There is more than one way to skin a cat. To let air out of a tire there are many ways. If you want to put air pack in that same tire then you will be limited in your options. That doesn’t mean you won’t have fun doing it though. You can buy fancy tools, use what you have laying around or sometimes you can even simply just use your finger. It doesn’t have to be boring tho. You can have some fun flattening someone’s tire. But is it illegal to deflate someone’s tires.

There can be more than one reason to let air out of your tire. Maybe you over inflated it. Maybe the front driver side tire is more inflated than the passenger side. Or maybe you’re going to the sand and you want some better tire grip. Or maybe you need some extra grip for the street race you are heading to tonight.

Any reason you have you can find it very easy to quickly and simply let air out of your tires. So let’s dive in to everything we need to know about the subject including if you are breaking the law…

How To Let Air Out Of A Car Or Truck Tire

how to Let Air Out Of A Tire

how to Let Air Out Of A Tire

Note: You can use many different objects as a tool to press on the pin. Commonly used pieces are: Screwdriver, back 
side of pressure gauge, key, shoelace tip, belt buckle pin...

The idea is to use something stiff enough to press the pin in. Make sure to not use something like a stick or 
something dirty that can leave residue or something that will block the flow of air.

At a gas station you can use the corner of inflator gun.

how to Let Air Out Of A Tire

how to Let Air Out Of A Tire
how to Let Air Out Of A Tire

how to Let Air Out Of A Tire

It really is just as simple as that. With something so simple there is there are some things to note:

  • The pin is screwed in. It can get loose and lose air.
  • Caps protect the valve stem from damage.
  • Tires are made of rubber and last only a few years.
  • Pay attention to the pressure limit written on the side wall of the tire.
  • Overinflated = Better MPG & worse traction. under inflated = Worse MPG & better traction.
  • Hole in tread = fixable. Hole in the sidewall = NOT fixable

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Is It Illegal To Deflate Someone’s Tires As A Joke?

Now that you’re an expert in the art of tire deflation you’re thinking how you can use this power. You want to use it as a practical joke for your significant other? Or maybe the over confident guy at work that peaked in high school and is the last to realize.

So to answer the question: Yes you can! There is nothing stopping you from doing something like this except the effort needed. This is the USA and most likely no one will stop you from doing such a childish act.

What are the consequences if is it illegal to deflate someone’s tires.

Well, your friend would think it is funny or maybe he or she wouldn’t. But they would have a hassle on their hands. They can even take it one step further. The police can charge you with any combination of vandalism, malice, and even property damage.

You have committed an act of vandalism which may be prosecuted as criminal mischief in many jurisdictions. It doesn’t matter that the tire itself is not damaged; you have damaged the functionality of the tire. Each state will look at this differently so check with your local laws to see what specific laws you will be violating, you rascal you.

I shouldn’t have to mention that slashing someone’s tires is a big no-no as well. It is highly illegal and an all around douche move. Unless they stole your parking spot or followed too closely behind you for a second. Then its basically The Purge out there…

One trick I’ve read if you really want to give someone a flat tire is to step on their shoe very quickly and stealthy. That can work like a god damned charm.

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Don’t Let It Happen To You

Note: I am not a lawyer and this should not be taken as legal advice. Consult a lawyer before attempting anything mentioned above.

Maintaining a car can be a lot of work. But it doesn’t have to be if you know your way around your car. It is a complex machine. With some basic knowledge it can be very easy it can be to learn and perform the key basic tasks to maintaining a healthy car. This can easily make a car last a long time or keep the resale value higher than average.

Thanks for reading and stay dirty.