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Best Truck Exterior Accessories Under $50 (2021)

You don’t have to go and spend an arm and a leg to make your pickup truck look good or more functional. There are so many truck accessories out there being invented and upgraded regularly that can fit your budget. However, the numerous amount of products can make it difficult to decide what to get.

As a result, I have personally compiled a list below of various exterior pickup truck accessories under $50 that I find are useful and aesthetically pleasing. These products are also made of high quality and are highly reviewed. Some of these products I have owned myself and highly recommend, whereas others are products I would like to own one day.

1. Cargo Net, Best Truck Exterior Accessories Under $50 (2021)

A cargo net is a great way to prevent your stuff from flying out of your truck bed while going full speed down the highway. You would hate to be the one who delivers unexpected presents into peoples’ windshields. Cargo nets are especially useful in securing light objects like plants/tree branches, lightboxes that are stacked above your cabin height, or full plastic bags that would do anything to catch the wind.

2. Cargo Stabilizer Bar, Best Truck Exterior Accessories Under $50 (2021)

Have you ever put a bunch of full grocery bags in the bed of your truck, drove home, then discovered that your groceries have scattered EVERYWHERE? This is where a cargo stabilizer bar could have been handy. You can place it anywhere along your truck bed in order to section a smaller area off and prevent the contents within it from shifting.

3. Lockable Hitch Pin, Best Truck Exterior Accessories Under $50 (2021)

If you’ve ever put something in your hitch receiver like a cargo rack, bike rack, or trailer, then you know that it’s usually secured by a hitch pin that can easily be removed. To remedy that, I recommend getting a lockable hitch pin. It is lockable with a key and the keyhole is covered by a weather-resistant top. I always use one with my hitch carrier because it’s light enough to steal by one person.

4. Moki Doorstep, Best Truck Exterior Accessories Under $50 (2021)

If you are vertically challenged or your truck is lifted, you probably find it a bit difficult to load cargo onto your roof if you had to. Even I have that problem with my shorter Tacoma so I purchased the Moki doorstep to help me get up there. You simply attach it to any of your door latches and you can put your entire weight on it. It can hold up to 400lbs!

5. Tailgate Net, Best Truck Exterior Accessories Under $50 (2021)

Replacing your tailgate with a tailgate net is known to improve your gas mileage. You can even install it with your tailgate still attached in order to prevent rolling cargo from rolling off your bed or use it as a bed divider to create different sections. I do recommend, however, that you replace the included hardware (more specifically the self-tapping screws) with some better quality ones at a home improvement store.

6. Tow Hitch Safe, Best Truck Exterior Accessories Under $50 (2021)

I highly recommend this hitch safe. I have owned mine for the past two years and it has been a great investment. I use it to hold my keys if I’m going out for a run or if I’m parking at the airport and am about to take a long trip. It works exactly the way it’s supposed to. It is a combo lock so don’t forget the combo once you set it!

7. Car Door Edge Guards, Best Truck Exterior Accessories Under $50 (2021)

If you constantly find yourself in tight parking spaces, always having to open your door slowly to avoid hitting the vehicle next to you, I recommend these car door edge guards. They come in a roll where you cut them yourself to the proper length and attach them to the edge of your door. It will prevent both damage to your truck and the vehicle parked next to you.

8. Truck Window Visors, Best Truck Exterior Accessories Under $50 (2021)

Window visors are an excellent way to keep your truck cooler in the summer and allow you slightly open your windows during rain. My dad always pushes me to get these on my truck since we live in Texas and it gets hot! Make sure the ones on the link are compatible with your truck. If not, just search for the right ones.

9. Truck Cargo Crossbars, Best Truck Exterior Accessories Under $50 (2021)

If you need additional space for a kayak, bike rack, roof rack, or cargo box, consider getting some crossbars on the roof of your truck. Granted, you must already have side rails for these to be installed. What’s great about this set is your ability to lock them with a key. This, of course, prevents any potential thieves from grabbing them.

10. Truck Bed Light Kit, Best Truck Exterior Accessories Under $50 (2021)

Your truck bed can be like a cave if you have a tonneau cover but it is generally dark if you have no light source for it at night. A truck bed light kit is a neat and inexpensive way to light up your bed with a simple switch. This light kit is weather-proof and can be installed using adhesive or screws. In addition, you can mount it to your underbody, footwells, or any other place on your vehicle that needs illumination.

11. Truck Bed Cargo Carrier Bag, Best Truck Exterior Accessories Under $50 (2021)

Pair your cargo hitch carrier with a good cargo carrier bag. I normally use my hitch carrier for my large cooler, but you can also put the bag on there for things that need to be kept dry, like clothes and food. This carrier bag is weather-proof and very durable. With a 20 cubic feet capacity, you can store enough food to last you several days.

12. Truck Bed Deflector, Best Truck Exterior Accessories Under $50 (2021)

Bug deflectors are mounted on your truck hood. Their primary purpose is to prevent bugs or other small debris from hitting your windshield. Bug deflectors also help a little bit with gas mileage as mentioned in my blog post. When you click on the Amazon link, make sure the deflector is compatible with your truck. If not, make the proper Amazon search.

13. Rear Loaded Bike Rack, Best Truck Exterior Accessories Under $50 (2021)

bike rack fit for your truck hitch can save plenty of room in your truck bed for other important cargo. This specific bike rack is priced below other ones but it is still highly reviewed. When putting your bikes on it, I still recommend getting a device to properly secure them on there to prevent theft.

14. Truck Hitch Bumper, Best Truck Exterior Accessories Under $50 (2021)

I have been a victim of many love taps to the rear of my truck whether at a stoplight or at a parking lot. Sometimes I get by unscathed, but other times I get a small dent. If this happens to you, a hitch bumper can be your best friend. It also doubles as a step if you needed to grab something from your bed without opening the tailgate. Unfortunately, this won’t protect your truck from a full-speed rear end.

15. Truck Tailgate Lock, Best Truck Exterior Accessories Under $50 (2021)

I briefly mentioned a tailgate lock in my blog post about tailgate theft prevention. This little gadget attaches to the tailgate hinge cup and deters any thief from stealing your tailgate when it is down. If you know how to remove a tailgate, you know that it can be done in seconds. Just make sure this is compatible with your truck.


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