How Much Does A Trophy Truck Weigh?

You’ve seen them on the highway, you might have even had a go at racing one. But how much does a trophy truck actually weigh? A lot more than you might think! Now we know what your next question is:

Why do they need to be so heavy?

We can answer that too! The weight of the vehicle helps it to maintain speed and stability when going over rocks and bumps. Believe us, you don’t want to drive down a dirt track with an ultra-lightweight car – unless you like getting stuck in the mud all day long!

So how much does a Trophy Truck weigh? Well, an average Trophy Truck might be about 3.5 tonnes in weight – so it’s not far off the weight of a small ute! Generally, you can expect Trophy Trucks to come in around this weight range when they’re racing-ready.

There are many different types of trophy trucks. They range in power, weight, and performance depending on the application i.e. the race. Some are designed to handle dunes. Some need to be lighter and others heavier. But overall how much does a trophy truck weigh?

Others are specifically designed for whatever terrain you can imagine. There is no one single dominant design for all builders to base their specs off. There are generally very few requirements they must adhere to and this gives builders limits based only on imagination.

What Exactly Is A Trophy Truck?

Also known as a Baja truck or a trick truck it is basically a tall F1 racing car but designed to go as fast as it can off-road. They design the suspension to handle bumps and give the driver maximum control.





There are no restrictions on power unless specifically stated. 24-inch travel suspension and a max of 800+ horsepower V8 engines are the norms. Gas-powered engines must be naturally aspirated i.e. no turbochargers or superchargers. 5.0-6.6 L Turbodiesel is cool though.

So How Much Does A Trophy Truck Weigh?

5,500-6,000 lbs

That is a general ballpark. But pretty much all trucks are generally in that range. Of course, it’s a sliding scale. And it can vary between racing teams. Trophy trucks generally race with about 900-1,000 horsepower.

So if you are whipping around a fluffy little cloud on the dirt that thing will not get sufficient traction to the rear wheels and it won’t be as stable. The power delivery is optimum with more weight pressing on the wheels. But that power delivery is having to move a 3-ton hunk of steel.

Compare a 6,000 lb Chevy Silverado Trophy Truck with 1,000 horsepower topping out at 149 MPH with a 4,162 lb Bugatti Veron with a W12 engine producing 987 HP that tops out at 253 MPH. Both perform excellently in their respective environments and they are similar in price as well.

truphy truck vs bugatti veron.

Another thought is something maybe a little saner. Well speaking of $700,000 things that perk you up, here is another comparison I could not just pass up. Call me an idiot and I may agree with you. What the hell would I be doing buying a house instead of a world glass mud runner.


trophy truck compared to quant house in california. prices are outrageous

BJ Baldwin’s racing trophy truck, where he won more than one Baja race, weighs a stout 6,100 lbs. He’s a halfway decent driver throwing that thing around. Just check out this video showing off his championship truck and him absolutely killing it in a 3-lane wide parking lot of Hoonigan’s garage (It’s a decent channel with good vids worth checking out):

Jimco Racing fastball racing spec trophy truck build comes in at an amazing 5,280 lbs. And that is a truck you can purchase for the same price as a house (see above)!

Spec trucks don’t have the same liberties as a trophy trucks but they are close. So naturally, they should be a little lighter.

But this one is race-ready and it has very similar specs to 2WD trophy trucks minus about 500 HP in the power department and some frame shortcomings. It is the best way to get down to Mexico and act like you’re being chased by the narcos.

The Mason Motorsports 6100 Spec Trophy Truck gets you going at about 5,400 lbs. race-ready. Too bad they don’t give you too many more spec options when browsing. I would like to know the base options and upper limits for upgrades.

At least they send it out with a race-ready sweet paint job. Check that one off the list Dan-O. This is another Spec TT you can be that is race-ready. It should be similar in function to the Jimco as well with maybe some more customizable options at your fingertips.

Trophy trucks are named exactly right. They are trophies. Anybody that owns one would love to show it off to their friends. I know I would. hey cost an arm, leg, and a firstborn, but if you can get your hands on one it will be the moment you will never forget.

Engines spawned from the depths of hell move these things because they are way over 3 tons. Moving this thing is awesome. So now you know how much does a trophy truck weigh.

The trophy truck is a fast and heavy vehicle, weighing in at up to 10,000 lbs. When it comes to speed, the average top speed of these trucks can be as high as 120 miles per hour! What does that mean for you?

If you want to drive one of these beasts yourself, we’ve got just what you need with our trophy truck driving classes available nationwide. Get behind the wheel today and see how much fun it really is!

I’ll see you inside one of these bad boys one day.

Thanks for reading and stay dirty.