Does AMSOIL Mudslinger Work?

Mud, dirt, snow, and other debris are not only annoying to deal with, but they can be harmful and potentially dangerous for your vehicles. If you are an ATV, UTV, or motorcycle/dirt bike user, then this blog is for you!

I know what you’re thinking: “I’m not a dirty, lazy mechanic,” but that’s where you’re wrong. You may not be covered in grease from head to toe, but the truth is that your engine runs on oil and it needs some type of lubricant to keep things running smoothly.

And when you think about how much time we spend driving our cars around town, there’s no telling how much dirt and grime we’ve picked up. So this blog post is for all of us who want to protect our expensive investments!

Do you want to know what is the best mud tire cleaner? It’s AMSOIL Mudslinger! This product will not only clean your tires but will also make them black and shiny. So stop wasting time with other products that don’t work as well and try this amazing product today. It’s available at a great price on

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AMSOIL Mudslinger, an established leader in synthetic lubricants, has come up with a revolutionary product that can help you get rid of the mud and dirt accumulated while riding your ATV, UTV, or motorcycle/dirt bike. It not only helps you with post-ride clean-up but is also formulated to provide a protective and non-sticky layer of armor against these unwanted materials.

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What problems and harmful effects can mud, dirt, snow, and other debris cause?

When Should I Switch To AMSOIL?

Skip The Potential Of Engine Failures

Mud clogs up engine parts causing them to wear down more quickly than normal and it also slows down the flow of oil throughout the engine which increases friction between moving parts within it. The excessive heat generated can cause metal parts to expand which leads to their failure. Snow has similar effects but is even worse because it causes ice buildup inside.

Rust and Scratches Are Really Costly

When you drive in any type of precipitation – rain or snow – water can get on your vehicle’s undercarriage & into its engine compartment. This water will cause rust on your car’s frame which can lead to significant damage down the line on costly repairs.

Also, scratches caused by the rocks can lead to expensive paint jobs. This type of coating also impacts steering as well as other mechanical components within a vehicle such as brakes and tires.

Hazardous to Your Health And The Environment

Letting mud, grime, and other debris to be accumulated on your machinery can also be hazardous to your health and environment. You may end up riding through contaminated soil that contains chemicals that are toxic when inhaled or come into contact with the skin. They could be solvents, pesticides, lead, or petroleum hydrocarbons (due to industrial waste).

Therefore, we can clearly observe that it is important to clean your vehicle machinery for its longevity, looks, and smooth functioning. If you are diligently and regularly cleaning them, you are more likely to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

AMSOIL Mudslinger has become a go-to product for mechanics, off-roading enthusiasts, and a power sports vehicle rider as it not only helps in cleaning the vehicles faster but also restores black trim on worn-out surfaces caused by UV rays without it being sticky.

So, if you are among those who spend a lot of time cleaning your vehicle after a muddy ride, then AMSOIL Mudslinger is tailor-made for you. It would certainly make your job easier while saving a lot of water for you as well.

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What are the advantages of using AMSOIL Mudslinger?

Here are some of its features and advantages:

  • It is a very handy clear spray that you can carry with you and hence, you are able to clean when you feel like cleaning it after a ride.
  • It makes cleaning really easy because all you need to do is to use the can and spray the substance uniformly and liberally on the dirty surface.
  • Apart from cleaning various parts it also provides a layer of protection from mud, dirt, and snow by taking the pores away so that it accumulates lesser dirt when you ride your vehicle next time.
  • It also protects your vehicle against the harmful effects of UV radiation by forming a protective layer so that the colors remain intact.
  • It not only cleans, but also makes plastic, fiberglass, and painted surfaces shine. Moreover, it restores their black trim to give it a livelier look.
  • Its cherry scent is quite pleasant.

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How Can We Use AMSOIL Mudslinger?

Given below are directions to use the product:

  • It cannot be applied on wet surfaces and hence, it is important to apply it on surfaces that are dry and clean of items other than dirt, dust, and snow, etc.
  • Shake the can well before using it so that oil chemicals are uniformly spread for the best output.
  • Spray the Mudslinger on target surfaces uniformly and liberally. Please do note that it should NOT be sprayed on seats, brakes, brakes assemblies, or pedals.
  • After allowing it to dry for 15 minutes, wipe off excess liquid with a lint-free microfibre towel. It will give the cleaned parts a shiny appearance.
  • You may choose to skip the last step of wiping for an extra barrier against mud snow while riding; however, this wetness can make them attract dust.


AMSOIL is a family-owned American corporation based in Superior, Wisconsin that produces synthetic lubricants, synthetic grease, oil filters, and other nutritional products. AMSOIL founder Al Amatuzio was honored as the pioneer of synthetic lubrication and was inducted into the Lubricants World Hall of Fame in 1994.

Built on the foundation of years of research and inspired by aerospace technology, AMSOIL has outperformed all the competitors, heralding a new age in lubrication technology.

AMSOIL Mudslinger Product Details

Registered trademark: Mudslinger®

Product code: AMSSC-EA

Function: Cleans and Repels Mud, Dirt, and Snow

Description: AMSOIL Mudslinger comes in a 12 oz spray can and even a low-pressure washing usually does wonders after its application. The spray builds a protective and non-sticky layer of armor that prevents the accumulation of mud, dirt, snow, and other debris on UTVs, ATVs, dirt bikes, and other similar vehicles.

It is also equipped with chemicals to prevent vehicles from the harmful effects of UV rays, which is the main cause of fading of colors. It also helps in restoring faded plastic and prevents it from further damage. This ensures that your vehicles do not lose their luster anytime soon and wear a pristine look for the longest possible time.

Amsoil Mudslinger, Does AMSOIL Mudslinger Work?, Mad Digi

Please do refer to the product manual before use.

Overall, it is one of the best cleaner sprays to keep mud off your ATV/UTV or dirt bike. Youtuber Eben at Synthetic Oil Protection writes:

“We completed our first test on AMSOIL Mudslinger and found that it puts a film on many surfaces that take the pores away so mud, clay, snow, dirt, dust, tar, ice, does not stick very well keeping you protected from build-up and makes clean up much easier.”

What Are The Best AMSOIL Mudslinger Alternative?

There is an almost unlimited selection of tire cleaners. But most are designed to clean on-road travel with minimal dirt, mud, grim, and other things that AMSOIL is designed to kick. Here is a list of the 5 that can do a great job and are regularly available, but may not be designed for heavy-duty mud removal. Let’s dig in:

1. Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Gel

Meguiar’s products are not really considered high-end, but they’re somewhere between mid-range and high-end. They are typically better formulated than anything else within their price range.

This product is a tire gel to be applied using either a sponge or waxing pad. The 16 oz liquid comes packed in its deep purple bottle and we were once again not disappointed with the results just like any Meguiar’s product would have given us before!


  • The gel protects your tires against UV rays and browning, while also making them shiny.
  • You don’t have to apply a lot of it usually, one or two swipes are good enough!
  • This car wax can last up to a solid month depending on how you wash your car.


  • The product does not come with an applicator (you’ll need any old microfiber cloth),
  • If too much chemical gets applied then it could sling off onto other surfaces.

2. Car Guys Tire Shine Spray

This spray contains a nano polymer that will make your car look new. You can either apply it with a microfiber cloth or as you would regular liquid, which also comes in handy if you’re short on time and need to head straight out the door.

This tire dressing has all kinds of benefits: an anti-sludge formula for long-lasting protection from harsh elements; UV shields further prolonging its life by protecting against sun damage; plus a show car finish without any residue!

The spray is designed to prevent sling and runoff during high-speed driving. It comes with an applicator that gives you a uniform look, while directly spraying the dressing leaves your wheels glossy. Detailers can choose which effect they want based on their preferences.


  • It easily takes away grime and brake dust with its strong spray that leaves a high gloss shine on rubber parts.
  • For less than $12 for an 18oz bottle, you can’t go wrong!


  • Some people claim it wears away faster than claimed, but overall this product is a good buy.

3. Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Gel

The Armor All tire gel is basically a cleaner for your tires that adds shine. It’s the light to medium-duty detailing product from their lineup, and it works well with most detailers being happy with its results.

The Armor All Tire Gel protects rubber against cracking while adding extra protection and shine. It’s not as fully featured compared to other products in this category, but at $8, the performance is a winner. The Armor All Tire Gel protects rubber against cracking while adding extra protection and shine. It works great on all tires – especially those that are old and faded.

The best part is that it comes with an applicator, so you don’t have to worry about spending extra money on one. Also, a bottle of this paint can last up to two weeks at the longest and as long as a year for one car!

If you want your vehicle looking good then I recommend buying some Turtle Wax Platinum Series Paint Sealant Gloss because not only does it come with its own applicator but also lasts quite a while before needing another coat or even needs any reapplication in general.


  • Good price
  • Easy to use
  • Comes w/applicator (holds up over 2wks w decent high gloss)
  • 1bottle lasts a very long time
  • Works as single-use


  • The applicator is flimsy and doesn’t dry off correctly no matter how many days you leave it.
  • The spray can end up getting all over your wheel wells, which makes a mess.

4. Black Magic Wet Tire Foam

Tire foams are a hassle-free way of making sure your tires look top-notch without getting your hands dirty. They usually don’t last that long but they are easier to apply than gels. Not every detailer likes tire foams, as with them you can make sure the number one thing on any vehicle is looking its best: The tires!

Black Magic’s Tire Foam is an extraordinary product for the price. It does not require any drying time, but you will still have to wait around 7-10 minutes as it dissolves. As it melts away grime and dirt from your tires, they’ll shine like new again!

The foam doesn’t offer added UV protection or other benefits of similar products but at its low cost and ease of use makes this a cheap alternative if those are features aren’t important to you.


  • A quick and easy way to get a shiny car, the product dissolves quickly so you don’t have to wait around for it.
  • You can just spray this on your car after washing it or applying detailing clay in order to make its appearance look great without having any hassle at all!
  • The shine is instant with no extra effort required from you as well since there’s no wiping or scrubbing involved during the application of either step.


  • It is not compatible with white lettered tires
  • One can only last for a few washes.
  • If the nozzle loses its pressure, it becomes hard to use and the soap may leak out of the container

5. Adam’s Deep Wheel Cleaner

This heavy brake dust cleaner comes in a spray bottle and changes the brake dust color to bright purple before falling off. It has an acid-free and pH-neutral formula so it is safe for the skin, as well as for the clear coat on wheels.

Dissolves metallic contamination making this effective at removing rust from metal components such as aluminum, steel, or iron alloy that have corroded over time due to wear of weathering exposure.

This works great on all wheel finishes including powder-coated, chrome/stainless steel, alloy (aluminum), & painted surfaces along with being compatible with most aftermarket braking systems including drilled rotors which tend to generate more heat than normal brakes do while stopping your car thus creating even heavier deposits of brake dirt around them if not treated properly.

I use this spray on my car every time I wash it and now all of the brake dust comes off in one swipe with a sponge, so long gone are the days of trying to scrub that brown goo off my rims only to have it rub back onto them causing rings during the dry process or having to use a drill


  • The easy-to-use spray application makes this product a breeze to use
  • The formula is great for all types of wheels.
  • It works well on cars with dusty brake pads and completely removes dust from them like magic.


  • It is constructed out of recycled materials, such as plastic bottles. Some people have commented on the smell and unpleasantness associated with it;
  • Some state they don’t feel this way at all about the product’s aroma.

Main Takeaways – Does AMSOIL Mudslinger Work?

AMSOIL Mudslinger is a tire cleaner that can be used on any type of rubber surface. It’s the perfect product to use in your garage, at home, or even during an emergency roadside situation where you need to quickly clean tires off before driving away. And it doesn’t just get the job done quick-it also does it right! This tire cleaner leaves behind no residue and will not damage your tires with harsh chemicals.

The AMSOIL Mudslinger tire cleaner is the perfect solution for winter driving. If you are looking to get more speed during your drive, this product can help! No matter what type of vehicle you have, it will work great.

It is equipped with a heavy-duty scrub brush that removes stubborn caked-on mud and grime from tires in an easy way. This means less time cleaning up after messy drives through muddy areas or long journeys across snowy highways without any traction. Pick up some today at an authorized retailer near you!

Thanks for reading and stay dirty