How Much Does A Tailgate Weigh? How Much Weight Can A Tailgate Hold?

Trucks are big. I mean they can have stairs to help you up. They are heavy, tough, and they are badass. But what about the bed? It is sometimes the most underused part of the truck. Putting stuff in and taking stuff out can be a pain. Do you go over the side? Or right from the back?

Maybe you have to climb up to access the extended version. But what sort of abuse can they take? Are they flimsy and will they break if you use them more than a dozen times? What is their rating?

How Much Does A Truck Tailgate Weigh?

54 lbs (24.5 kgs) on average

Accessing the bed through the tailgate is the norm. Some trucks have tailgates that are harder to access than others. The tailgate weight is the most important aspect here. Some higher-end models have soft open and even auto open and close features.


They are designed for heavier tailgates that may make the most buff guy strain. But the tailgate weight can be difficult for a lot of smaller people to manage. This is normal. We are not muscle heads that regularly rep tailgates to make our biceps look sweet.

For all ICE trucks worth noting here is a breakdown of how much a tailgate weighs for each. Also how much is a tailgate worth new and how much does it cost to replace a tailgate? Or maybe, you wonder how much weight can the new GMC tailgate hold? Well, the GMC and Chevy brands are combined under the GM umbrella. Check it:

A higher-end truck will also offer more functionality. So a lightweight Toyota T100 won’t weigh the same as a Ford F-350 tailgate of 41 lbs.

But you pay for those luxuries. For most light-duty trucks you can generally expect around a half-ton tailgate weight capacity.

How Much Weight Can A Tailgate Hold?

Between 500-2,000 lbs

The Ram truck tailgate can hold the most at a full ton, 2,000 lbs. Wow. Tailgate of the Year anyone?? Only the Toyota Tundra and GMC Canyon come close to meeting that rating but they are both still shy at 1,500 and 1,400 lbs capacity, respectively.

Not all tailgates are made the same. Some are made of all steel. Other Tailgates have more plastic. Some pickup tailgates have a hidden step to assist in climbing into the bed. Others have a double door. The majority of full-size tailgates hovers around 54 lbs.

There are so many tailgates that this is only an average. There are factors that can add a lot of weight very quickly. Such factors include steps, handrails, lights, and motors (auto up/down).


Nowadays even things like speakers, batteries, tie-down latches, fuel cells, and other types of mounting equipment can all add weight. Generally speaking, if you are looking for an OEM pickup truck tailgate from almost all authorized resellers and aftermarket parts dealers, then 54 pounds is the best starting point you can get.

Nuff said. Thanks for reading and stay dirty.