What Is A Cab Mount Chop (CMC)?

Flexible cab mounts reduce the severity of vibrations transferred from the chassis to the cab, thereby also reducing the vibration and noise levels to which the driver is exposed. This translates into a considerable improvement in comfort for the driver.

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Some also call it a body mount chop or cab mount chop (CMC). Anyway, it’s a modification to the cab body mount by the front wheel well. Bigger tires can sometimes rub or hit the body mount. To fix the problem, part of the body mount is cut away and a new steel plate is welded in place to create more space and prevent tire rub.

What Is A Body Mount Chop?

The body mount chop will only prevent the inside area (rear of the wheel well) from rubbing. The trimming of your body will need to take place in the front of the wheel well, closest to your grill. By chopping the front of the body fender, you will prevent rubbing on the front of the wheel well.

Why Did I Need Body Mount Chop For My Truck?

With larger aftermarket tires, the wheel well will rub on some types of turns and hard bumps. In addition, with a new suspension lift kit installed, there would be more stress on the body mounts as more suspension travel is possible.

The reason to get a body mount chop is to prevent damage to your front fender and/or body by the tires. Whether it be from rubbing, tire movement, or other forms of forces, you will need a body mount chop in some cases for bigger tires.

What Are The Disadvantages?

The disadvantage to a body mount chop is that your truck might not look as clean or new. By cutting into your truck’s body, you are creating more dirt traps for more stuff to fall into the engine of your car. The other thing is if you get water/mud inside which can cause rusting of your engine.

What Are The Advantages?

The advantage is that you have a bigger/better tire size for your truck along with a better form of suspension so it’s no longer an issue with rubbing or tire movement. You will be able to take turns and go over bumps much easier now because your tires don’t rub on anything causing an unnecessary resistance.

The advantages of a body mount chop outweigh the disadvantages of this issue. The pros will most likely outweigh the cons if you are experiencing rubbing or tire movement issues, but not by much. If you are just looking to get bigger tires, you might want to consider avoiding doing any cutting on your truck’s exterior parts and just adding an aftermarket suspension instead.

What is a cab mount chop, What Is A Cab Mount Chop (CMC)?, Mad Digi

What Are The Drawbacks To Changing My Body Mount?

Although cutting out your body mounts will increase the suspension, handling, and tire size of your truck, it can also ruin its appearance. The metal sliced away from your front fenders will make the vehicle appear damaged, beaten up, or even wrecked by cutting into its exterior parts.

There is a possibility that the welding of your new plates will not be done properly also, leaving you with an uneven finish of which you do not want. Some body shops may use bolts and screws to attach the new plates instead of welding them, which can cause rusting and other damage due to water penetration.

A body mount chop might make your car look very bad especially if you are changing your body mounts for cosmetic reasons. You don’t want to chop your front fenders if you actually like how it looks like right now. A repair shop should only cut the area for functional purposes, but they might cut more than asked which can damage the appearance of your truck.

The modifications that a shop can do to your vehicle might not turn out the way you wanted it to be. They might cut more than needed and leave a completely different appearance for your truck. You don’t want a truck that looks like a wreck right? So make sure the body mount chop is only functional, but not much else.

How Much Does A Body Mount Chop Cost?

The price you can expect to pay for a Body Mount Chop varies greatly depending on the severity of the damage and your vehicle’s make and model.

Expect to pay between $40 and $100 per side for small repairs. For larger, more complex Body Mount Chop jobs you might be charged between $500 and $1500 per side at high-end repair shops.

The cost of a body mount chop on average is around the low hundreds of dollars, but some people might charge more depending on how much damage needs to be fixed. For major repairs, expect to pay between $500 and $1500 per side at high-end repair shops.

How Do I Search For A Body Mount Chop Shop?

To find the best local shops in your area that offer Body Mount Chop services, simply enter your zip code into the search field above or click on one of our featured shops.

To find a reputable body shop that offers all services under one roof or doesn’t cut corners, check for businesses with ASE certification and specialties in the area of work you need.

Do I Need A Body Mount Chop?

You may want to consider getting a Body Mount Chop when: there is major damage done in one or more spots, you would like to reroute or redirect your exhaust to another area of the vehicle, the license plate is no longer visible due to repositioning.

What is a cab mount chop, What Is A Cab Mount Chop (CMC)?, Mad Digi

What Should Know Before Getting Doing A Body Mount Chop?

  • Having a body mount chop is being considered one of the most extreme modifications to a vehicle, and it should only be done on a well-maintained truck.
  • A Body Mount Chop is taking out some of the metal from the frame of your car or truck, this metal is used to support the weight of your motor and any extra weight in the cab. This metal is called body mounts, and they are usually made of rubber or polyurethane in some type of metal shell.
  • Taking out this support weakens your truck making it less safe to drive on the road, but with good shock absorbers, you should be fine for most people’s daily driving needs.
  • Around 10–24 lbs. of weight will be lifted from your vehicle, depending on the suspension. It depends if you have a lift kit or not, and how much it helps your truck.
  • If you do a body mount chop but don’t have a lift kit, more weight will be lifted from your truck because the suspension of your truck will still support most of the weight.
  • A Body Mount Chop with a lift kit is not as bad as one without, but you should still weigh your vehicle both ways to see which way it would be better for you beforehand.
  • The body mount chop will make your truck much more flexible in ways you can’t even imagine, allowing it to go over bumps in the road at high speeds, and still not break. You should be ok to use this for Daily Driving if done correctly.

FAQs – Cab Mount Chop

1. Is a body mount chop bad?

A chop isn’t as bad as you think. It wouldn’t void a warranty if the cab mount caused the failure. It’s actually fairly easy and could be made stronger with a 1/8″ plate welded properly. Positive caster and wheel backspacing is key to removing rubbing issues.

2. How Do I Know If My Cab Mounts Are Bad?

Some obvious signs are misaligned doors and fender gaps. If you have to yank on the door to open it or slam it several times to get it to latch, chances are, the bushings are worn out and the body is in a bind.

3. Is A Body Mount Chop Safe?

If done correctly the body chop will not compromise the structural integrity at all. If anything it might make that body mount stronger.

4. Will Cutting Out The Mounts Make My Truck Less Safe To Drive?

No, not at all. It makes it more flexible allowing the truck to be stiffer and reduce body roll in turns, also clears up additional space for things like A/C lines for aftermarket A/C kits.

5. How Many Pounds Of Weight Will Be Lost?

About 25 lbs. of weight will be lost from the cab of your truck, depending on how much work is done to remove all the parts.

6. Are Polyurethane Bushings Better Than Rubber?

Polyurethane bushings are firmer than rubber, so it doesn’t flex or deflect as much as rubber. By reducing the excess suspension movement, polyurethane makes the suspension more efficient and more responsive to the driver. Polyurethane bushing engineers design the hardness bushings specifically for each vehicle.

7. What Is The Best Material For Bushings?

Bronze remains a popular choice for bushings because it’s available in so many alloys and compositions, expanding its reach into even more applications. A bronze bushing is harder and less likely to break or deform than those made of other materials.

8. What’S The Difference Between A Bushing And A Bearing?

A bushing is a thin tube or sleeve that allows relative motion by sliding (our type), as compared to rolling. A bushing might also be called a sleeve bearing. A bearing is a general term for something that allows relative motion between two components, surfaces, etc. Learn more about what a bearing is.

Metal Tech 4×4 4Runner Body Mount chop kit allows more clearance for larger tires in the front of your vehicle by trimming the front body mounts so the tires won’t rub against it. … 2014+ Toyota 4Runner.

9. Does Body Mount Chop Void Warranty?

Magnusson-Moss act. basically, they have to prove that your modification was at fault for the breakage to be excluded from the warranty.

The right dealership with techs who wheel is what you need. The service writers listen to those guys and if they think it’s legit, they will fix it under warranty.

What is a cab mount chop, What Is A Cab Mount Chop (CMC)?, Mad Digi

Main Takeaways – Cab Mount Chop

A cab mount chop for my truck suspension is good to allow more tire movement for hardcore offroading. This will also make the ride smoother on rough terrain, and it’s better than a leaf pack or coil spring spacer that can cause uneven wear on your tires.

Cab mounts choppers are easy to do yourself and cheaper than a full lift kit, which would cost several thousand dollars. If a body mount chop is done correctly it won’t harm the structural integrity of your truck at all.

A body mount chop is not as bad as you think; it wouldn’t void a warranty if the cab mount caused the failure. A Magnusson-Moss act is required to prove that the failure was due to your modification.

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