Is Anvil The Best Jeep Wrangler Color Ever??

Jeeps are recognized as being red first. Maybe a classic would sport a yellow. Jeep likes to ride colors for a year or three then quickly discontinue it. For a short time, an Anvil colored Jeep appeared.

Call it a marketing ploy to get tire kickers to commit to buying that year’s model while they can. But Anvil is sort of a legendary color in the Jeep world that lingers in the hearts of many.

The Jeep Wrangler is a staple vehicle in our country. It’s the most rugged, reliable, and perfect for all of your outdoor adventures. But what if I told you that there was an even better color than the original?

Enter Anvil!

The brief addition to the Wrangler family. Its a subtle grayish blueish that makes it look like you just drove out of post-apocalyptic city into civilization, this color will have everyone feeling jealous when they compare their boring old black car with your swanky ride.

Anvil is an awesome color used on many Jeep models from the past and present, from the CJ to the JK. It is a rare color that most people have never heard of but once they see it on a Jeep they will be lucky enough to find one for sale.

anvil colored jeep, Mad Digi

While it looks anvil blue Jeep calls it gray. It’s also not powder. But it is beloved by almost everyone. The Jeep Wrangler Anvil color years were roughly 2012-2014. So it is one of the many rare Jeep colors. This is officially the Jeep Anvil color:

anvil colored jeep, Mad Digi

Depending on your screen it may look different (Oh technology. You make things so much easier but more difficult at times). So why do people love the cult color classic so much? Does it make Jeeps go faster? Do you get more chicks with Anvil? Or does scarcity and novelty breed desire?

Since the Anvil era Jeep has experimented and offered similarly toned paint colors:

anvil colored jeep, Mad Digi
anvil colored jeep, Is Anvil The Best Jeep Wrangler Color Ever??, Mad Digi

Most years Jeep offers a gray tone or a striking military tone to their fan club. They know their customer. And the customer is in the military or is into that look. Offering these color choices if an obvious move.


In the last few years, auto manufacturers have been adding an Anvil-type color to their lineups. Look at VW and Audi. Even now, the A3 came standard with:

anvil colored jeep, Mad Digi
2016 AUDI A3

Anvil-colored Jeep paint is readily available on Amazon typically for about $15. It comes in touch-up cans. If you want to get serious and paint your entire Jeep I would consult a local paint shop to get an accurate paint color to test and see in person. But the official color can be had online all over as well.

The official Anvil Gray Jeep color code is “PPG 933726 – gray”. Buy paint with only this color code and you should be in for a major fun paint job.

anvil colored jeep, Mad Digi

There is a Krylon chalky finish anvil gray spray paint that people love for lots of things from furniture to things found in the garage. It comes in a rattle can that, in theory, you can buy enough rattle cans and completely paint your car. Then spray a nice clear coat on top and get it done on the cheap.


The Anvil-colored Jeep Renegade looks like it should be a hybrid or almost a fully electric vehicle. Or, at the least, a full-on soccer mom kid hauler.

What do you think? Do you like Anvil Gray? Do you want Jeep to bring it back? Should it stay in Jeep’s history books?

The Anvil color is not for everyone but there are plenty of people who like it. If you’re considering getting your next Jeep in this shade, take a look at some pictures and decide whether or not it would be worth buying new paint to make it stand out more.

You might find that while many people love the Anvil Wrangler color, some don’t think they’ll get enough use out of their car if they buy an expensive model with such an unusual exterior surface finish. Make sure you know what kind of person you are before deciding on this particular hue!

Thanks for reading and stay dirty