Spyderlock Wheels Review – The Best Off Road Beadlock Rims?

Spyderlock Wheels, Spyderlock Wheels Review – The Best Off Road Beadlock Rims?, Mad Digi
  • Spyderlock off-road wheels are aimed at being the best bead locks and include innovative elements
  • Spyderlock Beadlock wheels have not ignored the design of the inner bead which becomes prone to cracking and bending
  • Spyderlock wheels are available in 17″, 18″, and 20″ options with a load rating of 3,200 pounds

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What exactly are Spyderlock Wheels are and how do they perform? Today, I’ll review this revolutionary product to give you a better understanding of the wheels’ features, offerings, and other details so you know what you can expect from them.

Combining an excellent balance of engineering, toughness, and design details, Spyderlock Beadlock wheels result from real-world experience and knowledge in off-road competition and trail riding.

It is a design that does not mimic other wheels and gets rid of design flaws in current designs. Spyderlock wheels are available in 17, 18, and 20-inch options in several common lug patterns to suit various vehicle tires.

Spyderlock Wheels, Mad Digi


The advanced bead lock dominates the ever-rising levels of professional as well as recreational off-road sports enthusiasts.

Spyderlock off-road wheels are aimed at being the best bead locks and include innovative elements that make sure it is the best wheel in the rock crawling and racing community.

Spyderlock wheels are made out of A356-T6 aluminum for the best of durability and strength. They feature an inner bead reinforcement with a load rating of 3,200 lbs. The wheel, as well as the Beadlock ring, is machine finished.

These wheels come as disassembled and can be readily mounted on the tires. It comes with an aluminum wheel, ring, ring mounting inserts, valve stem, center cap, and instructions.


These wheels feature a machine-polished bead lock ring made out of billet 6061 T-6 aluminum. There is a unique vertical ribbing towards the bottom to prevent slipping of the tire. These wheels make use of replaceable threaded mounting inserts to make it easy to replace the thread in case of damage.

Are Spyderlock Wheels Street Legal?

Yes, Spyderlock wheels are street legal. Spyderlock wheels are street legal because of these locks’ balance and offer a comfortable road ride. The wheels start from 0 as a Beadlock wheel.

The uniquely designed and machined bead keeps the tire balanced as compared to standard safety beads found on other wheels. These wheels also come with additional safety and design features to make them suitable for street use.

Those who go off-road frequently would find no comparison for a Beadlock wheel. They designed the rims to clamp the tire bead in position so that they can not pop off however low you air the tires down. While some Beadlocks are DOT-compliant and street legal others are specially for off-road use only.

Spyderlock Wheels, Spyderlock Wheels Review – The Best Off Road Beadlock Rims?, Mad Digi

How Are Spyderlock Beadlock Wheels Designed?

Spyderlock Beadlock wheels have not ignored the design of the inner bead which becomes prone to cracking and bending with intense off-road impacts. The inner wheel lip is wider, thicker, and fortified and can take some serious impact. The inner bead retention ridge is also an exclusive feature of this wheel.

The outer clamping ring of the Beadlock wheel is not simply designed to keep aesthetics in mind. It has a unique star shape that reduces deflection and delivers much-needed stability and security. This extra rigidity saves the wheel from problems like loosening and failures of bolts. This feature also shields the hub against trail damage.

Spyderlock bead lock base wheels are available in two options of powder-coated finish – satin black and metallic grey. The wheel already comes with a machine finish on the aluminum construction and the powder-coated finish is optional. The bead lock rings are available in either anodization or powder.

You can powder coat them in metallic grey or satin black. You can also get a stunning look by choosing blue, black, red, green, yellow, orange, or purple colors for anodization. These finishes are also optional as the ring already has a machine finish in natural silver.

Spyderlock bead lock wheels were first introduced in the XRRA rock race at Moab in 2007. According to the team, the bead locks were the best in the market as they held up all the abuse. Other wheels would either bend or break when the riders slammed into rocks but Spyderlock has built a wheel so strong to handle the abuse.

Spyderlock wheels have a backspace of 3.5 inches specifically for off-road riding and rock crawling. None of this on-road mumbo jumbo.


This backspacing allows accommodating modified suspensions without rubbing during hard turning and articulation and provides additional stability.

Other aluminum wheels in the market generally have backspacing of 4.25” to 5” that demands additional use of wheel spacers to work well with wider tires and off-road suspensions. Vehicles that use Spyderlock Beadlocks don’t need spacers.

Spyderlock Wheels, Spyderlock Wheels Review – The Best Off Road Beadlock Rims?, Mad Digi

What Are The Sizes And Weights Of Spyderlock Wheels?

Spyderlock wheels are available in 17”, 18”, and 20” options with a load rating of 3,200 pounds. The Spyderlock 17 x 9.5 inches wheel weighs 45 pounds while the 20 x 10 inches wheel weighs 55 pounds. The 18” Spyderlock wheel is 47 pounds in weight.

The recommended torque specification for the clamping ring is 25 pounds. Tires with thicker beads may require more torque but 25 pounds should be the baseline. You should check the wheel and tire for a nice seal and correct torque. The tire should not exceed 35 pounds.

Main Takeaways – Spyderlock Wheels

If you’re looking for the best Beadlock rims, SpyderLock Wheels are one of your top options. They offer a range of sizes and colors to fit every need and will not rust like other metal wheels due to their powder-coated finish.

The only downside is that they aren’t recommended for highway use because it’s difficult to keep them inflated at high speeds–but if you plan on driving off-road anyways, these might be perfect!

Spyderlock Wheels are some of the best on the market. They are great for rock crawling and other off-road driving. If you’re looking for the best beadlocks, consider these SpyderLock Wheels—you won’t be disappointed! The best tires for rock crawling are typically those that have a low-profile tread design and aggressive tread blocks.

These SpyderLock Wheels come in multiple sizes to fit your vehicle, and can be mounted on nearly any off-road vehicle due to their performance! Spyderlock wheels are also perfect if you’re looking for some monster truck wheels!

These Spyderlock Wheels are the perfect all-around choice for your off-road needs. They aren’t recommended for highway use, though, so if you need something that can handle both terrain types you might be better off with some other Beadlocks.

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