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How Fuel Efficient Are Jeep Wranglers? Are Jeep Wranglers Good On Gas?

There are a lot of Jeeps. The Wrangler has seen a lot of variations and sizes and nowadays colors. Oh god, the bright and flashy colors that scream “off-road rice rocket” look horrendous. One difference between these cars and Jeeps is MPG. Jeeps are not good on gas.

Compared to other equivalent SUVs and off-roading oriented trucks, though, a Jeep’s gas mileage isn’t horrible. And for what a Jeep is engineers to perform it doesn’t have the worst gas mileage. But are Jeep Wranglers good on gas?

No. The Jeep Wrangler gas mileage is historically worse than other similar vehicles. The Jeep Wrangler’s gas mileage history is not great. While other SUVs have historically improved either MPG or power, Jeep has not improved either compared to its competitors.

These Jeeps are the ones that need to be covered in mud the most, and ironically, they are the ones that will most likely to NEVER touch the dirt. So we thought about which Jeep Wrangler gas mileage is best? The worst of best Jeep MPG can vary a lot with the year and motor mileage jeep

Jeep Wrangler fuel consumption tends to vary with models, age, drivetrain, and engine sizes. But for this write up we are going to look at only engine sizes and model year. The numbers are for 4X4 models with a manual transmission. For 2WD add 1 MPG and for automatic transmission subtract 1 MPG for all models.

In general, you can assume that if you drive relatively consistently on the pavement you can average around 15-18 MPG. In the dirt that number will shoot downwards. For a daily driver use these numbers though (as crowdsourced by many owners over the years).

So what is the fuel consumption of Jeep Wrangler V6 by year?

17.7 mile per gallon if you want a safe bet of average fuel consumption for all model years. Check the graph below:

best mileage jeep


The inline 4s are gas sippers. They usually have the best jeep mpg because it won’t be wasted on power. Unfortunately, the ride is not a thrill and you may find yourself being helped out by the big boys. But don’t kid yourself.

The 4 cylinders are a great starter truck and they can be great daily drivers to get you from point A to point B. If this is you then you can see what kind of fuel burn you can expect with these cute little guys.

So what is the expected fuel consumption of Jeep Wrangler 4 cylinder from 1987-2019?

18.5 mile per gallon if you want a safe bet of average fuel consumption for all model years. Check the graph below:

best mileage jeep

The difference between a V6 and a 4 cylinder is not as big as one would think. The power difference is much greater than the potential MPGs you will save. And the newer the car the better the gas mileage is in general for that engine type no matter which engine. You’re probably looking at the best jeep mpg right here.

The MSRP and used truck pricing is not a huge difference either. There may be a larger inventory of used 4 cylinders than 6 cylinders but the cost savings would be minimal for what you would be giving up in mileage jeep

If you’re looking for a daily driver that only touches pavement then you may opt for the cheapest model you can get your hands on.


But if you want something with better performance and better abilities than a V6 powered Jeep may be up your alley. The Jeep Wrangler gas mileage will vary quite a bit. More Power? Less gas. That’s typically how life works.

Do you have a Jeep that performs much differently than the graphs above? Do you know whether are Jeep Wranglers good on gas or not? Do you have a secret to getting optimum mileage? Let us know in the comments. Just no fights!

Keep truckin’ and stay dirty.

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