Will Ford Make An Electric Truck?

According to Ford, the all-new EV Ford F-150 will maintain the truck’s legacy of power and performance. How much do you ask? Ford showed a pre-production EV F-150 pulling a train weighing 1.25 million lbs. The F-150 EV production tow rating will definitely not come close to the 1.25 million pounds (why not???).

We expect the EV version to equal, if not surpass, the ICE version PowerBoost model’s 12,000+ pound tow rating. We now are confident answering will ford make an electric truck by 2022. Unless production issues or a lack of demand change it is full steam ahead!

Check out this commercial of the Ford electric truck pulling train weighing 1,250,000 pounds on train tracks:

We also expect engines located on each wheel and with a range of 200-300 miles. Range estimates include a bed fully-loaded or the truck towing something. An empty truck should perform much better.

Ford has invested in a rival electric truck manufacturer who has plans to debut its fully electric super-truck in 2022. Rivian’s R1T pickup will have a range of 400 miles with its 180 kWh battery pack.


will ford make an electric truck, Will Ford Make An Electric Truck?, Mad DigiDon’t expect to see Rivian parts in the Ford EV F-150 though. The F-150 Electric sits on a modified version of the stock F-150 chassis. This could restrict the capacity of the Ford battery pack to fit into the cab the way it sits.

The new EV pickup will have improved aerodynamics. It will also have to follow laws in design (making pedestrian injuries less extreme). Changes may be a new grill, a cutting fascia, streamlined side skirts, and new wheels.

Ford will sell the F-150 electric in various trim levels though, they may cut options, in the beginning, to maintain economies of scale and keep prices (or more accurately their costs) low.

electric fors f150 rendering new front grill

Ford may take the Tesla approach to debut a new line of vehicles; Advertise a top-of-the-line “Limited” model’s features and its crazy specs. This will hype up the masses while they start pushing the more affordable XL as an entry-level vehicle.

Even so, the cheapest F-150 Electric is likely to cost more than its ICE equivalent. But the operating costs may make an EV version more enticing if the owner plans on keeping the truck long-term.

We say long term but price saving can start in as little as 2-3 years. It all depends on driving style, how many miles he or she puts on per year, the cost of gas in the area, and maintenance and repair costs. Ironically, the more you drive an EV the less you will pay in proportion to prices with an ICE vehicle. 

Note: This is only the infancy of EVs. This is the worst they will ever be. They will only continue to improve.

Check out this detailed breakdown by Clean Technica of the general out of pocket expense for a Tesla Model 3 and a Volkswagon Golf over 5 years:

will ford make an electric truck, Will Ford Make An Electric Truck?, Mad Digi

A more detailed breakdown of each major category you can expect to pay for 5 years:

tesla vs golf out of pocket expense

While the Tesla Model 3 costs $3,500 more to just buy, it will save you $8,500 over 5 years. Keep in mind this does not include Tesla releases regular software updates that increase its cars’ performance and range i.e. fewer electricity costs = more cash in your pocket. And when you sell your electric car in the future, that keeps its performance ranges and keeps with regular software updates, it will only put more money back in your pocket.

F150 Electric Truck Specs

What is the Ford 150 electric truck range? Ford hasn’t released pricing but a 300-mile range will keep them in line with competitors’ base models. Expectations are the hybrid F-150 will at least top the Mustang Type-E (300-mile range currently).

What will the Ford electric truck towing capacity be? While the Electric F-150 pulled 1.25 Million pounds in the video we would speculate it will pull in the ballpark of 12,000-15,000 pounds for the production model.


How much will the Ford electric truck cost? There is no question the ICE version is pricey. The hybrid version of the F-150 would not be an exception. Anything less than $100,000 would be a fair bet. This would be in the ballpark of other electric pickups debuting at the same time.

Are you ready to buy an electric pickup? Or are you digging your heels on the transition from ICE to electric vehicles? Mark my words by 2025 electric vehicles will be dominating auto sales and by 2030 we will be wondering why we ever used gas-powered vehicles to manually drive ourselves around.

Hell, maybe we won’t need to buy cars in the future.

Thanks for reading and stay dirty