slider side step nerf bar

Can You Use Rock Sliders As Steps?

Yes, you can use rock sliders as steps if they come with the rock sliders. Some rock sliders have steps where they are basically a running board with extra coverage extending under the truck. These types of rock sliders are more referred to as nerf bars. These steps can act as a jack point where you can get yourself out of some danger if you do not have a winch.

rock slider is a jack support

Rock sliders can serve multiple purposes. They can be steps, jack points, tire and rim protectors, door and frame protectors, and even a weapon if need be. For some, they are a great accessory that will save the owner a lot of money in the long run. And some act as running boards that don’t shave ground clearance so they can improve the look of your car too!

What Is Kick Out On Rock Sliders?

A kick out on a Rock Slider is a small wing on the rear end that extends out further than the body and sometimes the wheel. When you are moving past a taller rock the kick out will essential “kick’ your truck away from the rock as you drive forward so the rock will not continue to rub against your car, or tire, or rim, or fender, or another expensive part of your expensive truck.rock slider kick out

Kick outs are not too common though they should be. They offer more support at the back of your rock slider, and they only help. But I think some people to no like the look of a kick out or they are overly confident in their driving abilities. I would take a kick out any day of the week.

Rock sliders are worth it. They are a necessary mod for your truck if you are offroading a lot. The terrain is not trustworthy. They can get you out of a jam when you least expect it and save your doors and truck frame at the same time.

rock slider kick out is worth the money

You don’t think you need rock sliders until you come back from the trail and see the damage done to your door and chassis. Don’t learn the hard way. Get them and get them now!

This is my absolute favorite. It is more of a nerf bar. But it is excellent quality, it has a side step, and it doesn’t kill your ground clearance. And it is priced cheaper than other inferior products. I’ll get it every day of the week:

Thanks for reading and stay dirty