What Size Kinetic Recovery Rope Do I Need?

I know you’re a pro, but I’m not. I just bought my first off-road pickup truck and I want to do everything right the first time. I’ve been doing some research on what size kinetic recovery rope should go on it.

Choosing the right size Kinetic Recovery Rope will almost entirely depend on the weight of the potential vehicles you will be pulling. Kinetic Recovery Cords, or snatch belts, are ideal for dragging a vehicle out of deep mud, sand, snow, or silt.

Kinetic Energy Recovery Ropes stretch up to 30 percent like a rubber band. This allows the band to use its own kinetic energy to help dislodge a trapped vehicle. Kinetic Recovery Ropes are safer and tougher than chains, cords, and regular tow belts.

Diameters and lengths differ depending on the weight of the vehicle. Tactical Recovery Equipment (TRE) kinetic ropes use double-braided nylon coated with a urethane polymer coating. This protects the rope against abrasion, water, and UV rays. It comes with heavy-duty eye loops at each end.

Kinetic Recovery Rope Basics

Kinetic recovery ropes come in different lengths and diameters to suit your needs. Some offroaders claim in addition to a vehicle weight rating, a good rule of thumb for an off-road truck is to use a rope that is at least 15 feet longer than the height of your vehicle when fully loaded with gear.

For example, if you have a pickup truck that’s 8′ tall when loaded up, then you’ll need about 125 feet of kinetic recovery rope to tow it out of mud or sandpits during off-road adventures!

Tactical Recovery Equipment offers a variety of kinetic recovery ropes to meet the specifications for different cars and trucks. These durable, urethane-coated nylon ropes come in various diameters and lengths depending on your vehicle’s weight so you can recover it safely even if there are obstacles around like cliffs or walls.

The heavy-duty double braided construction prevents abrasion as well water damage from rain or leaves that fall into puddles while also protecting against sun exposure with its UV coating.

Each rope comes with two sturdy eye loops at each end which allow multiple connection methods regardless of what type of car is being recovered–from small sedans to large SUVs!


what size kinetic recovery rope do i need, What Size Kinetic Recovery Rope Do I Need?, Mad Digi

Correctly choosing the right recovery rope can be the difference between pulling yourself out of a ditch every time and being stuck with a broken rope.

The rope’s diameter determines the strength and usability of the kinetic cord. There are plenty of different diameters to choose from 1/2 inch to 2 inches.

What Size Kinetic Recovery Rope Do I Need?

You should exaggerate the break force 3 times more than the weight of the vehicle. For example, if the vehicle you’re recovering weighs 4,000 lbs., multiply that by 3 (4,000 lbs x 3 = 12,000 lbs.). So you need a rope with at least a breaking point of 12,000 lbs.
what size kinetic recovery rope do i need, What Size Kinetic Recovery Rope Do I Need?, Mad Digi

Usually, you choose recovery gear to recover your own vehicle. It’s best to pick a size that suits your own vehicle’s weight best.

Quality Features Include

  • Heavy-duty double braided Nylon
  • Urethane polymer coating
  • Heavy Duty eye loops at both ends
  • Assembled by certified splicers
  • Defense against abrasion in the eyes and on rope body
  • 30% under load elongation

Kinetic Recovery Ropes, AKA snatch ropes or yanker ropes, stretch and transfer kinetic energy from the puller to the stuck vehicle. The rope’s ability to stretch is crucial. It sets a quality kinetic recovery rope’s design apart from a traditional tow rope or tow harness.


Best Kinetic Recovery Rope Best Practices

  • Check that the equipment is in good shape and not damaged. A kinetic recovery rope needs to have a minimum break load (MBL or MTS) is approximately 2-3 times the GVW. Follow the instructions in the chart below to pick a rope for your vehicle.
  • Remove any obstructions from the stuck vehicle’s direction, so that it has a clear way out of the stuck.
  • Mount rope on both vehicles-use a suitable shackle or tow point. Use recovery points on the farm that are welded or bolted.

what size kinetic recovery rope do i need, What Size Kinetic Recovery Rope Do I Need?, Mad Digi

WARNING: Never attach recovery equipment to a tow ball. It’s not designed to be used this way and it may malfunction, resulting in serious damage.

  • Ensure the environment is well open to all spectators. No person should be within 1.5x the length of the rope of either vehicle unless one vehicle is within. Tow out the vehicle. The towing vehicle will take off in the tow rope with slack and travel up to 5 mph max.

WARNING: With a correctly fitted chain do not exceed 5 MPH

  • Put a driver in the stuck vehicle so they can control the vehicle once it is recovered.
  • Unhook your rope and store it in a safe place.

Specifications & Range of Kinetic Recovery Rope

When trying to recover a stuck vehicle from deep mud, sand, snow, or silt it is important to use the right recovery tool. The kinetic recovery rope can elongate under load by 30%, allowing for kinetic energy that will help dislodge and pull out the stuck car with its own strength instead of relying on another power source.

It’s safer than chains cables and tow straps because they are not as hard on vehicles yet have just as much capability in pulling them free safely.

The rope properties below are the strengths reported for the sizes of the rope that we make. The Vehicle Class is a guide for selecting the correct rope size for your application.

It is not hard and fast law. Many environmental variables such as slope, form, and strength of terrain vehicles mire it. They all play a role in deciding the force to retrieve the stuck vehicle.

WARNING: Do not pull or twist sideways on the recovery points they are designed to handle side loads.

You may encounter crazy weather conditions. These conditions will only add stress and the potential for equipment failure. Having a rope that is way too strong is better than one that just meets the limits of your vehicle.

Main Takeaways – What Size Kinetic Recovery Rope Do I Need

A kinetic recovery rope is the ultimate off-road accessory for your pickup truck or 4×4. With a wide variety of lengths and strengths to choose from, there’s no need to worry about being stranded in the middle of nowhere if you have one of these handy ropes on board!

It pays to be prepared when adventure calls – take care with what size you buy so that it will fit around your vehicle nicely and still provide enough length left over to get safely back up onto solid ground again should you find yourself needing it.

The size of the kinetic recovery rope you need for your offroad pickup truck will depend on the weight of your vehicle. If you’re looking to tow a light-duty passenger car, then we recommend using a 3/16″ rope and if you are towing something larger like an RV or boat, we would recommend at least 5/8″.

It’s important that when purchasing this type of equipment, it has been tested by professionals who have experience with these types of vehicles. We hope this blog post helps! Thanks so much for reading.

Thanks for reading and stay dirty