Do You Need A Special License To Drive With A Tonneau Cover?

If you have just installed a tonneau cover roof rack on your car or are planning to do so, one of the questions is whether you need a special license to drive on public roads if you have a tonneau cover. In most cases, you don’t need that permission, and in this article, we will explain why and say something more about it.

, Do You Need A Special License To Drive With A Tonneau Cover?

Some Basic Principles About Driving With Special Equipment

Besides the roof boxes, there are towing brackets located at the rear of your vehicle that also don’t require a special license, but they mustn’t cover the license plates.

Generally speaking, you don’t need any special permission to use the roof box. The only important rule with towing brackets is that they mustn’t block the rear lights of your vehicle and already mentioned registration plates.

Do You Need A Special License To Drive With A Tonneau Cover?

No, there is almost no case where you have a tonneau cover on your vehicle that restricts your driving. You will be able to use almost any tonneau cover on your car with a normal class D driver’s license.

Does The Type Of Vehicle Make A Difference?

Does the type of vehicle have anything to do with whether you need a license to drive with a roof box? For example, you have a larger vehicle and a roof box installed and you wonder if you can drive without a special license?

The answer is yes, the size or type of vehicle doesn’t matter. Only if you have an RV carrier there can be certain permits that need to be obtained. Even if you have a rare and unusual vehicle, you don’t need a roof box license.

However, if you want to be completely sure, for all your doubts and questions, feel free to call the DMV office where experts will give you an accurate and reliable answer to any question of this type.

, Do You Need A Special License To Drive With A Tonneau Cover?

Does The Same Rule Apply To All Vehicles?

One of the logical questions that arise is driving with a roof box on different roads. Don’t worry, the rule that you don’t need a license applies to all roads, from rural and city roads to highways. Some of the roads may have weight restrictions.

Also, if you called the DMV office and you are not completely satisfied with the answer, the manufacturers of your roof box can help you. They certainly know all the limitations if they exist.

As you can see, in the vast majority of cases you don’t need any license to drive with a roof box. Yet in some states, local authorities have decided that you need a special type of document to drive with a roof box. In addition to the DMV office, you can also contact the police department who can tell you exactly if you need a certificate.

Before driving, and even before buying a roof box, you are required to study the law and act accordingly. You probably won’t need any of the above, but check just in case so you can carelessly set up your roof box and go on a trip!