A Comprehensive Guide to Angry Jeep Eyes Accessories

Jeeps are very popular in the USA; in recent years, people have started buying more jeeps because of their overall utility. Sedans, minivans, and station wagons are now less preferred by Americans as many consider jeeps to be more reliable for the off-roading experience.

More jeeps on the roads also mean you see the same vehicles everywhere, making your car look very ordinary. However, this is untrue because you can modify your jeep in many ways to make it your own. Installing angry jeep eyes or grilles can make your jeep stand out.

Angry jeep eyes are installed on the headlights giving the headlights an angry look. At the same time, the original grille is replaced by angry eyes grilles to give an even more modified look. It provides your jeep an aggressive appearance that goes with the jeep’s face, attracting most of you to buy this product. However, some of you don’t know which products are best for you and your jeep, while others are hesitant to install them. You don’t need to worry as you have come to the right place. We will take you through the process of installing and buying some of the best angry jeep eyes available on the market. 

What is the purpose of Angry Jeep Eyes?

Angry jeep eyes do not make your jeep faster or economically efficient. It doesn’t prolong the life of your jeep either. Angry eyes bezel cover or grille does not serve any of those purposes. Angry Jeep Eyes are only installed to give your vehicle an embellished look. It is an accessory but a very demanded one. People don’t usually modify their sedans but customizing your jeep is a tradition. And there’s no better way to do it than installing angry jeep eyes because it’s a cheap way of giving your jeep a distinctive look.

Types of Angry Jeep Eyes

Before buying angry jeep eyes, we need to remember a simple thing, i.e., that there are two ways of making our jeep look angry. There are two types of Angry Jeep Eyes available for us to install. One type is installed on the headlight and is usually called angry jeep eyes headlight bezels. At the same time, the other one is the whole Angry Jeep Eyes grille installed by removing the factory grille. The grille gives us a more detailed look. It is also more expensive and slightly harder to install than just the angry jeep eyes headlight bezels.

How to install 

Installing angry jeep eyes or the grille on your jeep does not require rocket science; It’s quite the opposite. Anyone can install without much effort, given they keep a few steps in mind. You must first clean the headlight with alcohol wipes to install just the angry jeep eyes. The grille then can be un-clipped by pulling outward under the blinkers. Then remove the grill outwards; angry eyes Flange is placed between the headlight and the grill upside down. Then you can rotate the eyes into the desired position. Once done, we must clip the grille back and complete the installation. However, to install the angry eye grille, we first have to remove the factory grille. It’s done by using screwdrivers to remove 6 of the push pins that go along the top of the grille. Then you pull the grille from the bottom and center while carefully removing the lens stuck from the grille. Then you remove the turn signals, hold the angry jeep eyes grille, and set it on the jeep. Then we put the turn signal inside and push back all the pins, and the installation is complete. 


Angry jeep eyes are cheap, and anyone can buy them. You can purchase it for as low as 12 dollars and as high as 40dollars, but usually, they lie within the range of 15-30$. They are much more economical than changing the entire grille. Angry jeep eyes grille is expensive because, unlike headlight bezel covers, they are not just installed on the headlights. It is a whole grille that is installed after replacing the factory-installed grille. The grille is fancier and gives a more customized look than just the eyes, making it more expensive. They can be bought for anything between 150-300 dollars.

Bestsellers on the Market: Angry Jeep Eyes

  1. Opall Black Bezels Front Light Headlight Angry Birds Style Trim Cover for Jeep Wrangler 

This is one of the best angry jeep eyes headlight bezels to give the jeep a sharp and aggressive look. It has got everything that normal angry jeep eyes should have. We can use this product for all Wrangler models between 2007-2018. 

The product is very easy to install because it does not require drilling. It is installed by pushing the clips. It is also not heavy; it weighs just 9.6 ounces, making it perfect for its purpose.

The quality of the product is top-notch as it is made from ABS plastic which prevents it from eroding, rusting, or peeling. However, it only fits the original factory front grille and is not for JL models. Nonetheless, the economical price and great customer review makes it a great pick. It is number one on the list because, compared to other products, it’s the cheapest but delivers great quality.

  1. Kkone Black Angry Bird Eyebrow Headlight Bezel Cover for Renegade 2015-2017

This product is a great pick for all models from 2015-2017 of Jeep Renegade. Just like most of the headlight bezel covers, the installation is very easy. It adds character and grace to your vehicle. 

It costs around 20$, which makes it very affordable. The angry eyes bezel cover gives the cars a muscular look. High-quality ABS plastic protects the headlights from dust and rain. They are also able to cover existing scratches. They also attached 3m automobile adhesive tape to ensure they fit the headlights nicely and tight. It is cheaper than some well-known brands but delivers the same quality, if not better. So, for people wanting to modify their 2015-2017 Renegade, this product is a great choice.

  1. Front Light Cover Angry Bird Headlight Bezels Cover ABS Trim For 2015, 2016, 2017 Jeep Renegade

Available for 20 dollars also, this product is best for the 2015-2017 Jeep Renegade. It only fits the original factory front grill. It is available in Black/Silver/Orange/Blue/Yellow/Light Green/Carbon Fiber colors. It will not corrode, rust or peel because it is made from high-quality ABS plastic. 

The installation is also very easy, requiring no drilling or cutting, just bolt-on installation. It weighs under 14 ounces and comes in 2 pieces. This product, like most products, gives your vehicle a modified look and therefore makes it to the list because it is affordable and comes in various colors. The customer reviews of this product are also very great. 

  1. Yours Front Grille Inserts & Front Light Headlight Cover Angry Bird Style Bezels Trim Cover for Jeep Renegade 2015-2018 Clip in Version ABS Red

You need to get your hands on this amazing grille insert. This is a unique product and our personal favorite. It’s neither a complete angry jeep eyes headlight bezel nor a full grille, rather a mixture of the two. 

The product best fits Jeep Renegade 2015-2018. It is easy to install with no drilling or cutting requirements. It comes with a 3M tape cover that is peeled off before installation. So, ease of installation is definitely this product’s main feature. 

It is made of ABS plastic, like most products mentioned above. ABS plastic allows protection from impact, heat, and external threats. On top of driving, your vehicle looks muscular and aggressive. The red color makes your jeep look unique. It does not influence the performance of the car in any way. And the best part of this product is it has a great return and refund policy. 

If unsatisfied with the product, you can get a 100% return in 30 days without asking any questions. The product also has an 18-month warranty policy.

  1. Jeep Accessories Bezels Front Light Headlight Angry Birds Style Trim Cover ABS Compatible with Jeep Patriot 2011-2017 Model (Black)

For just 24$, these bezels fit all models of Jeep Patriot from 2011-2017. The product is an amazing choice because it is made with ABS plastic with UVL oil, preventing rust and corrosion. It just fits the grille well but also gives a grille a very enhanced view. It’s easy and quick to install and comes with full instructions. 

The product doesn’t slow the jeep or make it heavy. It’s available in black color, which is people’s favorite color. The product belongs to a very good brand called Bolaxin. They have great customer reviews and great customer service. You can ask them any questions about the product, and they will respond to you as soon as possible. 

  1. Front Grill Inserts Grille Inserts & Angry Birds Style Headlight Bezels Cover Trim for Jeep Renegade 2019+ (Black)

This bezel cover is a fantastic product. You get jeep inserts along with headlight bezels cover for just 50 dollars. This product is custom designed to fit Jeep Renegade 2019 and 2020. The package includes seven grill inserts and two headlights’ bezels. Grille inserts and angry bird eyes bezel cover are made of ABS plastic, giving your vehicle a strong exterior as it will help resist deformation, corrosion, and impact with rocks or any hard material. 

This product also follows a quick and easy installation process like other products mentioned above. It comes with adhesive tape, so it fits tight and doesn’t require drilling or cutting. It is black, giving your car a cool and muscular look. You can refund this product within 30 days if the customer is unsatisfied without asking any questions. 

The product also has a warranty of 1 year. These features along with great customer responses, refund policies, and security make it a good option.

  1. Hooke Road Wrangler TJ Grill Cover Front Vader Grille w/Mesh Inserts Compatible with Jeep Wrangler TJ LJ 1997-2006

This product seems like a great choice when changing the entire grille for older models of Wrangler. This product fits all models between 1997-2006, which is rare. You can buy this for around 110$. It also has an easy installation process that doesn’t require drilling or any other complicated procedure. It also has large teeth holes that prevent overheating problems.

Rugged off-roading styling also makes it perfect for trails. It is hard to find a grille this good for old models of Wrangler, which is why this product makes it to our list. 

  1. American 4wheel White Black JL Front Grill, Angry Gladiator JT Vader Grille Cover w/Mesh for Jeep Wrangler 2018-2021 

This product is amazing for the latest models. It may seem expensive because it costs around 220$. Still, it’s a value-for-money product because of its extensive features. It is perfect for the latest model, therefore, justifying its relatively higher cost. 

The installation of this is also very quick and easy. It takes about 20-25 minutes to install. The entire kit is matched perfectly to the original mounting holes. The material is made of ABS plastic, preventing it from corroding or rusting. 

The radiator and condenser behind the grille are protected from external physical damage. The unique style of this product makes your vehicle stand out. The car looks more muscular, aggressive, and distinctive.

The product also has great customer reviews, which means it has lived up to its cost and has delivered its purpose.


If we want to modify our vehicle and make it more personalized, buying angry eyes bezels or angry eyes grille is the most economical way. It is a cheap way to customize our car. Just purchasing the angry eyes bezel cover is more affordable than changing the entire grille. Some people choose the former, while others prefer the latter. It varies from person to person. Whatever the case may be, adding the look of angry eyes makes your jeep look unique and make it stand out.