Your First Jeep Mod: Jeep Fire Extinguishers

Taking a Jeep off-road requires a fire suppression system, which is often overlooked. When your Jeep is pushed to its limits on unforgiving terrain, it is more likely to overheat its engine and driveline components, spill fluids, and damage critical parts. When you’re far from outside help, being able to stop a small fire from spreading can mean the difference between getting home safely and a total disaster.

Below we will get into some fire extinguishers we recommend, but before that, let’s talk about how to mount your fire extinguisher. If you’re like us, the last thing you want to do is ruin the integrity of your Jeep frame by drilling into the roll bar. Plenty of mounts hold well with velcro straps, and we’ve listed one that is superior to velcro without damaging your frame.

Choosing a fire extinguisher is more involved than just running out to Lowes or Home Depot and finding a simple kitchen or RV fire extinguisher for $25 or $30 bucks. In order to keep a fire extinguisher in your Jeep, you need to invest more than $25, if you can. Small kitchen fire extinguishers do the job, but the white residue they leave behind will take you hours to clean out of your vehicle. 

Furthermore, this powder may damage your engine bay, as well as all your sensitive audio and electronic components. Do yourself a huge favor and invest in a Jeep fire extinguisher that is made with dry chemicals, like Halguard or Maxout.

Unlike the huge fire extinguishers that weigh two and a half pounds, these are small fire extinguishers that are standard height. They are available in black, a beautiful chrome finish, or red, and they range in price from $135 to $244 on Amazon. 

This fire extinguisher looks like it has a pretty clear output when you use it. You won’t have to worry about a mess or ruined electronics, so it’s a worthwhile investment. Even though spending this much on a fire extinguisher stinks, consider what you’ll be saving if the fire department can’t get to you fast. You’ll spare yourself the pain of losing your Jeep’s components and possibly losing your Jeep altogether. 

Having one fire extinguisher is good, but having two is always better. When you run into problems, you’ll want a backup. The second one should be mounted on the other side of the row bar on the Jeep. Now you have about $260 worth of fire extinguishers, but again, it’s just peace of mind. In the event of a fire, you know it won’t affect any of your electronics, especially if you’ve sunk a lot of money in mods, like upgraded lights and sPOD.  

It’s definitely worth getting and should be the first modification you do to your Jeep or sports car.

Your Jeep will remain protected from damage and will be saved from a fire if you ever need it.

The Best Fire Extinguishers for Your Jeep

As we explained above, you really want to invest in a clear, dry chemical fire extinguisher for your Jeep so you can save it from damage and the resulting mess that cheap fire extinguishers leave behind. We have listed some of those budget-friendly extinguishers below, but if you can manage to get at least one of the good ones, it’s worth the investment.

In the bush, you won’t be able to save your Jeep with a cheap household extinguisher or simple water. It is necessary to use a chemical that smothers petroleum-based fires.

H3R Performance HG100R HalGuard Fire Extinguisher

One of the best Jeep fire extinguishers for looks alone, the H3R Performance HalGuard fire extinguisher comes in a stylish chrome design that will enhance your vehicle’s interior. Aside from its aesthetics, it also offers several excellent safety features.

With halotron as its primary extinguishing agent, HalGuard is one of the most efficient products on the market.

For those wondering, halotron is a fire extinguishing agent known for putting out fires reliably. This makes HalGuard an environmentally friendly fire extinguisher.

We like that it has a 1B:C rating and is known for not causing thermal shock to car electronics. As a result, you don’t need to worry about negative effects on your Jeep’s electronics. As well as not causing any impact on the surface, it does not cause any damage.

When it comes to attaching it to your Jeep, the HalGuard also comes with steel straps and brackets. You can also check its contents with an easy-to-read pressure gauge, and it’s fully rechargeable.

Despite being one of the best fire extinguishers for Jeeps, the HalGuard does have its shortcomings. Aside from being quite expensive, it is generally twice the price of most fire extinguishers.

If you can look past its hefty price tag, the H3R Performance HalGuard extinguisher is a reliable product. Additionally, it’s quite lightweight, making it quite small and efficient for vehicles. You cannot go wrong with this extinguisher if you want a reliable metal extinguisher that won’t damage your vehicle.

Maxout Fire Extinguisher H3R Performance MX100C

Over the years, we have seen and tested a variety of fire extinguishers, and this is my favorite for the following reasons:

It is exceptionally powerful. Halotron is a dry powder that transforms instantly into a gas that can extinguish fires caused by highly flammable liquids. This is the same stuff used by bush pilots and pit crews!

No residue is left behind and no cleanup is necessary. If you want, you can bring an inexpensive household fire extinguisher on the trail, but those are messy (and they don’t work on oil fires anyway because they contain only mono ammonium phosphate, potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, or soapy foam made from potassium acetate). Household extinguishers may damage crucial parts such as the fuse box, alternator, sensors, radiator cooling fans, etc. There will be no chemical powder formed from the MX100C. It will just turn into a clear gas.

It’s easier to repair on the trail after a fire. It’s easier to inspect components after extinguishing a fire or collapsing an overheating part. You’re not dealing with some slimy white powder, but with a liquified clear gas.

The device is compact and lightweight. Just 2.2 pounds!

This product is durable. We know you offroad enthusiasts are hard on your Jeeps! You won’t have to worry about leaks or rust with this model. In addition to being able to shake it like crazy on the trail, you can also expose it to brutal temperature changes or high humidity levels.

There is no risk to the electrical system or electronics when using it. It’s formulated to prevent short circuits, static electricity, thermal shocks, and electrocutions.

It allows you to discharge in a very safe range. Discharge from a safe distance (8 to 10 feet) away from the heat source. You can also reach fires under your Jeep more easily.

You can mount and secure it easily. You can use any of the roll bar fire extinguisher holders we have linked below.

It is made right here in the USA!

Budget-Friendly Extinguishers

Of course, we realize that not everyone can afford to buy a $140 fire extinguisher – so it’s better to have something than nothing at all. Here are some fire extinguishers for your Jeep that won’t break the bank.

First Alert FE10GR Fire Extinguisher

First Alert sells the FE10GR fire extinguisher for boats. Yet, it’s also quite versatile, so it can be used in many places, including the home, kitchen, and even the car. The firefighting capabilities are more than adequate with a 10-B:C UL rating.

Apart from that, the FE10GR is rechargeable and can fight different types of fires, including those fueled by oil or gas. This gauge is easy-to-read and comes with corrosion-resistant features to prevent rust and corrosion from building up.

The instructions are waterproof, which is useful if you need further instructions. It is a well-built, firefighting-performance-oriented, fully capable, and well-built FE10GR based on observations. Furthermore, it is backed by a leading brand.

With this fire extinguisher, you can smother fires quickly and effectively thanks to the sodium bicarbonate extinguisher. Furthermore, the trigger and valve are commercial-grade for increased reliability and consistency.

The only downside is that it is only capable of tackling Class B and C fires.

Kidde FA110 Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher

Kidde manufactures fire suppression and detection devices. There’s no doubt that the FA110 belongs to this category. It can effectively extinguish a fire and prevent damage to your Jeep when used as a high-quality fire extinguisher.

Despite being a little heavier at 2.5 pounds, it is sufficient for vehicles.

Using the AUTO FA110, you can put out Class B fuels such as paint, petroleum oil, butane, and gasoline. It is also capable of dealing with Class C fires from transformers, kitchen appliances, and motors. Several features make it useful.

There’s a pressure check device that allows me to check its readiness status. You can use this to determine if it’s ready for use to put out fires or not.

So if you don’t mind the larger model, and you’re willing to risk having that powder damage your electronics, this is an okay option to start with. Just move it to your home or kitchen when you go to upgrade to a safer model.

Buckeye 13315 ABC Fire Extinguisher

Besides using it for your Jeep, the Buckeye 13315 can also be used at home or even in your boat. Fire extinguishers come in different sizes and weights, but this one is smaller and lighter.

Its versatility allows you to save money by investing only in one fire extinguisher instead of multiple ones for different applications, as the manufacturer designed it to be used in many situations.

Due to its lightweight nature, it is easy to transport. Your Jeep will benefit from this, especially if you do not want a heavy extinguisher.

Furthermore, it comes with a mounting bracket, so you don’t have to purchase one separately.

Even so, there are no screws or straps on it. To securely attach it to your vehicle, you will need to purchase them separately.


We have found several holders that attach to your Jeep easily. Here’s a quick glance at each of them:

Badass Moto Jeep Fire Extinguisher Mount

The Badass Moto Gear Jeep Wrangler fire extinguisher mount is an excellent choice for Jeeps. Easy access is provided by Velcro straps on the simple design. You should purchase this product if you plan to have a fire extinguisher in your Jeep Wrangler.

The installation process is quick, it’s made of premium-quality padded material. With its versatile design, it can even be used for drinks and water bottles. The fire extinguisher is protected by this cushion. The extinguisher won’t be damaged by bumps or shocks as a result.

There’s more to this fire extinguisher roll bar mount than just keeping your extinguisher in place. Additionally, it has a badass design that complements the interior of your Jeep. This Jeep accessory is one of the best you can find on the market, as it increases your Jeep’s interior appearance.

The Bracketeer

A fan favorite among Jeep enthusiasts is the Bracketeer. With an adjustable width design, this mount installs in only 10 minutes with no drilling into the frame of your vehicle.

This bracket is designed to keep you prepared in the unlikely event of a vehicle fire by securing a fire extinguisher safely in your vehicle. Every automotive enthusiast should keep a fire extinguisher in their vehicle, but now you have a safe way to store it instead of having it loosely rolled around. 

A word of caution! In an emergency, it can take a considerable amount of time to release a Velcro mount when it is tightly mounted around the extinguisher. 

The Velcro may not be sufficiently secured if the extinguisher can easily slide out during a collision or rollover, making your extinguisher a projectile. Finally, even high-quality Velcro breaks down over time, which is why the Bracketeer is superior to a velcro mount.

There are over 30 different mounting combinations for the extinguisher with the OE cradle supplied with the extinguisher. This makes it possible to mount the extinguisher as conveniently and appropriately as possible.

It is important to have an extinguisher, but equally important is to have it mounted properly with a car fire extinguisher mount. This will prevent it from becoming a projectile during a collision and will enable you to locate it if needed.